Khan Kalat cannot decide fate of Baloch people

Let it be clear that Khan Kalat is meeting with these guys in his personal capacity and not as a leader of Baloch nation nor as a President of a Baloch political party the he Presides or represent.
We will NOT let these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars to decide the fate and destiny of Baloch nation behind the closed doors nor we will accept Khan Kalat to be our future king in Balochistan.
Baloch History shows that Baloch Khans, Nawabs and Sardars have always put their personal interests first over the interests of ordinary Baloch masses. We can not be fooled by such meetings any more nor we will hold our breath.
If Khan Kalat think he is going to be crowned as the King of Balochistan through the MQM or DanaRhorabcher, he is daydreaming, delusional and seriously mistaken, because Baloch will not accept any king or monarch in Balochistan.
Any decision or plans are made in these meetings can not be imposed upon Baloch people without their prior consultation and approval and taking them and all stakeholders onboard.
MQM wants to divide Sindh and create a Muhajir State Jinnahpur, in Karachi. Is Khan Kalat is a part of this plan or does he agrees to this?? 
Baloch people we will not accept nor be a part to divide Sindh on Muhajir-Sindhi lines to establish Jinnahpoor for Muhajirs in Karachi.
الطاف حسین کی خان آف قلات، روباکر سے ملاقات

​Hyrbyair the Bhagat Singh of Balochistan : Do you agree?

The below article written by Stooge of Harbyar Marri, read for the sake of pleasure.😁

​Hyrbyair the Bhagat Singh of Balochistan
By: Sobdar Baluch
Balochistan, Afghanistan and India fight shoulder to shoulder against Pakistani terrorism. 
Baloch nation conveys their cheering wishes and congratulates from bottom of their hearts to Indian people on #ndependenceDayIndia. The Baloch people consider the people of India as their true friends.  We share common goals and have deep rooted relationship based on thousands of years of history. 
In the month of August, we both friendly nations have declared our independence from British colonial regime in 1947 after sacrificing uncountable lives in the line of freedom. 
The struggle of great worrier and revolutionary leader comrade martyr Bhagat Singh and his comrades have been inspiring icons for Baloch youth and freedom loving people around the world. Bhagat Singh who was not only a symbol of resistance but equally was a great diplomat and highly experienced and motivational speaker.  
When the Britishers were deaf and blind to hear the voice of Indian people Bhagat Sing and his revolutionary team decided to explode crackers in the British assembly to make them realize that the British Raaj must quit India. The motive behind the British parliament was to raise awareness about the liberation movement of India. 
On the occasion of India’s 71th Independence day, I am glad to share that Balochistan liberation struggle also has a Bhagat Singh which is known as #HyrbyairMarri who didn’t explode any cracker in Britain’s courts but convinced the British government by courageously educating the court 😁😁😁 about the ongoing Balochistan’s seven decades old freedom struggle. 
Mr. Marri was arrested on false cases by the British authorities with his comrade Faiz M Baluch from Iranian occupied Balochistan, in December 2007. The British government was fed with wrong information by former Pakistan army Chief General Musharraf’s government which caused the arrest of Baloch leaders.  Both the Baloch leaders faced the baseless charges and successfully defended the Balochistan case. The tireless legal battle of Baloch nation  made the British Jury eventually accept that Baloch are fighting for their fundamental rights and independence state which declared its independence from British on 11 August 1947 during the British withdrawal from the subcontinent. 
Mr.Marri and his legal team conducted a massive signature campaign in occupied Balochistan where half a million people in occupied Balochistan took part by signing the petition. Baloch youth and people from all spheres of lives had urged the British authority to release the Baloch national leader immidiately. He and his friend Faiz Baluch were found not guilty and acquitted of all charges by British Jury. 

