Fraud Baba-E-Azadee aka Khair Baux Marri & his sons

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Khair Baksh Marri's empire

Waja Mazarkoon Sahib,

No matter how hard you try to hide and distort the facts, Facts are fact and they can not be changed. May be your memory is weak, but Baloch memory is NOT so weak to not remember when your Baba-e-E-Azadee flew out of Afghanistan in a C-130 Paki military jet and landed in Islamabad along with his chickens and rosters.

Every one knows that Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri Sahib was an ISI man sent to Afghanistan by ISI to keep an eye on Afghan President Najibullah Ahmadzai and Soviets forces and report about their movements to ISI/GHQ. When Taliban toppled Najeebullah’s Governmant in 1996, with the help of ISI, backed by USA and Saudis, and his body was dragged on the street of Kabul behind a truck and hung on the street, ISI sent a C-130 Military airplane to bring Nawab Khair Bux Marri back to Pakistan.  Pakistan “most wanted” (anti-Pakistan) man was rescued in C-130 military jet and was taken to Islamabad first and  rewarded him with Rs. 20 millions by Gen Ziaula Haq, and then was flown to Quetta airport.

After that, his all son’s were made ministers in Balochistan assembly, where they recorded the worse corruption in the history of Balochistan. Hair Biyar Marri, who now days doesn’t tires of shouting slogan of Azadee, never knew about this word “Azadee” existed before, when he was outnumbering his brothers in corruption by selling Jobs to non-Baloch Pashtune, Hazaras and Punjabi. None of the money he collected were used to build any road, school or hospital for the ordinary Marri Balochs but was pocketed alone.

When differences arose between Nawab Bugti and Sardar Akthatr Mengal over Kalpurs and Nawab Bugti’s JWP departed from Balochistan Govt, Akhtar Mengal’s Govt collapsed.  He tried to save his Govt by joining hand with Nawaz Saharif’s party but that didn’t help and hence they all lost their luxury jobs as ministers, including KB’s corrupt sons. They all became angry with Nawab Bugti, calling him names and wanted to avenge their losing of ministerial jobs. They conspired with Paki military to eliminate “irritant” Nawab Bugti.




The plan was to set the stage in Kohlu where Musharraf  would come and gave a speech and BLA would fire some rockets in the air to pave the way for military operation. It is satire that rockets were fired in Kohlu but military operation was started in Dera Bugti. Bugti’s house was bombed to make him run and take refuge in the mountains, where KB’s son Mir Balaach Marri was given the task to help locate and eliminate him. Bugti, when he was in his own area, was safe along his commandos, but soon after he moved to Balaach’s area, on his request, his location was disclosed to Paki military and he was bombed and killed.


After killing of Nawab Bugti, Brahmdagh’s took refuge in Afghanistan. Pak military wanted to kill him too, but luckily he escaped. Here comes again, Balaach Marri,  sent by Paki ISI to follow Brahmdagh in Kabul and inform about his activities to GHQ, but before he could do so, he himself died due to alcohol overdose, in the arms of his Afghan girl friend, who took him to the Kabul Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Khair Bux Marri and his son’s again tried to hide the facts and cash his blood by calling him a martyr so they can play with ordinary Baloch’s emotions. They claimed that he was killed by Paki military but they failed to back it up with proofs despite the fact that they had the body with them, which was buried in Afghanistan. This is funny that when Pakistan military killed Nawab Bugti, they refused to give his body to his kin for burial, but when Balaach was killed by the same army, they let his brothers to have the body. This doesn’t make any sense. Till today ther is not a single photo of Balaach’s blood soaked dead body to proove that he was killed in a military encounter. The question is why Khair Bux and his sons have to lie and make such a cruel joke to play with Baloch people emotions and hide the facts about his death ?

Today, the same Khair Bux, the most wanted “Anti-Pakistan” man, is shouting slogans of Azadee (freedom), from his luxuary house, amidst of ISI and MI, in the Defense Housing Society in Karachi with full impunity to incite and fool ordinary Balochs to get them killed, while his son’s are busy doing business and making deals with Asif Ali Zardari and interior minister Rehman Malik. One son is vested in Muslim league (N), so he can be the next Cheap Minister of Balochistan and take Nawab Raisani’s Job. Other Son, Gazzin, is running a luxury hotel in Dubai with Aisf zardari. Another son, Mehran aka Moron, have self appointed himself as permanent “Baloch representative” at the UN human right body and run around with his Russian girl friend on the street of Geneva busy selling Baloch blood and tears to Europeans and collecting donation in the name of Baluchistan.


Anothe KB’s son, Mir Hamza Marri, is in Poland, running a rental apartment complex, while another one, Mr. Hair Biyar Marri,  who has an ego like the size of a mountain, Shouts slogans of Azadee (freedom) on day time from London’s streets to fool ordniary Balochs, while drink, dance and party at night with Rehman Malik and Paki Militray officers, like a bollywood star. Hair Biyar Marri is aka known as Baloch Bin laden for killing many ordinary Baloch political leaders and kidnapping John Solicky, an UNHCR worker.  He himself can not write so he had to hire Peter Tachell, a prominent gay activist, (who was beaten up and punched during a Moscow Gay parade), to write a freedom Charter for him so he can distribute it in a advertising photo show and get credit for it, but Baloch people have already rejected the so called freedom Charter written by a BUGGA and have trashed it in the dustbin or flushed it in the toilet. Mr. Hair Biyar thinks he can fool the ordinary Balochs by barking slogans of Azadee, but Good luck Mr. Hair Biyar Sahib with your Azadee, as this Azadee is not for ordinary Balochs but is for you and for your family only.


