What Nawaz Sharrif did to Balochistan

đź”´ Nawaz Sharif chose the old fashioned way of rewarding opportunistic political leaders from Balochistan. This was at the cost of addressing the most pressing issues faced by the people there
đź”´ *Balochistan government was supposed to get the control and ownership* of the copper-gold project in Saindak after Aghaze Haqooq Balochistan Package. PML-N government did not make any headway in this regard and this *issue is still unresolved*. 
đź”´Balochistan government signed an unfavorable agreement to extend lease of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in 2016, under pressure from federal government
đź”´Balochistan is again the victim of the delay in formulation of new NFC award. The reason is that 7th NFC award uses obsolete and *manipulated figures of poverty which downplays poverty in Balochistan. As a result *Balochistan is losing up to Rs. 30 billion.*
đź”´Not a single penny was spent by incumbent federal government to improve the capacity of national grid. As a result, all districts of Balochistan, except the capital Quetta, face load shedding of more than 12 hours per day.
đź”´In peak season, the electricity demand in Balochistan is around 1,800 MW but the electric grid in Balochistan can only carry 650 MW of electricity. *This means that even if *there is surplus electricity available in country Balochistan can’t get more than 650 MW*.