Mehran Baloch s/o Khair Bux Marri was declared “Undesirable person” by UNPO

Mehran Baloch declared "undesired person" by UNPO

Murtaza Ali Shah
Saturday, October 22, 2011

LONDON: A European organisation gave in to pressure from the Pakistani government and refused to allow platform to an influential Baloch leader, who had been raising the Balochistan issue at the UN for more than six years, Baloch activists said on Friday.The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) told Mehran Baloch that the organisation had apprehensions “from partners in working with anyone associated” him, they added.A representative of the UNPO told Mehran Baloch’s office: “I’m concerned not just for UNPO but also for the Society for Threatened Peoples, which is a strong and loyal partner and a resource that UNPO’s other members also want to be able to use.”Given the loss of Interfaith International’s Ecosoc status, said the representative in reference to the suspension of the Geneva-based NGO at Pakistan’s request, “we have to be extremely careful not to jeopardise this.”The UNPO provided platform to many other Baloch figures from various organisations but it categorically told its associates that Mehran Baloch was an undesired person.Mehran Baloch said he believed the UNPO action came at Pakistani request and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries, who support Pakistan on such issues.He regretted that an organisation like the UNPO had succumbed to the pressure put in by external forces and failed in its duty to “stand up for the people” it is named after. “This is a dangerous trend that the organisation advocating the rights of the people are suspended and disallowed to work,” he said.He said that Dr Charles Graves of the Interfaith International had assured him that he was looking to continue providing platform to diverse opinion as soon as the suspension period of his organisation ended but also said the pressure on his organisation was too great.

“The refusal by the UNPO to me also reflects how badly divided the Baloch activists are and why they need to show international unity for a common cause. Only our unity can defeat the aims of the minnows,” Mehran Baloch commented.

Ahmar Mustikhan: Public apology, but resolve to fight terrorism

One makes errors in judgments and I have my own share of blunders. I am ashamed of my mistakes and must publicly admit those, for life is short and art long.

Please accept my unconditional apology. No better time to do so than on one’s 52nd birthday!

Once in my life when I was angry with her I felt my mother was a whore but that does not mean I was right.

Wendy Johnson and Annie Nocenti services to Balochistan are hidden from none. Likewise, Zafar Baloch has also worked hard and deserves our respects. This is exactly the kind of mistakes we all must avoid.

I also pay salutes to all others who have contributed to the cause including Sardar Ataullah Mengal, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Khan of Kalat Mir Suleiman Daud, Dr. Malik Baloch, Mir Hasil Bizenjo, Mir Hazar Khan Marri, the late Sher Mohammed Marri, Baloch Human Rights Council activists, workers of the Baloch Republican Party, Balochistan National Party, National Party and Baloch National Front, students of all three factions of the BSO and international activists like Dr. Wahid Baloch, Dr. Jumma Marri, Munir Mengal, Taj Gichki and Mehran Baluch.

All said, we will never tolerate killing of unarmed citizens and political activists by any militant organizations and will continue to expose the terrorists. Our stand is correct and we will defend it without opportunism.

Whether someone likes it or not, we will hold a memorial meeting in Washington DC for all those killed in terrorist violence by the Baloch militants and push the State Department to declare the organizations involved in killing unarmed citizens as terrorists. Hopefully, you will see the results of our works within six months!

Our heads bowed in shame when an innocent Pasthun shopkeeper was gunned down in Turbat; our heads bowed in shame when Professor Nazima Talib was killed in Quetta.

We shall never condone the killing of political activists. This is our promise to Meerain and Gazzain, sons of Mohammed Hussain who was gunned down September 14, 2011 and to Mohammed Jan, son of my late friend Maula Bakhsh Dashti, who was killed July 11, 2010.

If some friends want to settle personal grudges over my past mistakes it is their wish. I will treat everyone with respect other than those who do not show reverence towards life. Such people should remain behind bars, we do not care whosoever they maybe.


Ahmar Mustikhan
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Ahmar Mustikhan
Freelance Journalist
Tel: 301 744 9366 & 301 957 0008
Email: ahmar_scribe
twitter: @mustikhan

Hafeez Hassanabadi an INFORMER, endorsed by Hyrbyair Marri

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 11:48:10 -0700
Subject: Re: che bala

Dear Waja Zubair “Sheh” Oslo:

You are a person of insight and understanding.