And, good try Mr. Mazarkoon Sahib. Keep trying to hide and distort the facts. You deserve few more bucks from KB and son’s co. Keep up the good work.





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Khair Bukhsh Marri, seasoned leader adopts hibernation in world of politics



Baloch Freedom Movement’s legendary personality Khair Bukhsh Marri has spent most of time of his life in exile, but he never compromised on principles. He is desirous for an Independent Socialist Balochistan. He is facing personal feuds, political storms and grieves courageously. In history of Baloch resistance, conservative, nationalism Khair Bukhsh Marri be known tall heighted leader politically but he hasn’t formed any political party. Thrice he escaped from conspiracies of assassination, as well he had gone behind bars time and again but no sign of worry or fear can be felt on his countenance at all. He is determined for independent and socialist Balochistan even losing his son in this campaign. He says, war is continuing, we haven’t been defeated but prolong war on six decades is still being fought without any fruitfulness. Khair Bukhsh Marri patiently tolerates entire world troubles and pain and defuses all effects with minor smile but being memorized Balach, his eyes fill-up with tears.

Khair Bukhsh Marri is prominent Baloch Nationalist leader and a key pillar among four of freedom movement. He is famous leader of Baloch divided in various countries with holding position of valid chieftain of his Marri tribe, which is considered strongest tribe of Baloch Nation. Khair Bukhsh Marri is known as ideal or has status of messenger for freedom among youth, and labeled Anti-Pakistani, traitor, foreigners’ agent and other blames by state. He had decorated badges of Lenin and Mao-Sey-Tung in young age on chest and believes in their style of struggle for salvation of slavery, and became a symbol in Baloch Freedom Movement. He courageously endured banishment, Marshal Law, prison, army operations and valiantly face criticism against him. He is known as reticence leader and despises inequality, for Balochs he declared socialism destiny. The founder of Baloch ongoing freedom movement has been advocating for it in mess conditions. He has once again submerged in ocean of silence. Baloch youths’ unprecedented sacrifices have hoisted Baloch voice enough and now it is echoing in American parliament and resolution presenting act have propped-up Baloch Issue importance, and by now tall claims are being made for resolve of this issue. It is solid fact that Khair Bukhsh Marri is sole leader that his consult can be authenticated stance for Baloch Issue about current situation after resolution of congress. Hence, Baloch National Voice has complied a report extracting from his interviews during last decade which he had given to media and major leaps and ebbs of his life. On eve of great leader 84th birthday, the symbol of freedom movement and sane leader views are being delivered with this mean to inform world about him and recall memories of leader to Baloch Nation.

Khair Bukhsh Marri’s life culminations and decays:

Baloch leader Khair Bukhsh Marri born on 29th February 1928, in his native village Kahan, Kohlu. His name has attributed with renewed anti-imperialist personality Sardar Khair Bukhsh Marri (first). During infancy his mother departed, and after six years in 1933 his father Mehar Ullah Khan also demised from mortal world, in this way he became orphan in childhood. Being elder son of Sardar Mehar Ullah he was selected Sardar of tribe unanimously in minor age. (In hierarchy system he is eleventh chieftain of his tribe). In minor age he got turban of chieftainship but his uncle Doda Khan had been appointed interim Sardar to handle the affairs of tribe.  The minor Sardar had been sent to Chiefs College Lahore for education and training by British with intention to abandon the thought of anti-imperialist which he had got in heir from his father and grand father. But British’s this effort had gone in vain. Against prevailing the third world nationalistic traditions Khair Bukhsh Marri stepped-in politics very late. Before 60s decade he was disinclined to politics, but when Field Marshal Ayub Khan for exploration of Oil and Gas has assailed on Baloch areas then disinclined to politics Sardar Khair Bukhsh Marri from non-political youth converted in to a socialist ideological politician. He spanned blood-river and saw culminations and decays in the beginning of his political life. In Ayubi era he with resolute stance stood against state power and recognized as Balochs’ rights defender.

Khair Bukhsh Marri announced renounce of centuries old tradition “Khal”, (a levy quota of Sardar on income and wealth of tribesmen), which considered as a revolutionary act and became a major factor of fame for young Sardar. In 1968 when fellow politicians had tried to induce him for pact with Ayub Khan, then Khair Bukhsh Marri opposed it for a bright future of Baloch nation, but in 1970 agreed with Yahya Khan on condition of dissolution of one unit, because of this the way for elections had got paved. In election after landslide victory on National Assembly seat had become agree to hold incumbent, but during NAP (National Awami Party) short period rule he had been elected as Party President, even then he continued support to guerrilla fighters on political, moral and financial bases. In 1973, with fellow politicians had denied to sign on constitution, and objected that this draft lacks provincial autonomy content; whatever had been given in this regard said subject is insufficient. This act increased much his height in leadership and fame. After nine months Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto dissolved provincial government of National Awami Party and sent leaders to jail. Afterward they convicted for Hyderabad conspiracy case and sentenced by courts which turned pages of history and give-off bitter facts for all. Mr. Bhutto had much aversive to Khair Bukhsh Marri and conspiracy weaved to poison him in jail, but fortunately they hadn’t succeeded in this wickedness.

