Semi Literate Sardars target Educated Middle class Baloch in Makaran

dr-allah-nazar-baloch.jpgAllah Nazar has been marked to death by Sardars and Nawabs

According to reports on from ground Sardars and ISI agents want to get rid of Allah Nazar and then throw Mekran into civil war so that every one start killing each other. This is what these Nawabs and sardars want as they think Mekran’s educated youths are a big threat to their outdated Nawabi and sardari system.

It is big threat and challenge for them, especially in the wake of Dr. Malik’s winning, they see this as an end to their power and monopoly. For sixty years these Nawabs and Sardars been joining hands with pakis in robbing the Baloch resources.

Now the educated youth have come forward to challenge their authority and they are very scared. Sardars want to eliminate the intelligentsia of Mekran so that noone can be a threat or obstacle in their way. That’s why they have shifted their war to Mekran and all their agents and paid actors are active there. Otherwise, there is no reason for BRA and BLA to be there as Allah Nazar is present there.

One sarmachar told that before where ever they went people welcomed and gave shelter, food and took care. Now, people are so scared that they don’t even open their doors for sarmachars, leave alone to help in time of need.

There is so much fear being spread by BLA and BRA in mekran that people are running away from the freedom movement. We have been talking to many people. They are really angry and upset with Sardars, particularly BLA and BRA which are been operated by sons of Sardars from abroad.

We appeal to all Baloch people to resist sinster moves by BLA and BRA to eliminate Makaran’s youth which is heart beat of Baloch Movement. Sardars are Gaddars.


BLA and BRA against Middle class Makaran people

BLA and BRA have turned their guns against the poor and suffering people of Mekran, instead of Pakistan army. In fact there is not a single target in Mekran that can cause economic or military damage to Pakistan. I don’t understand why they are operating and fighting their war in Mekran, killing the ordinary Baloch people, to settle their personal scores and grudges and create a civil war like situation among Baloch.

Question is why they are targettting Makaran. The answer is simple, This is a fight between Sardar groups adn also a secret understanding among sardars to eliminate Alla Nazar and his base in Makaran. Allah Nazar is been bashed by paid agents of Sardars, day in day out. The best way to to ignore their comments on social media. One must remember that these sardars and their motlry groups are falling stars. The recent elections are a clear indication that common baloch loath sardars and Nawabs.

Baloch people must keep one fact in mind that Sardars and Nawabs are real threst to Baloch Independence aspirations. People must reject Sardars in all foras, be it locally or internationally. SArdars and their kids are five star activists who sit in world capitals and make money by selling your plight.

Every day they kill or kidnap 4 or 5 people in Mekran calling them "spies and agents" and by doing so they are competing with each other in such barbaric killings. BLA is competing with BRA and vise versa. What is this nonsense? Are they are there to kill each other and the ordinary Baloch and make their lives difficult? Is this what this war is all about to fight their own people?

How they can win a war against Pakistan when they are fighting against their own people?

They need to stop this madness. They must take their war back to their own areas, Dera Bugti and Kholu. This not helping the movement but causing it to end. People are really getting fed up with the curent situation.

There is no doubt that BLA is in bed with ISI. Their actions proves it. That’s why Mr. Hyrbiyar Marri have hired many agents to control, contain and counter the movement internally as well internationally, so that he can only claim to be the Baloch leader to collect it in the name of Balochs. Khan Kalat have also joined him in this ugly game of business eyeing on the US companies and high bidders, to sell Balochistan’s natural resources and strategic port, Gwadar, for personal gain.

Brahamdagh Bugti is though not in bed with ISI but he is still in a revengeful mood to take the revenge of his grandfather’s death. He lacks the leadership skill and most importantly he lacks the strategy on how to fight this war smartly.

No one have seen a war of independence taht is fought the way they are fighting it. They are killing their own people and they forgot who is their enemy and how to fight it smartly.

Baloch people are made sandwich between BLA and BRA terrorists and Pakistan’s occupying forces.

TURBAT (Mekrna): For people were kidnapped in Turbat, one killed in Pajgur and a girls school was blown up in Gwadar by BLA and BRA terrorists to punish those who are trying to take part in the local bodies election. On the other hand, government forces are also busy in kdnapping, killing and disappearing Baloch youth under the pretext of "defending the territorial integrity" of Pakistan and "maintaining the writ of the government".