I shall never tolerate my Baloch brothers being killed by being called informers and agents. This suicidal policy has been crafted by Hafeez Hassanabadi aka Abdul Hafeez, who has himself been an informer of multiple nations, and endorsed by Hyrbyair Marri.

Not even Brahumdagh Bugti nor Mehran Baluch agree to such reckless policies. You could see the BRP parted ways with the Baloch National Front many months ago.

Killing of extremely poor Punjabis like barbers and tailors or women do not serve the Baloch cause as you can see from reports by Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

Our values must not clash with the lofty ideals of humanism. Nationalism devoid of humanism in my humble view is Nazism.

We have to take along the political leadership, most importantly the BNP and NP.

Gunning down parliamentary politics is the most nonsensical approach as it breeds anarchy. I hope the BNP, NP and BRP will form a unfied front to field joint candidates.

I have already set the ball rolling and Hafeez Hassanabadi will soon return to St. Petersberg. I am sure the honorable Bijaranis will take good care of him there and we will have a more mature discussions in politics.

Please do inform him we will be closely monitoring his writings, even the ones in which he uses pseudonyms, and will religiously be informing the authorities in Oslo.

If I manage to save one Baloch life that will be the greatest service I can do for my people.


Ahmar Mustikhan
Freelance Journalist
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The answer to Balochistan riddle is Independence: For the people

Khair Bux Marri — the answer to Balochistan riddle?
By Nusrat Javeed
Published: October 15, 2011–the-answer-to-balochistan-riddle/
Far more important remains the fact, anyway, that the Prime Minister was reported busy in serious brainstorming with some of his trusted aides and ministers for long hours Friday. He now seems determined to move on Balochistan and claims to have extracted the required clearance from you know who as well. The mass scale alienation of the mass of people in our resource-rich but sparsely populated province is frightening for sure. It cannot be addressed until people like Akhtar Mengal were allowed to operate in a secure space. But Mengal, who remains willing to work within the political structures provided by the constitution of Pakistan, can only dare to return from self-imposed exile, if separatist militants were somewhat appeased. How to approach boys who had gone to mountains to wage separatist battles with the state of Pakistan remains the question? Everyone has been telling Gilani Friday that an ageing veteran of the Baloch struggle, Khair Bux Marri, is the one and only that can help building of workable bridges with ferociously alienated youth of Balochistan. How to approach him for engaging in a serious dialogue? Prime Minister was still looking for a doable answer to this crucial question.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 15th, 2011.

Baba & Aiyash Sons aka Khair Bux Marri & sons are busy meeting Pokis abroad and making all possible plans to kill or arrest “boys who had gone to mountains to wage separatist battles with the state”. The real bottleneck the Baba is facing this time is the youth and poor balochis who genuinely want independence that has become a “haddi” in his kabab called uncrown king of Balochistan to usurp all Oil and Gas reserves. The above statement indicate that Khair Bux and Sons are in direct contact with Pakistani administration and helping in their operations against sarmachars. Pakistani administration is directly promoting Khair Bux Marri family as the Only negotiators of Balochistan. A myth that is been circulated in articles like this. We appeal to Baloch people not to allow yourself to fall in this trap.

Reality is Khair Bux Marri is NOT ” the answer to Balochistan riddle”. The answer is Independent Balochistan for the People, by the people of Balochistan. The answer is NOT the greedy, opportunist Sardars.

Our appeal to Baloch people,”NEVER TRUST SARDARS”.

From ahmar with regards & respects to Ameeri

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 19:00:10 -0700
Subject: from ahmar with regards & respects

Dear Nako Saeed Ameeri:

You are an extremely senior Baloch actvist of Baghdad fame. I hope you understand we can never tolerate acts of terrorism against common, unarmed citizens and political activists by any rogue state or for that matter any nawab, sardar or their sons.

If Hafeez Hassanabadi devises this policy of killing all members of the Mengal family and all 70,000 members of the National Party, we have the right to condemn him.

If Hyrbyair Marri supports this wrong policy he will face our public criticism on all forums. We are proud to refuse his patronage on the grounds of human decency, public morality and the basic ethics of reverence for human life.

We did our best to stop this madness. Please see story below:

At first the militants targeted unarmed very poor Punjabis like barbers and tailors and called them government spies. Now they are targeting my own blood and bone, friends and family in Mekran on the same charge.