Subsequently Zia came in power and was reluctant to release Khair Bukhsh Marri because being Sardar of guerrillas of mountains. Other Baloch leaders refused to get released unaccompanied Khair Bukhsh Marri and Zia in against their resilient demand became agree to release him, too.

The leaders through train arrived to Balochistan, then media-men had insisted for onward program of Khair Bukhsh Marri but he hadn’t commented about asked question except this “I can’t lie and truth can’t be digested contemporary society”, his these words were implying this that during prison their ways had got separated and further he won’t work as combine with other Baloch leaders.

General Zia had opened doors of jail for release of separatists but Khair Bukhsh Marri wasn’t agree to make any deal with government, even other fellow Baloch Politicians had strived propitiate to him for that. This decision of Khair Bukhsh Marri had made clear him about freedom stance; as well Baloch Hero devoted his life for this noble cause. After getting released, he accompanying million Baloch of various tribes had adopted exiled life. First he had gone to France, then Britain and at last in Afghanistan spent his most time of life. His supporters had take refuge in Kandhar and Hilmand camps. He dwelled in Kabul capital of Afghanistan but he was patronizing camps of Baloch People Liberation Front guerrillas training personally. He ordinarily discuses, being under obligations to Afghan Government for providing sanctuary to Baloch guerrillas. But he denies the time superpower of world Soviet Union for supporting or sympathizing for them.

During stay in Afghanistan, between Khair Bukhsh Marri and Hazar Khan Bejarani divergences escalated, and then Hazar Khan with collusion of agencies designed assassination sketch of Khair Bukhsh Marri. For accomplishment of plot said commander’s son Haji had collided vehicle loaded with explosive material to staying room of Khair Bukhsh Marri in Hilmand garrison, but luckily the leader survived from failed attack. The antagonist of Khair Bukhsh Marri blamed on him for killing of own community people. Here it is pertinent to be memorized that even insist of tribal people and friends for taking revenge, Khair Bukhsh Marri let safely Hazar Khan his coincides and family members for leaving Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan when Dr. Najeeb’s democratic government had been toppled by help of Pakistani agencies and power occupied by Afghan refugees, as the result of this pro-independent Balochs furthermore stay there became impossible, and they finished banishment and returned to Balochistan with his tribesmen and other Balochs in end of 1992.

When they came Balochistan large number of Baloch had received them passionately, but the believer on self-criticizing leader during speech to gather spoke-out “I had thought Baloch would receive them by throwing rotten tomatoes and addles, but Baloch are so simpleton, they are against expectation showering flowers on us”.

After return from Afghanistan, Baloch National leader had been conducting a study circle “Haq Tawar” to rouse national conscious among youth. The Baloch leader politically on surface seemed silent but underground he was working on field of armed struggle. The vanguard performer in Baloch freedom movement, as opposite to other politicians hadn’t formed any large political party. Then some alien from Khair Bukhsh Marr’s philosophy had assumed he had retired from politics and adopted aloofness. When sons of Khair Bukhsh Marri had started taking part in state politics then people were saying now the dream of freedom never will be real. But in 2000 politics suddenly had turned in such way that no one had idea of this. In the initial era of Dictator General Musharraf, Justice Nawaz Marri assassination incident took place in the cantonment jurisdiction. This incident had been colluded to coin logic for arrest of Khair Bukhsh Marri accompanied 250 tribesmen; hence state authorities had put them behind the bars. About Justice Marri assassination Khair Bukhsh Marri said, it is conspiracy to remove me from the way of plundering the resources and nothing else than this, but the blame to killing of brothers is merely pretext. He said, if he be blamed for being anti-Pakistani or affixed label of traitor with him, so it would be accepted gladly. The said case is in pending to date, even lapse of twelve years in existence of rapid processing anti-terrorism courts. From this easily can be guessed that case was lodged against Baloch leader merely on political basis.

When the great Baloch leader had been sent behind the bars then Baloch silent guns barrel once again got hot and adroit, and in short time entire Balochistan environment was echoing with noises of gunshots. Baloch Armed group BLA had got formed, and this organization Baloch Liberation Army claimed for responsibilities of incidents in Balochistan wide and showed willpower for struggle until attaining freedom. During the imprisonment Baloch Leader had stressed for conformity about exploration of minerals and resources on government level. But seasoned Baloch Leader blatantly denied making any deal with Islamabad’s authorities. In shape of investigating officers army-men had tried to know his opinions about oil and gas exploration fields but he replied I am detained here for accusation of murder, then how I be able to authorize on resources, its clear meaning was, no.

During imprisonment in Huda Jail a group of media-men met with him and asked about after releasing program, and then he apparently said, I will work for betterment of my organization, which mean understanding wasn’t typical for anyone. The old leader had been put behind the bars for 17 months, on 17th July 2001 had been released and during this armed attacks incidents had accelerated much.

In 2002 elections, he brought in arena his son Balach Khan Marri, from whom Khair Bukhsh Marri had much expectation, and he won as landslide. Aftermath Balach Marri had suspended his banishment and came back to his home-land Balochistan. Balach Marri was mature, skillful, conscious and was ready to face any difficult situation, but during stay in Quetta by day and night prolonged discussions had provided him information, training about strategy of guerrilla warfare at their residence. After lapse of few days Balach Marri opted his father’s way and took control of guerilla fighters in his hands practically. During this on one hand he had observed profoundly tribal foes with Bugti tribe in perspective of traditions and on other hand he had been guiding Baloch fighters’ as commander.

