BNP is main reason for Baloch Disunity

SARDAR WATCH got this mail from forums in which Dr.Wahid Baloch said in a mail to all that BNP is main reason for Baloch Disunity.

"We had a similar and bigger protest in front of White House and at UN HQ in New York during the 67th session of UN General Assembly, to highlights the plights of Baloch people, but despite our repeated plea and requests to these BNP/BHRC members, none of them came to join. Not only they refuse to join the Baloch protests but shamefully conspired against it and told every one to not go.

When I asked Akram Baloch why he is not coming to our protest, he said, he has been told from their central leadership of BNP (Akhtar Jan Mengal and Sana Baloch) to not join.

It is pathetic that that BNP leaders claims to be Baloch nationalist but then tell their members to not join a Baloch protest aimed to highlight the plights of suffering Baloch people in front of UN and White House.

Many people believe BNP is the main reason of Baloch disunity and cause of fractionating politics (Groohee Siyasat) among Baloch. Even on international stage they want to keep their control and "Political Jamadari" instead of promoting mutual respect, understanding and support among Baloch. This kind of tribal and Sardari mentality can only increase the sufferings of Baloch people and is very deplorable. I hope BNP leaders will revise their this policy and narrow minded mentality which is detrimental to Baloch cause."


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