Either it is the writ of the Governmnet or is the writ of the Baloch Militants, the ordinary Baloch people have been made sandwich in between and their lives have been made extremely difficult and miserable, under this siege.

Baloch people are made sandwich between BLA and BRA terrorists and Pakistan’s occupying forces.

18000 candidates belonging to Balochistan’s top political parties including Natioanl Party (NP), BNP (Mengal), BNP (Awami) and many independent candidates, drug smugglers, JUI Mullahs and Nawabs and Sardars and their kins, were contesting in these elections, which were held today on Dec 7th, 2013.

Like any elections, these LB polls were seen by drug smugglers, Nawabs and Sradras and their kins as a source of income to rob the Baloch resources and the only way they could have a unchallenged sweeping win if they keep the ordinary Baloch away from taking part in them. Many of their hired paid agents were telling people to boycott the polls using they attractive and popular rhetoric that as "these elections will legitimize the Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Balochistan" (which is not true at all), so the ordinary Baloch people must stay away from them, but on the other hand they themselves and their kins were actively partaking in these elections.

MAP Of Balochistan districts

"What is BLA and BRA doing in Mekran? They are not from Mekran. Why are they operating form there", ask Mula Bux, a resident of Kech, Mekran.

"Wy don’t they go back to their own home towns of Kohlu and Dera Bugti and fight their war from there? Why are they hiding in London and Geneva"’ he said.

"If they sincere with their people, they should return to Balochistan and like Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch be among their own people. If Dr. Allah Nazar can stay and sustain among his people for so many years, why can’t they", he asked.

"We don’t see any shots are being fired in Dera Bugti and Kholu? In fact BLA head supported and provided security to his own brother Mir Changez Marriin the general elections, but they are killing and kidnapping the ordinary Baloch people in Mekran –why?", he asked.

"There is not even a single target in Mekran that can cripple Pakistan economically or militarily. Why are they operating in Mekran? Why Mr. Brhamdagh and Hyrbiyar Marri take their war back to their own hometown and fight it from there? Why don’t they take their war to Lahore, Karachi and Isalamabad? Why are they fighting it from Mekran, unleashing a reign of terror against the people of Mekran, killing and terrorizing them and making their lives more miserable", he said.

BLA and BRA terrorist are taking advantage of high unemployment in Mekran and recruiting very young Baoch youth for Rs. 5000 to 10,000 Rupees ($100-200 Dollars) per month to carry out their dirty war against their own people. Hundreds of Baloch people have been killed by BLA and BRA terrorists in the name of so called "war of independence" by labeling them as "spies" and "agents" to settle their personal scores.

Aslam Baloch, 17, BLA commander…. Why would you hire such a young boy in BLA and then post his Photo on the Facebook to not only expose him but endanger his entire family members. SOURCE: Facebook

"This is crazy and insane. How they can win a war when their are killing and terrorizing their own people", ask Latif Baoch, a teacher.

Both BLA and BRA terror outfits are being run and headed by Nawabs and Saradar and their sons, Hyrbiyar Marri and Brahmadagh Bugti from London and Geneva respectively.

BLA is banned in UK but his head Hyrbiyar Marri has been given asylum.

Terrorist Hyar Biyar Marri and Brahmadagh Bugti

Many international actors and players, including China, Iran and some Arab countries are belived to be fighting their proxy wars inside Balochstan and are secretly funding these terrorists to safeguard their interests. Pakistan have blamed India for fomenting trouble in Balochistan.

"Hyrbiyar Marri is receiving $75,000 and arms from a neighboring country per month for BLA’s terrorist activities", said a reliable source, close to him in London, who wanted to remain anonymous.

"Instead of using these monies against Pakistan, he is buying properties in London and have hired many paid agents to control and contain the Baloch national movement both internally, inside Balochistan, and internationally", he said.

Many of his hired Paid agents including Salam Sabir Pattan, Faiz Baluch, Hafeez Hassan Abadi and Samandar Askani of radio Balochi in Sweden, are busy on the Facebook attacking the true and sincere Baloch leaders including Balochistan’s hero Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.