84 years old Baloch leader’s joys glance hasn’t seen anyone, on anytime. From orphan age of childhood to senile have spending his time suffering in grieves. Nature’s laws are accurate and fact, in senile he by a smile distracts bitterness of world’s sad, but now Khair Bukhsh Marri has gone through a tough test, when on 20th November 2007 Balach Marri martyrdom shocked his body and soul. The man whoever concealed pain and grieves of entire Baloch in his heart and defuses intensity with a minor smile but he can’t conceal pain of Balach Marri severance, even till today if someone calls Balach name, his eyes fill-up with tears spontaneously. Balach Marri became eternal in pages of history but his mission is continuing and it will continue unless touching destiny. Certainly Balach Marri must had said to shooter on him, like Che Guera “coward shoot to me, you can kill a human but you can never wipe-out thoughts and feats”.

An international researcher about Khair Bukhsh Marri wrote “such skillful, valuable and sagacious characteristic human ought to born later one century, because goldsmith knows better value of gold”. About philosophic discussion of Khair Bukhsh Marri is famous among all that “understanding to Khair Bukhsh Marri is needed another Khair Bukhsh Marri”.  In broadened room of Khair Bukhsh Marri two symbols of deer on peaces of rocks indicate this that no one can erase love of Balochistan from his heart. The leader of Baloch Movement is enduring woes of his son Balach Marri and other Baloch leaders and guerilla fighters like seasoned leader Akbar Khan Bugti, senior politician chairman Ghulam Mohd Baloch, guerilla commander Sado Marri, political and tribal leader Jan Mohd Marri and other valuables severance pain. The dark night of tyrannies haven’t shed over the Baloch Nation yet. The mothers to pay sacrifices of sons, sisters their brothers, women their husband and fathers their sons sacrifice have to be paid for freedom, but it is unknown that how many sacrifices will be needed to motherland furthermore.

Khair Bukhsh Marri’s statements and interviews extractions:

Khair Bukhsh Marri as following footsteps of his forefathers, during passed decade in his interviews had been asked each question replied effectively with elaboration as according the needs of Baloch Nation and entire world. Khair Bukhsh Marri thinks life isn’t name of luxuries but it should be spent such systemized way that human freedom and its parity be maintained. He says my life aim is only freedom, living for that day, when Baloch be freed. He considers his stay in Karachi like his exiled days of life and says, will be soothed when he will be freed and his dream is freedom for entire world, where each has freedom. Baloch Leader says, they will use every source which assists Baloch for gaining freedom, whether it is in shape of pen or gun. Those are real strugglers, who are fighting in mountains with weapons. He said if I were young then would go strait to mountains, and would fight for Baloch cause accompanied those who are already struggling. Khair Bukhsh Marri said uprising in Baloch I am feeling, it is gain of my life.  Balochistan is attractive and beautiful. Baloch child instead of toys want weapons in their hands, which is great a change. In movements thoughts and ideology are like weapons.

Baloch Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri showed his worries that poor people offspring are paying sacrifices of lives but may not tomorrow wealthy people be master of all. He doesn’t oppose political struggle but says, gun inflicts enemy in much pain. He quotes Mao-Say-Tung that armed struggle is ingredient of political struggle, but difference is only use of tools, like pen and gun, I am also follower of this faith. The stretched war of Baloch on six decades is without fruitfulness, even he says we haven’t been defeated but war is continuing. About fairly recognizing of Pakistan, he says if I can’t be true Baloch, then I mustn’t be a Pakistani pander. It is heathenness that I am being called Pakistani, because Punjab’s Pakistan is slave of imperialist and I consider it a dirty abuse, no one abuse me by calling Pakistani. Baloch Leader desirous, history write him true son of Baloch Motherland. But he says, sometimes I be obsess, whether I haven’t done anything for my land. If my offspring and I have done anything for Motherland it is very meager share, indeed we all are debtor of our soil.

International connoisseur of intellectual Baloch Leader emphasis on armed struggle but never denies use of other relevant sources. He says, for ailment take tablets and as well use injection, and in requisition operation option must be preserved. For ailment everything can be exploited, because cure is must but be philanthropic, never be inhuman, someone coincident with me or not. Mao-Say-Tung presents logic that “our violence is defensive violence”.

The socialist leader Khair Bukhsh Marri about prolonging of Baloch Movement says, a Baloch child from age of infancy starts walking and till his day-last walks on bleak and plain land, hence he a is natural commando. In Vietnam, there’s guerillas stalwartness had zonked American Army; consequently they run from theirs land with disgraced defeat. Similarly, Baloch Commandos will inflict state army in defeat one day, Khair Bukhsh Marri postures optimization.

About expansion sphere of struggle Khair Bukhsh Marri says, when I saw a minor daughter holding photo and place card written with “I love Balochistan” in London, so I derived from this scene that we have got recruits for tomorrow.

