Picture is in circulation on Social media

The below picture says “4th generation war is a war in which traitors are more dangerous than enemies.”

SardarWatch maintains that Sardars are always dangerous than Pakistanis. First remove Sardars from leadership mantle of Baloch People, freedom will be on horizon. 


Mohammad Anwar Baloch Former BRP

 Have you seen the movie Dictator?? 

 Anwar Baloch was BRP Vice President and Brhamdog Bugti threw him out like he is no body.

Watch how he shoot every else to win the race.

 This what Brhamdog wants to do to shoot every one in the race so no one can compete with him.

 A true Dictator mind. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡

 This is what Brhamdog Bugti wants from his followers. If you don’t smell his armpit or kiss his ass you are out. And that’s what Anwar got.

Watch it to the end. You will like it. It fits on Baloch Nawabs and Sardars perfectly.

 Brhamdog say he wants to the king of Free Balochistan, but KK say no way. I’m the king and I got the title of being the his highness.  And then there is Hiary binary Hiarbiyar Marri and his brother Mehran Moron, who are also in the race to be the future king of Free Balochistan. God have mercy on Baloch people and protect them from these evil Dictators. 
They think Balochistan is their father’s property and no one has the right to shout for it without their permission but we the ordinary Baloch will show them how to free Balochistan without them and God willing, these Dictators will be the first one to be executed in the Free and independent Balochistan for their crimes and conspiracies against Baloch Nation and for their complicity in killing and disappearing thousands Baloch youth.

Bugti’s attempt to incite hindus

A Good attempt to incite Hindus that look they are killing and eating your cows, so send more money to us. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

​The final days of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

He asked Musharraf to increase the gas royalties, but Mush refused. He got angry and ordered his private Bugti melitia to attack and destroyed the gas pipelines in Dera Bugti. 
Mush got mad and warned him of dire consequences if he attack the gas pipelines again and sent Choudary Shujahat Hussain and Mushaid Hussain to negotiate with Bugti but the negotiations failed, and the military operation became eminent. When Bugti was told that military operation is on its way, he invited Hindus of Dera Bugti for dinner in his Fort so that he could use them as shield in case the FC attack the Fort, which they did and about 90  Hindus, including women and children were massacred. Bugti thought India will react over the killings of Hindus and intervene but India didn’t move, except issuing a condemnation statement. 
When Bugti saw every thing failed and Musharraf bent upon to eliminate him, he ran to the mountains like a rat to hide himself, but soon Balaach Marri, who was collaborating with Pakistan’s ISI, tipped them with Bugti’s location and got him killed. Balaach Marri was later killed by the NATO forces mistakenly on his way to Kabul , chasing Brhamdog Bugti who had escaped to Afghanistan.
Bugti deserved it for what he did. This what happens when you trust Punjabi establishment, who are only there to use you and then discard you as it deems fit to their interests.

All in one Family: CAN you believe that?

Sardars are one, Baloch people beware!

Who are these Sardars fooling? All relatives , all have their own group. 

​Nawab Akbar Bugti was a Baloch killer

He joined Baloch kush Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 70’s as a governor of Balochistan and killed thousands Baloch. 
Let’s not forget, he was the first Nawab who welcomed Jinnah in Balochistan, bow down in front of him and kissed his ass.
He collected millions rupees every month from Pakistan for the gas royalties and spent it on to build palaces, forts and on his private Bugti militia. 
He did not open a single school or hospital in his own town, Dera Bugti, nor build any road. 
He kept his people illiterate so he can use them as slaves and security guards in his militia for his security. 
He build private jails to put his opponents Kalper Baloch to torture them and made them walk on the burning charcoals to prove their innocence. 
Let’s not forget that he expelled thousands Baloch Kalpar Baloch, including women and children, from their ancestral homes in Dera Bugti to avenge his sons death.
May he burn in hell. 
Those who are observing his death anniversary should know that they are observing a Baloch killer’s death day. Instead, they should be celebrating it with burning his picture in public to show their anger against 

these Baloch killer Nawabs and Sardars who are the main cause of Baloch people’s sufferings, backwardness and Paki salavary.
Death to all Nawabs and Sardars and their stupid sons. Long live Balochistan.
Ye Dung Janookin Seymaran, 

Ye Qome Baloch e Gadaaran

Kudd Cheer Zamin Eshana Kana

Ma Ahd Kanan Peymaan Kanan

Azaad Balochistan Kanan.
Abdul Wahid Azat Jamaldini put in best way,
“We will pull the Sardars out of the community,

These wolves and Nawabs, the blood suckers,

These biting black snakes,

These traitors to the Baloch Nation

We will drag them out of their hiding places, 

And we will bury them under ground, all together( in a big grave), for their crimes and conspiracies against the Baloch Nation”.
And great Baloch poet and Historian Mir Gul Khan Naseer said, 
“O my Creator! Give me courage to awaken

The Baloch from their deep slumber.

The Sardars have darkened the faces of the Baloch people.

Let me put them one by one on the gallows”
DOWN WITH ALL Baloch Blood sucker Khans, Nawabs and Sardars and their stupid sons.