Straight questions to Sana Baloch

Mr. Sana Sahib,

Keep your threats and vulgar language to yourself. No one is scared of you. We know who you are and where you live. Please rest assured that no one is creating any mistrust or in-fights among Baloch. We are just exposing some thugs and black sheeps like you who are disguised as "Baloch leaders"among us. You think you are immune and you will not be exposed or questioned??? Think again. This what happen, when you conspire against your own people, it comes back to you and hunt you down and now there you have it.

Please answer the following questions honestly and truthfully to clear your record.

  1. Who Killed Habib Jalib, Prof. Saba Dashtiyari and who kidnapped BSO-Azaad Sec Gen Zakir Majeed Baloch?? And Why???
  2. Why Habib Jalib said that you are jealous of him and you want to replace him as BNP Sec Gen before he was killed??
  3. Why you have not visited his grave to offer Faatia till-to-date??
  4. What was you doing at the nuclear test site at Chagai, celebrating with Paki criminals and shouting "Paksiatn Zindabad" and Nahra-e-Takbeer "Allah-o-Akbaer"??
  5. Why your name was removed from Pakistan Exit Control List (ECL) while other Baloch leaders, including Jamil Bugti’s, name still exists??
  6. How much money did you receive from Islamabad to become a "moderate" from being an "extremist"???
  7. Why did you label Baloch Sarmachaars as harmful "extremists", asking and justifying their killings by FC in one of your article that you wrote on December 12, 2011 in the Daily Times, titled as "Constitutional limits and fundamental rights?"
  8. Why are you continually conspiring against Dr. Malik Baloch, the elected Chief Minister of Balochistan, to over throw his government??
  9. Why are you working against the BNM, BSO-Azaad, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch and other Baloch Sarmachaars???

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