Most people in Baloch circles believe that BLA is in bed with ISI and most of its actions, be it killing of Baloch leaders like Razziq Bugti, Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, Sher Mohammad and Habib Jalib, Punjabi settlers, barbers and teachers, burning the rotten Jinnah house in Zarat, or kidnapping John Solecki, a U.S citizen and an official of the United Nation’s UNHCR or the kidnapping of six Pakistani custom agents in Jiwani, all have helped ISI and FC to carry out their dirty war against the Baloch people with full impunity. None of these actions have proven to be effective in terms of causing any damage to Pakistan, it’s economy or its military.

"Whoever is funding them, they are contributing to the killings of ordinary Baloch people, because these people (BLA and BRA terrorists) are not fighting against Pakistan but they have turned their guns against the ordinary Baloch people of Mekran and are creating a civil war like situation in Mekran", said Meer Jan Baloch, a Baloch activist in Gwadar.

"This is not a war of Independence but a war of business. They are competing with each other to see who get more money and arms in the name of Baloch freedom", he said.

"We asked all those who are funding the BLA and BRA terrorists activities in Balochistan to stop funding them as they are not helping the Baloch cause but are terrorizing their own people", he said.

"They don’t have a clear cut strategy against the occupying forces except killing their own people and competing with each other over the funding resources, " he said.

Hyrbiyar Marri’s brother Mehran Marri, seeing his brother making good money out of BLA, made his own United Baloch Army (UBA) and started blowing up places with his hired agents. Within the same house each brother has its own militant outfit to compete against the other over the funding resources.

"This tell you how sincere they are with the Baloch people", said Karim Baloch, in Gawadr.

Hair Biyar Marri is wanted for murder of many Baloch people including the top Balochistan’s leader Razziq Bugti and Balochistan’s High Court Judge Justice Nawaz Marri. He was education minister during Gen Zia-ul-Haq time and he recorded the worse corruption in the history of Balochistan.

Many people in Balochistan seems to be fed up with this so called "war of independence" being fought by these Nawabs and Sardars and their kins. It has not only caused the loss of many lives of brilliant top Baloch leaders and educated youths but have caused enormous economic, emotional and psychological damage to the people of Balochistan and mostly of Mekran.

"If these militants continue to kill, kidnap and terrorize their own Baloch people, there will be no one to support their so called "war of Independence" and they might pick up guns to start killing each other. A civil war is the the last thing that Pakistan want to see among Baloch killing themselves", said an observer.

BLA and BRP terrorists are spreading terror in Mekran and killing the ordinary innocent Balochs






TURBAT: The people of Mekran are fed up with BLA and BRA terrorists who are killing the ordinary Baloch every day, labeling them as "agents" and "spies". Many innocent people have been killed by these terrorists recently and BRA has taken credit for these killings on their website and on Facebook.

What are they doing in Mekran is totally wrong, said Barkat Baloch, a shopkeeper in Turbat Bazar.

"They (Brhamdagh Bugti and Hyrbiyar Marri) are not from Mekran. Why don’t they take their war back to their own hometowns Dera Bugti and Kholu, ask Barkat Baloch.

"We are fed of these BRA and BLA terrorists. They have ruined our life and our peace in Mekran. If this is the "War of Independence" to kill innocent people, we have it enough. We don’t want it. They can keep it to themselves", said Barkat Baloch.

"BLA and BRA terrorists leaders have taken advantage of high unemployment among Baloch youth in Mekran, and many jobless Baloch youth have became an easy prey for these terrorists and their recruiters, said Asghar Baloch, a resident of Mand.

"They are paying Rs.5000 rupees ($100) per month to anyone who will go out and kill innocent people for them", said Asghar Baloch.

"Who they think they are? — killing our people? We had it enough and we will not tolerate this anymore. They need to stop this madness, he said.

"If Brahmadagh want to take the revenge his Grandfather’s death, he should take it on Musharraf and take his war back to his own Dera Bugti, and not fight it here in Mekran at the expense and killings of people of Mekran", said Asghar Baloch angrily.

Score of innocent Baloch have been killed by BLA and BRA terrorists in Mekran under the pretext of enemy "agents" and "spies" to settle their own personal scores.

"If they continue to kill our people we will pick up arm and kick them put of Mekran", said Master Allah Bux Baloch.

"We warned BLA and BRA terrorists to stop killing the innocent Baloch of Mekran or else we will take their dirty war back to them where ever they might be hiding in London and Geneva", he shouted in anger.