Baloch militants must explain wrong policies, including the killing of Prof. Nazima Talib, unarmed civilians and political activists. They are not sacred cows, rather blood-thirsty terrorists if they commit such crimes against humanity.

Killing of Mohammed Hussain in Kosh Kalat on September 14 was an eye-opener for me. His young sons Meerain and Gazzain were always so proud of their Baloch heritage and such ardent supporters of the independence movement, but their father gets killed with Taliban brutality and in MQM-style by these hichmachars. Killers of Hussain, the hichmachars, have not just killed a man, they killed an idea, a dream. A dream I shared with his sons Meerain. and Gazzain.

We are happy to note Mehran Baluch has taken a very positive stand. At the same time, to command our respect he must treat other members of his tribe like Dr. Jumma Marri and Sher Alam Marri with utmost dignity and respect.

I hope each and every Baloch will support our noble stand.

In closing the land where human life has no value, that land in my eyes has no value.


Ahmar Mustikhan

Tel: 301 957 0008


twitter: @mustikhan

Khair Baksh Marri and Sons Empire

Khair Baksh Marri's empire

The Role of BLUF ?

BLUF (Baloch Libration United Front) a militant organization widely raised in the media after claiming the responsibility of kidnapping the UNHCR representative Mr. John Soleiky an American citizen. Initially they were claiming that, they have done it to raise the Baloch voice internationally. But the drop seen was very unfortune for the Baloch people at large and specially for the Baloch national movement. At premier instance the Baloch received Three mutilated corpse of there political activists on 18th April 2009. After that till date they are receiving the same from the other hand. By analysing the different reports it is evident that only in the first six months of 2011 more then 200 dead bodies of Baloch activists have been surfaced. From different sources it is believed that BLUF is a London based organization and being controlled by it is London based chief.

After more then two and a half years it is high time for the Baloch masses, activists and specially for the leadership that, they shall analyse that what they achieved by the acts of BLUF at the local and at the International level? A Baloch professor at Balochistan University Quetta said "that was a mess and a blatant mistake and the London based chief shall accept it. Since 1947 till date Baloch dictator and tribal leaders have done many mistakes but have never analysed the past and accepted their wrong doings. Unless and until an environment of fair analysis and accountability has not been established until then the Baloch people will be on the damaging end. The era of eighties is front of us that is why you see a society of conservationism no one is opening up and no one is trusting the self claimed leaders. To be true the Baloch political masses have never accepted and have any hope of future role from the BLUF and from its chief.

The era of monarchs is on its last breathing. BNM the political party has played a vital role. The disintegration of BNM was 2nd major event played by BLUF leadership”.

For me this was a very thought provoking statement from a Baloch academician. Then after few days hardship I made it to meet with an ex-BNM senior member. I asked the same question to him ”What a role BLUF has played for the Baloch struggle? He replied ”the inside story is very apathetic and rough. The hopes of being democratic were derailed by the loss of Shaheed Gulam Mohammad. And the rest is all which we have suffered as a nation weekly 5 to 7 tortured dead bodies of Baloch people.Now it is the mutual responsibility of all of us that we shall rethink on our policies and develop our political institutions. I politically completely out rule the any role of BLUF in Baloch politics. But the dictators, monarchs etc. can harm the societies in numerous ways for their designed interests”.

He is young and well educated Baloch and is working as an engineer in one of the Gulf famous oil production companies. His Nick name is Mr. Makurani. Mr. Makurani replied ”The wrong doings of dictators and monarchs leads them to their end. This is what we have seen in the recent days of Arab spring. Here we are more then 12 Baloch working to gather and discuss and argue with each other on the different aspects and angles of Baloch politics. The hope full view on which agree is that none of us see any role of BLUF and its london based chief in the Baloch politics. The Baloch is resisting against the occupation, oppression and for sovereignty. Surely neither for any dictatorship and nor for any monarchy. The British or Japan like Kingship is not out of question with the consent of masses. But the rest have to understand and allow the democratic institutions and parties to move on. Baloch at any cost will not allow the war lords to impose their hegemony on the society. The role of BLUF is nothing more then for the interest for a group or a personality. Long live Baloch struggle”.

At the end I leave the question open to rest of the Baloch community how they see the role of BLUF for the Baloch future ?

Dr. Zumrid Baloch