BLA and BRA against Middle class Makaran people

BLA and BRA have turned their guns against the poor and suffering people of Mekran, instead of Pakistan army. In fact there is not a single target in Mekran that can cause economic or military damage to Pakistan. I don’t understand why they are operating and fighting their war in Mekran, killing the ordinary Baloch people, to settle their personal scores and grudges and create a civil war like situation among Baloch.

Question is why they are targettting Makaran. The answer is simple, This is a fight between Sardar groups adn also a secret understanding among sardars to eliminate Alla Nazar and his base in Makaran. Allah Nazar is been bashed by paid agents of Sardars, day in day out. The best way to to ignore their comments on social media. One must remember that these sardars and their motlry groups are falling stars. The recent elections are a clear indication that common baloch loath sardars and Nawabs.

Baloch people must keep one fact in mind that Sardars and Nawabs are real threst to Baloch Independence aspirations. People must reject Sardars in all foras, be it locally or internationally. SArdars and their kids are five star activists who sit in world capitals and make money by selling your plight.

Every day they kill or kidnap 4 or 5 people in Mekran calling them "spies and agents" and by doing so they are competing with each other in such barbaric killings. BLA is competing with BRA and vise versa. What is this nonsense? Are they are there to kill each other and the ordinary Baloch and make their lives difficult? Is this what this war is all about to fight their own people?

How they can win a war against Pakistan when they are fighting against their own people?

They need to stop this madness. They must take their war back to their own areas, Dera Bugti and Kholu. This not helping the movement but causing it to end. People are really getting fed up with the curent situation.

There is no doubt that BLA is in bed with ISI. Their actions proves it. That’s why Mr. Hyrbiyar Marri have hired many agents to control, contain and counter the movement internally as well internationally, so that he can only claim to be the Baloch leader to collect it in the name of Balochs. Khan Kalat have also joined him in this ugly game of business eyeing on the US companies and high bidders, to sell Balochistan’s natural resources and strategic port, Gwadar, for personal gain.

Brahamdagh Bugti is though not in bed with ISI but he is still in a revengeful mood to take the revenge of his grandfather’s death. He lacks the leadership skill and most importantly he lacks the strategy on how to fight this war smartly.

No one have seen a war of independence taht is fought the way they are fighting it. They are killing their own people and they forgot who is their enemy and how to fight it smartly.


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