Hyrbyair Marri after his released issued a statement and thanked the British public the jury who realized the burning issues of Balochistan and thoroughly studied the historical background of legitimate struggle of Baloch national struggle.  
The Baloch leaders defended the Baloch cause with determination with the support of Baloch nation from occupied Balochistan. The entire court procedure is remembered as a symbolic victory for Baloch national cause and bold stance of Baloch leaders reminds us the struggle of Bhagat Singh who made the Britishers realized that they (Indian Nation) deserve the Independence. 
The Baloch leaders also proved on international forums Pakistan is suppressing the Baloch at barrel of the gun and if Baloch cause once again is overlooked then Pakistani terrorism will soon engulf the entire region. 
The Bhagat Singh of Balochistan Mr.Marri explained the Balochistan issue in detail in Britain’s court room. 😁😁😁 He won the legal battle against Pakistan in British court which is considered a moral victory for Balochistan Liberation struggle in global front. 


Balochistan declared it’s Independence on 11 August and India proclaimed its Independence on 15 August. It is a misfortune that both Balochistan and Indian leadership could not join hands to work for the betterment of the subcontinent and our people. 
When Pakistan forcefully invaded Baloch sovereign state on 27 March 1948, unfortunately India, Afghanistan and rest of the neighboring countries were not in a position to intervene and stop Pakistani terrorism and violation of Balochistan’s territorial integrity. 
During the Bangladesh Independence movement, the leadership of Balochistan, India and Afghanistan couldn’t introduce a combined and long lasting policy in the subcontinent to counter Pakistani extremism and state terrorism.  We are optimistic that after 71 years of experience of coping with Pakistani state terrorism both the real neighbors of Balochistan the Government of India and Afghanistan will take solid steps by allowing Baloch to open their offices in their countries and will offer considerable unconditional support freedom movement of Balochistan. 
People of occupied Balochistan hopeful that this time India will not repeat the past mistake of ignoring the Balochistan Liberation movement and now will contact Baloch leaders #HyrbyairMarri #BrahumdaghBugti and #DrAllahNazar and provide them diplomatic, political, military, moral and all sort of required support to make Balochistan liberation happened. 

🔷 (Idiots are mixing apples and oranges, why use Allah Nazar and club with Sardars)

Baloch nation have been struggling for 70 years to regain their independence without any foreign support. It is said that you can’t win a war empty handed and you can’t sustain empty stomach but Baloch nation have been fighting against a nuclear rogue state of Pakistan with empty handed and with very little resources. Baloch liberation struggle deserves the full and direct support from its neighboring countries specially #Bangldesh, #Afghanistan and #India because Balochistan shares a common goal with these respective countries. For the eradication of global and regional terrorism international community have to support the Baloch national struggle for a free sovereign and democratic Baloch state.

What a contrast!

In Geneva, Brahumdagh Bugti, so called Freedom Fighter enjoying Champagne.

Poor Baloch people struggling to get clean water

What Nawaz Sharrif did to Balochistan

🔴 Nawaz Sharif chose the old fashioned way of rewarding opportunistic political leaders from Balochistan. This was at the cost of addressing the most pressing issues faced by the people there
🔴 *Balochistan government was supposed to get the control and ownership* of the copper-gold project in Saindak after Aghaze Haqooq Balochistan Package. PML-N government did not make any headway in this regard and this *issue is still unresolved*. 
🔴Balochistan government signed an unfavorable agreement to extend lease of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) in 2016, under pressure from federal government
🔴Balochistan is again the victim of the delay in formulation of new NFC award. The reason is that 7th NFC award uses obsolete and *manipulated figures of poverty which downplays poverty in Balochistan. As a result *Balochistan is losing up to Rs. 30 billion.*
🔴Not a single penny was spent by incumbent federal government to improve the capacity of national grid. As a result, all districts of Balochistan, except the capital Quetta, face load shedding of more than 12 hours per day.
🔴In peak season, the electricity demand in Balochistan is around 1,800 MW but the electric grid in Balochistan can only carry 650 MW of electricity. *This means that even if *there is surplus electricity available in country Balochistan can’t get more than 650 MW*.