United against Ordinary Baloch people, Baloch Nawabs and Sardars

  Nawab Sardars are uniting once again against the Ordinary Baloch leaderships in Diaspora to hijack the Baloch struggle for personal gains and benefits. 
According to latest statement issue by the Looser Nawab Brhamdog Bugti, the head of BRA, a terrorist outfit, involved in killing innocent Baloch citizens in Balochistan in the name of liberation movement, has invited his cousins and relatives, Nawab Mehran Moron, the head of United Baloch Army (UBA) Mir Noordin Toordin and his father Javed Mengal, the head of World Baloch Congress (WBC) and Lashkar Balochistan(LeB), terrorist Hyrbiyar Marri, the head of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and the international Pokda Mir Hammal Haider of BNM, (Begaani Shaadi main Abdullah Dewana), to Geneva to unite against the ordinary Baloch leadership, hijack Baloch struggle in Diaspora and to market the Baloch blood and tears in the international market and to to fool India to collect it for personal gain and champagne parties.
Except Hammal Haider, the international Pokda of BNM, all other who have been invited by Brhamdog Bugti, are close relatives to each other. 
The international Pokda of BNM, Mr. Hammal Haider, is like Begaani Shaadi main Abdullah Dewana, and is totally irrelevant. 
BNM is a small political group of few Charsi delusional, daydreamers Pokdas inside Pakistan occupied Balochistan, who wants to establish a socialist and communist state in Balochistan through arms struggle, violence and terrorism. Their leader Chairman Charsi Khalil is on the loose and hiding inside Balochistan. 
BNM lost it support in Diaspora among the ordinary Baloch people, after they hired Charsi Zafar of Canada, a heavy smoker and heavy drinker, to promote their “Baloch Kush agenda” in North America to support the violence and terrorism of Baloch militants groups inside Balochistan. 
Charsi Zafar, a Canadian based jobless, lazy, Awara and Lafanga,originally from Karach Pokistan, an ex-member of Pakistan Communist Party, who keeps jumping like a monkey from one party to other (from Canadian Muslim Congress to BHRC and from BHRC to BNM to make a buck for his Charsi and whisky, was involved in honor killing of a young Baloch girl named Shaher Bano, who was killed by her religious husband in Scarborough Canada and Charsi Zafar called it a family matter to hushed it up and hide the facts.
It is interesting to note that Khan Kalat, a key stakeholder and a pro-independent leader in exile, has not been invited, nor Professor Naela Quadri of WBWF, Dr. Jumma Marri of Baloch Unity, Munir Mengal of BV France and Dr. Wahid Baloch President of Washington D.C based Balochistan National Congress (BNC) has been invited. 
This is not the first time they tried to use such fancy slogans of unity to fool India and world community. 
The question is when were they disunited before that they are going to unite now???
The fact is that they have always been united against the ordinary Baloch leadership. 

After losing the ground in Balochistan and being rejected in Diaspora by the Baloch activists these the disgruntled Nawabs and Sardars and their stupid sons with their stupid egos are now joining hands again to keep themselves politically alive after realizing and foreseeing their imminent political death in Diaspora.
The war of their own survival and egotism have eventually made them to join hands together against the ordinary Baloch people.
We ask the Baloch people in Balochistan and in Diaspora to not hold their breath nor pay any attention to their unity call nor to their streets dancing and photo shows. 
Imagine 4 militant groups ( BLA, BRA, UBA and LeB) within one family and still they claim to be united?? 
Who are they trying to fool?
Death to all Nawabs and Sardars and their stupid sons.

Long live Balochistan.

If they were sincere to unite they should have called a general meeting of all Balochistan’s steak holders and not just their cousins and relatives, collected suggestions and dissolved their individual organizations and groups, put their egos aside and created a new organization or institution based on suggestions and deliberations and held its first democratic elections to elect its body instead of self proclaiming their own leadership.
This was the best way to unite. But we know that they are very much afraid to do it this way because they know that they will be defeated at the ballot and then they can not claim to be the Baloch representative and leader.
And that’s why they are now uniting among themselves against the ordinary Baloch leadership to hijack the Baloch struggle, fool India and the world community, to collect it in the name of Baloch liberation movement.
But, We will not let them to do so. We will continue to expose their fake unity slogans and their Nawabi and Sardari rotten sick mentality.
We have to expose these thugs. In our life time they can not and will not use the Baloch struggle for personal gain and fan.
ان  کے ملاقات اور  اتحاد سے کوئ فرق نیۂں آۓگا بلکہ ان  پاگلوں کو پاگل خانہ بھیجکر ھی بلوچوں کو سکون اور حقیقی اتحاد ملے گا  ۔
Dr.Jumma Marri of Balochunity from Moscow said,”We rejected such family based unity and disown it. Neither they can fool international community or the Baloch people with such useless drink and enjoyment parties”.


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