Shuhada-e-Balochistan — November 13th?? A cheap publicity stunt.


SANA BALOCH– Who are the real stakeholders?

Dear Sana Baloch,

Can you please tell us what was the response of Punjabi PM Mian Nawaz Sharif to your award winning, sugar coated, excellent ass kissing letter???

You wrote, " Balochistan deserves a politically mature and daring solution such as a comprehensive peace agreement with the real stakeholders".

Who are the real stakeholders?? Could you please explain??? Are losers also included as "real" stakeholders too??

Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Sana Baloch are a part of establishment dirty war against Baloch people

Sana Baloch, who used to be very vocal against Pakistan and used to give emotional fiery speeches on Balochistan and on Baloch rights, been numb for past several years over the ongoing and increased Baloch killings, after making a deal with Paki military when FC arrested his two brothers to keep him shut in exchange for his brothers release and taking his name off of the Pakistan Exit Control List (ECL), which was granted. Under the deal, not only his brothers were released, but were given lucrative jobs in Pak military and Sui Gas company and Sana Baloch was given a huge lump sum of 4 million Pak rupees to leave the Country and enjoy his life in exile, where since then he has been busy promoting a "soft" moderate corner for Pakistan. He calls himself as less harmful "moderates" and label the Baloch Sarmachars as harmful "extremists", asking and justifying their killings by FC in one of his article that he wrote in December 12, 2011 in the Daily Times, titled as "Constitutional limits and fundamental rights?". Recently he wrote two articles "the Truth about Balochistan Part I and II, both misleading and distorting and twisting the facts about Bbalochistan to please the Punjabi establishment.

Recently an leaked youtube video of Pakistan Nuclear test, made by Pakistani PTV, surfaced on the web exposing Sana Baloch and his sardar Akhtar Mengal’s complicity with Pakistan’s nuclear tests carried out in Balochistan during Akhtar Mengals’ Cheap Minister ship. Both have claimed repeatedly that they didn’t know about the blasts and were not aware or were taken into confidence by then Punjabi Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In the video bot of them are seen walking with Pakistan’s Prime minister Nawaz Sharif along with AQ Khan and others at the test site shouting Pakistan Zindabad and Nahr-e-Takber–Allah-o-Akber with them.