Semi Literate Sardars target Educated Middle class Baloch in Makaran

dr-allah-nazar-baloch.jpgAllah Nazar has been marked to death by Sardars and Nawabs

According to reports on from ground Sardars and ISI agents want to get rid of Allah Nazar and then throw Mekran into civil war so that every one start killing each other. This is what these Nawabs and sardars want as they think Mekran’s educated youths are a big threat to their outdated Nawabi and sardari system.

It is big threat and challenge for them, especially in the wake of Dr. Malik’s winning, they see this as an end to their power and monopoly. For sixty years these Nawabs and Sardars been joining hands with pakis in robbing the Baloch resources.

Now the educated youth have come forward to challenge their authority and they are very scared. Sardars want to eliminate the intelligentsia of Mekran so that noone can be a threat or obstacle in their way. That’s why they have shifted their war to Mekran and all their agents and paid actors are active there. Otherwise, there is no reason for BRA and BLA to be there as Allah Nazar is present there.

One sarmachar told that before where ever they went people welcomed and gave shelter, food and took care. Now, people are so scared that they don’t even open their doors for sarmachars, leave alone to help in time of need.

There is so much fear being spread by BLA and BRA in mekran that people are running away from the freedom movement. We have been talking to many people. They are really angry and upset with Sardars, particularly BLA and BRA which are been operated by sons of Sardars from abroad.

We appeal to all Baloch people to resist sinster moves by BLA and BRA to eliminate Makaran’s youth which is heart beat of Baloch Movement. Sardars are Gaddars.


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