About youths’ ideal Balach Marri seasoned leader Khair Bukhsh Marri says, he wasn’t only my son but he was like a close friend, comrade and co-traveler, he wasn’t a person but was a movement. If Che Guvera remained alive then he could bring several revolutions, but he must had alive, endured pains, remained hunger and continually worked. Perhaps being a father I have such feelings, in large interest of nation his remaining alive was also necessary. Not only Balach but in thousands fathers’ sons and sons’ father have been killed. Indeed, if my son is roof then other Balochs are bulwark of National Movement. The severance of Balach is aching me; it was requirement of struggle, so he has been used for nation. About Balach I think movement has lost one commander but soldiers are many, and others will also join this convey. Khair Bukhsh Marri repeats Balach sayings, “which journey I decided on, it has one-way ticket and it lacks way for return”. The father of Shaheed-e-Inqlab says, without dying freedom never can be gained. For freedom we endorse death. Freedom is essential even the cost of all those who are struggling for it, only Balach severance is merely tiny thing for it. Now we have paid progenies, if we don’t fight then entire nation will be faded-away.

While presenting example legendry leader said, a man son martyred and people had gone him for condolence, one of them stirring said, “He is laughing; he is senseless and isn’t gloomy even on death of his son”. The victim father had gone for urine and came back, said stirring man go and see urines, he saw blooded urine. Victim father was looking normal externally and was laughing. Mean, someone apple of eyes disjoined, he must be sad; traditionally he says my son died with honor but internally he is broken because of woe.

About Baloch identification National Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri’s stance is crystal clear, he says we are separate nation and we have own land but here gave “province” reform is identification of dominant class.  Apart from province, we are something (separate nation), this land is our and we are a nation.

The reader of Marxist magazines, confess this fact that gold producing Balochistan if get freed, then international imperialist will strive to keep hegemony on it, but he argues that why not we be under of imperialist instead of being occupied by  slave of imperialist.

The legal advisor of Baloch Freedom argues against this point that if Baloch got freedom then they can’t sustain it, he says our wealth and land isn’t less than Pakistan but only lacking feel of freedom. Smaller than us, states like Oman, UAE and so on are today member of United Nation, and they have right of vote as like English. Be told us, from Indus river to Iran stretched Baloch Land why can’t survive as an-independent state? On this question that from a powerful state Baloch oppressed nation can get freedom, the sagacious leader gives logic that if Soviet Union can be disintegrated and nations have been provided freedom, Bangladesh can unchained from slavery, then why can’t Baloch become master of their land and be independent in his decisions.

About struggle series great esteemed leader said that Baloch as according to their temperament and Psychology struggled against Purtagazi, Arab invaders, British imperialist and Punjabi occupant through constant struggle to maintained its national freedom. Hamal Jiand had resisted against Purtagazi plunderers, in 1839 Mehrab Khan and companion had roused conscious against British invaders and bravely they fought. Against forceful annexation of Balochistan Agha Abdul Karim hoisted voice of freedom, Nouroz Khan in old-age fought for freedom, in 1973 Baloch Sarmachars fought in same series of struggle, and today once again deliverance of motherland struggle is going on in reflection of Baloch resisting temperament. But few simpleton people even this clear difference, joining connection with Punjabi. Sane Baloch leader says, unfamiliar from history don’t hesitate declaring Punjabi elder brother but truth is this neither Baloch Land and Pakistan are co-related nor Baloch can make logic of elder brother to Punjabis Pakistan which is formed by imperialist. Baloch never cram of elder brother by ignoring splendid history. Who are repeating these words they must be aware of their history, because like pigeon closing eyes history’s fact can’t be changed.

The international revolutionary leaders like Fidel Castro, HocheMinh, and Nelson Mandela similar ranking Baloch Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri about Baloch Resistance says that Bugti, Allah Nazar and Marri be united, flaws and qualities have value but work altogether, make more and more coordination and unanimous among them. If they get merged in one, it is best, because unity is key of success.

About thousand abducted Balochs Khair Bukhsh Marri gestures his worries and says that abducted Balochs number is in thousand but they are showing these in hundreds, and they are lying repeatedly regarding this. Baloch Leader says I am doubtful; those who have been disappeared are killed and buried in secret cemeteries, who is buried where, can’t be said surely. (Be remembered that Baloch Leader already indicated by gauging intention of rival about killing of Balochs in detention).

About severance of best comrades Senior Leader says, when fire takes, then burns all into aches, whether wet or dried woods, fruitful or fruitless plants without discrimination. Some where conscious level is low, but even there children, women and youth all are being targeted. Rival want to cover Baloch areas with fear by terrorizing and compelling Balochs to be surrendered. Perhaps, they think in this way, they will get triumphed, but never they, it is only their frustration and are sign of savagery.

About occupant state’s power the Baloch Leader says, here I repeat words of Che Guvera “Revolution rapidly creates counter revolutionaries”. The occupant state has army, and we have fighters of freedom, and our sympathizers and supporter are masses, but we are sanctioned and being oppressed, oppositely rival freely moves and have license of abducting, killing and imprisonment. Our people are underground, but his power is her debility, and her barbarity is reason of demise.

The famous leader Khair Bukhsh Marri about tyrannies says they are throwing dead bodies from helicopters on high altitudes, and they claim for being Muslim. They have made our ladies sexual slaves, similarly Bengalis were treated, but they couldn’t overcome there, and here they also can’t be succeeded.

About Baloch females role in Baloch Movement Khair Bukhsh Marri says in any movement of world females have occupied significant position and theirs role never can be denied. Today Baloch females are performing an outstanding role which is admirable. I am optimist; with passage time and requisition of circumstances Baloch females’ contribution would be larger.

