Brahumdagh Bugti – Pokda idiot grandson of Akbar Bugti

​  Nawabs, Sardars are curse of Balochistan, eradicate this parasites! Baloch people, do not support Sardars.

Bugti received Gas Royalty from Pokistan in millions rupees every year for 40 years and not built a single road, school or hospital in Dera Bugti nor provided his native Dera Bugtan Gas to cook their food and keep their houses warm in winters. 
Instead the Gas Royalty money received was used to build palaces, forts and Private militia and baught land in sindh and Karachi, terrorized his opponent people, kidnapped and raped their women and make them to walk on burning charcoals and put them into his private jails to run a state within the state. 
And now his Pokda idiot grandson with his Nawabi rotten mentality Bagoda Brhamdog Bugti sittings in Geneva, partying with champagne cheers with Indian money, thinks he own the Baloch movement and no one else should shout for Balochistan nor come close to it, like it is his grandpa personal property and inherited business.
For him anyone who doesn’t kiss his a$$ hold his ashtray for him to smoke or is married to his sister is not a stakeholder in Balochistan and is a traitor and should be eliminated.


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