Nawabs and Sardars are irrelevant

All of them are irrelevant and useless, they are  busy in killing innocent people and terrorizing and hurtinghis iwn people. I wouldn’t buy their unity call or slogans of Azadee. 
This is all about their survival after realizing that the movement is actually dead both inside Balochistan and as well as in Diaspora except with some photo shows on the Facebook. 
This was evident the other day when 4 Organization jointly protested in London and there was total 12 people, which mean each organization came with two or three persons. 
Now they know that they killed the movement with their stupid egos, they are trying to convince India that please don’t stop our bones we are uniting now. 
Does it really make a difference? Not at all. They were irrelevant and useless then and they are useless now. 
India must stop funding their violence and terrorism in Balochistan and their photo shows and street dancing along with their champagne parties in Diaspora, PERIOD.


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