Khair Bukhsh Marri about media role comments that in Baloch community media has not developed as requisition of modern age, and whatsoever is, confined or bounded in frighten sphere. Baloch media can’t write openly, if fewer newspapers have launched, then certainly these will be banned by occupant. If any publication will mount, hence it would be crushed. At the time I can’t see Media of Baloch, these few papers are of Balochs but these write in favor of Pakistan or any government personality position holder’s extra-admiration. Consequently, it can’t be declared journalism but it is a business. These are merely Baloch but their attitudes do not resemble with Baloch norms and temperament. May they realize truth and adopt true path or they be persuaded to come toward genuine objective. Except very fewer all are practicing journalism as business, they attain money, privileges and many more from government and I never count them journalist. Those who are affiliated with communication field and owns desire to come in circle of “Baloch Media”, hence they must review their saying and deeds.

About exploitive projects’ which are proclaimed as Baloch development, pro-independent leader Khair Bukhsh Marri says, it is being exaggerated through media that on Baloch Land national appliances protection would be secured, sabotaging and anti-state elements would be crushed. I ask here that Punjabi how claiming for being owner of Baloch assists. Which national, and which appliances about they are saying? On Baloch Land existing appliances and installations are of Baloch, never of Punjabis. Punjabi is herself underhand of imperialist and she loots our resources and we should sit calmly like spectator, and don’t resist merely fear of being crushed, and withdrew of our resources, it is impossible. On Baloch Land appliances and resources are of Baloch, not Punjabis.

About being anti-education Sardar blame, intellectual leader Khair Bukhsh Marri says, alas! On Baloch Land established those school which are cramming of “Tota Maina” were demolished, and those who are demolishing these deserve bravo. In views of people education is what? Guerrilla fight is also education. The genuine mean of education is conscious, our people are consciousness, it isn’t necessary we get education from those institutes which are totally lacking essence of education at all. Educated peoples’ sections are also in field of judiciary, but are they like Lenin? Lenin was also an advocate, but question is this that today’s advocates are preserving quality of Leninism? Are they having spirit of justice? The armed struggle is greatest way of education.

About taking part in parliamentary process Baloch Leader repentantly says it was my insanity. Whenever I came on Pakistani assembly floor then constantly my altercation with state-men was getting up. We had conducted protests and demonstrations and with passage of time the level of knowledge also was rising, ultimately on this conclusion reached that this isn’t our way, we are straying, when felt this, so separated my ways. Mean after missing some prayers felt this is wrong way. Remaining in assemblies, spent my all time fighting and in wrangles.

The opponent of Khair Bukhsh Marri the return of Afghanistan by C-31 declaring with a deal but he advocating this point says, when Afghan democratic government toppled by Mujahidin with help of Pakistan, then concern of Balochistan inhabitant were deepening, and protest rallies were conducting anywhere, on the other hand here’s government authorities like Taj Mohd Jamali and other Baloch leaders including Pathans had came for mending (Merah). I was intended to go somewhere else by tribesmen consultation and make strategy for future. I had gone to at the time ruling Afghan government that further you will let us living here, but they denied with saying that we are gratitude of Pakistan’s government and we can’t refuse theirs’ demands. These and other vulnerable situations forced us to come back. From Pakistan people had came by which aero-plane, we also accompanied with them and returned by same, we hadn’t demanded for C-31 especially, if they brought “Tanga” or horse, even then we have had come with them. Our return can be compulsion or mistake but return by C-31 bonding with gaffe is astonishing.

Khair Bukhsh Marri says, against uncertainty of identification and taking help of any major power including America isn’t acceptable to us. If we get weapon from someone but blood will be our shed, so our blood is cheaper than weapons? He queries why in present conditions superpower doesn’t provide us assistance? Why they have stipulated of meeting their declared level? According to Renewed American journalist Selig Harrison “Baloch communist leader Khair Bukhsh Marri presents a demand of Independent Balochistan, which wouldn’t provide military base neither Masco nor Washington, and makes responsible imperialist powers for current plight of Balochistan. Further Mr. Harrison says, “Pakistan is sub-ordinate power and being backed by America, otherwise, she can’t keep continue occupation on Balochistan”.

Khair Bukhsh Marri says, nationalism never distinguishes that how you are fighting. We have spirit and guerrilla education. Our constant struggle will coerce to international powers that they negotiate with us, and their wants will bring them to us.

About foreign support Khair Bukhsh Marri says, India is time and again being blamed but entire world knows India has power of air-force and she isn’t supporting us in this regard. That’s why it must be cleared, how we are being supported? Their encouragement is great support for us, and people don’t know that guerrilla war how much power preserves. Che Guvera had support of how many countries? Our people have got trained enough, they have fought prolong wars. Abroad in any country Baloch are populated, they are raising voice and it is great support for us. Khair Bukhsh Marri says, he doesn’t think that Baloch Movement has need support of international world on large scale, Baloch Movement will get advanced without it, if Movement get strengthened then spontaneously it would be introduced internationally. Why we anxiety look for an international power’s support?

About eligibility of Baloch Nationalism Khair Bukhsh Marri says no doubt course of real Nationalism is extremely troublesome and problematic. This way travelers have to be on thorns, then defense of land can be possible on some extend. He says Baloch Nationalism is at age of its infancy. He emphasis that Baloch have to cross through blazing flames and stroke of sword, after such experiences they will be like pure gold and Nationalism will be of its age of maturity. In Baloch society no part has break-out circle of interests and regionalism to be above than minor interests, in sake of Baloch Nations’ collective interests. Similarly no party has laid its strategy on Baloch Nationalism to represent solely Baloch. Sometimes National is merging in Awami, and sometimes Balochistan makes alliance with Baloch National, like few declaring Jamhory and so on are not eligible for Baloch Nationalism as be measured contemporary criteria. Such elements are playing double game while using Baloch Card, and these are dishonest, by defraud are bargaining of Baloch resources. As well such elements keep boats of rubbers. Royalty, concrete-list and demand of few points aren’t Nationalism. Here must be discrimination between nationalism and professionalism. Discussed elements aren’t agreed for paying sacrifices. Fear and inanity are such things which have besieged Baloch in it, but gluttony and personal interest are apart from these. Personalities are contradicted to nationalism; as well they are disagreed to pay sacrifices. On several occasions political parties have been remained busy in groups’ interests and they are victim of personal antagonism.

Khair Bukhsh Marri says if any nation has revolutionary and long term programs then its leaders and workers must be mature in ideology and own good conduct. The superficial and surface politicians can be named with politician but never be called nationalist. Collectively nationalism then emerges when individuals are or not, but collectively nation be mature and skillful, then that nation begins advancement toward destination. Through court styled politics never rights can be gained. If these parties will struggle the style of Tamil Tigers, Hamas and Irish Republican Army then these would be called genuine nationalist parties. If honestly be observed, then contradictions are in thoughts, and the price of struggle every common can’t pay, in this struggle sons, friends and relatives will be disjoined. In front of power constantly standing isn’t easy task, hence many people got exhausted, consequently they sit down.

Some people say only army is responsible for blood shed in Balochistan but in Karachi during meeting with Benazir, Khair Bukhsh Marri said Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto era’s tyrannies on Baloch aren’t less than Army’s dictators.

About negotiation on Baloch issue, Khair Bukhsh Marri rules out all assumptions and firmly standing on stance of freedom. He says no consciousness Baloch will negotiate with these deceptive; at least I will never talk with them. What they will expect from us after flowing the Blood Rivers and sending corpse of Balochs. Here isn’t any justice, but we need such system where all to be equal. It is our desire that we must be freed, but they are ill-intended that deceive us by withdrawing from struggle and defeat us. They at all not ready to provide justice, we want Punjab be sickened this much that themselves they think for submit, when they seek to be repulsed from Balochistan, then we will mull-over negotiation option with them. Be vigilant of Trojan-Horse, their package, gift are also Trojan-Horse. That time we will think for negotiation when Punab’s mother will say “Putar Fauj Wich Bharti Na Hojao”, “son! never gets recruited in army”. They must be ready to give us our status and those relations which to be on level of our status, but I am pessimist because Punjabis in their history never did alike. On an occasion he says with pig co-existence is possible but with Punjabi isn’t. Before now, we were childlike that in reverence of Holy Quran had been cheated, but now never be alike, either by force they can bring us on table talk. Like Bengalis diagnosed and exposed pole of two nations theory and Baloch has to diagnose the disease and make them to know their status, as well Baloch should opt the direction of struggle. About negotiation he says, Balochs eyes must be opened about cunning rival Punjabi, because in other hand they have gripped strongly in their fingers sword.

In 70s decade during a private gathering Baloch Leader Khair Bukhsh Marri was asked by someone that which signs implies the people to guess now that freedom destination is near, so he said about national freedom movements accurate time frame can’t be given, but Baloch National War from mountains to towns will expand and in this war instead of few tribes entire Baloch Nation will get involved, then enemy will not be able to sustain its occupation onward. It is juncture of exult that before 40 years Baloch Leader had forecasted which situations, today Baloch National War is touching same speculated level. Seasoned Leader before 40 years indicated circumstances are matching with today’s conditions, hence Baloch Nation should link their aspiration with foretold words of great leader and these will be real by willing of God.

About referendum Khair Bukhsh Marri says that if you ask Balochs then who will say I like slavery but how referendum can be in Afghanistan, Iran, Sindh, Punjab and in other areas of world in scattered population of Baloch.

Addressing to entire Baloch Nation including affiliated with movement workers, Khair Bukhsh Marri said never capitulate and accept defeat, keep continue fighting for freedom. In day time be like a common people and in night attack on enemy like brave lion. Boycott each production of Punjab, weaved clothes of Punjab’s mills never buy, suspend traffic to Punjab, don’t consider provincial friendship as countries friendship because freedom is our destination. Don’t maintain relations with Punjabis and every option be adopted to bother them, must do civil disobedience and led them in nose. If further we neglect then will be great lose of us. We have to think and have to die in sake of freedom. Constantly will have to pay sacrifices of lives, if we delayed then Baloch Nation will be vanished-away from Balochistan. If Baloch need its survival then must die for it, if don’t die then in future Baloch will be sweeper, motor washer or dish washer in hotels and on table eater would be someone else. Khair Bukhsh Marri says mustn’t let this war to stop, but constantly fight and get advance. Fight till freedom, if any pause occurred then will be great loss. Fight this war till its conclusion, mean Baloch independence and don’t let it to stop.

Khair Bukhsh Marri’s philosophy teaches that man instead adopting others path, convince to others on his way. He openly supports armed struggle for Baloch Liberation on every forum, but he never tried to prove himself as leader of ongoing movement in Balochistan.

When Baloch leader has been questioned for writing book, then he replied, I endeavored several time to write a book, but I couldn’t, and now I am not in position to write, even I will do my best to write.

Senile leader Khair Bukhsh Marri is famous about making fight of roosters, but now he says I am not able physically to do this but value to this hobby owner.

Seasoned politician and leader of Baloch Movement Khair Bukhsh Marri’s life culminations and decays are being brought on such occasion that due to Baloch youths’ sacrifices Baloch Issue echoes are being heard in American Congress, where a resolution have presented about Liberation of Balochistan. After being presented resolution the Baloch Issue has got focused in world media, and some pro-government intellectuals are busy to camouflage and divert the attentions from genuine issue of Baloch. In present situations the study of this compiled report would be helpful to extract real objective.


Khair Baux Marri’s gatekeeper is ISI man

Khair Baux Marri’s  gatekeeper  is ISI man. When any visitor from Balochistan visits his house in defence area the  gatekeeper takes all information and pass on to ISI office over phone.  People at ISI office cross check the visitors information and takes decision whether to allow the visitor to let in or not. In most of the cases we learned from relatives that agencies simply pick that person and make them disappear. Many Bugti tribe members and fighters have disappeared after  visiting Khair Baux Marri.


The question is whether Khair Baux  Marri know that his gatekeeper is a ISI man. This is just another instance to prove that Khair Baux Marri and his sons are hand in glove with ISI and Pakistani establishment.  Pokistani Government and ISI are nether scared of KB family nor Mengal family, the only man they are scared of is Brahmdag Bugti who is currently in Switzerland.  

Remember, My dear common Baloch brothers, these Sardars control all fronts- Freedom Movement, Political Parties, Socio-economic. We are used as pawns in their grate game, never trust these Sardars, having said that, we appeal you all to come forward and take charge of leadership for transformation of our lives. Our only weapon to accomplish this is 3 things- Education, Education, and Education.


Know this fact about Khair Bux Mari & family

Nawab Mehrullah Mari, father of famous Baloch leader Khair Bux Mari, didn’t allow British government to open a primary school in his area some 95 years ago.  Sardars always wanted to keep people away from education.

People of Balochistan want Freedom from Sardars: Muhabbat Khan Mari

Muhabbat Khan Mari

Muhabbat Khan Mari

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As a US lawmaker tabled bill in the House of Representatives, espousing self-determination for Balochistan, Pakistani media has been airing string of programmes and holding debates on the issue with several Baloch leaders sharing their views on how to redress the miseries of people of Pakistan’s southwestern province.

In an interview with a local Urdu daily published here on Tuesday, senior Baloch leader and provincial minister Muhabbat Khan Mari has said that Baloch separatist leaders were responsible for all the problems facing the people of Balochistan. He says it seems absolutely ridiculous when Baloch Sardars like Attaulluh Mengal, Akhtar Mengal, Nawab Khair Bux Mari, Barhamdagh Bugti and Herbyar Mari speak about rights of Balochis as they were who exploited the nation. ( This is 100% correct)

He said had there been people support for Herbyar Mari, there would have been his influence in at least three Tehseels of the province.

Muhabbat Mari claims only five percent of people have been supporting the separatists.

( This is absolutely a lie, 100% people want freedom, while corrupt sardars want to live and negotiate with a weak nation called Pakistan)

He says every Baloch child is ready to shed his last drop of blood for Pakistan. ( he he he he , Muhabbat Khan, did you had a large peg of Wisky  before issuing thius statement, or your wife asked you to say this?)

When asked to elaborate situation in Kohlu district, deemed as stronghold of separatists, he said on the one side there were 180 million people of Pakistan while on the other hand only handful of terrorists and still the government of Pakistan seemed to be failed in controlling the miscreants. “Seeking separation is not new for this Sardars,” he said and added Khair Bux Mari lived in Russia for 20 years while his son Herbyar Mari had also been living in Europe. “They have no influence in Kohlu district despite they offered Rs10, 000 to jobless youth to join them,” he said. Mr Mari added that he knew financial status of Mari separatist Sardars and they could not purchase weapons. “Now they are having weapons and living in expensive cities like London.How come deprived Balochs live such a luxurious lives”.

He said Herbayar Mari had spent time in a London jail and was released after Rehman Malik’s efforts.

When asked to comment on excesses with Baloch, Mr Mari said it was beyond any doubt that excesses were committed not other than Baloch Sardars who ruled the province as governors and chife ministers. ( CORRECT) “I ask them what measures they took for providing basic amenities, education and employment to Baloch people,”. He said Sardars were responsible for injustices as they tried to make Balochis their salves.

He recalls the past and says Nawab Mehrullah Mari, father of famous Baloch leader Khair Bux Mari, didn’t allow British government to open a primary school in his area some 95 years ago. He said the Sardars wanted to keep people away from education.

Answering a question whether Baloch separatists could achieve their goal through US intervention he said: “Even father of this terrorist will not be able to achieve this goal”. We will free people of Balochistan form the shackles of this Sardars and our children would scarify for the integrity of Pakistan.

He also denied that any military operation was going on in the province. Mari said India was funneling arms and money to terrorists in Dera Murad Jamali, Sibbi, Kohlu and Makran through Afghanistan.