Straight questions to Sana Baloch

Mr. Sana Sahib,

Keep your threats and vulgar language to yourself. No one is scared of you. We know who you are and where you live. Please rest assured that no one is creating any mistrust or in-fights among Baloch. We are just exposing some thugs and black sheeps like you who are disguised as "Baloch leaders"among us. You think you are immune and you will not be exposed or questioned??? Think again. This what happen, when you conspire against your own people, it comes back to you and hunt you down and now there you have it.

Please answer the following questions honestly and truthfully to clear your record.

  1. Who Killed Habib Jalib, Prof. Saba Dashtiyari and who kidnapped BSO-Azaad Sec Gen Zakir Majeed Baloch?? And Why???
  2. Why Habib Jalib said that you are jealous of him and you want to replace him as BNP Sec Gen before he was killed??
  3. Why you have not visited his grave to offer Faatia till-to-date??
  4. What was you doing at the nuclear test site at Chagai, celebrating with Paki criminals and shouting "Paksiatn Zindabad" and Nahra-e-Takbeer "Allah-o-Akbaer"??
  5. Why your name was removed from Pakistan Exit Control List (ECL) while other Baloch leaders, including Jamil Bugti’s, name still exists??
  6. How much money did you receive from Islamabad to become a "moderate" from being an "extremist"???
  7. Why did you label Baloch Sarmachaars as harmful "extremists", asking and justifying their killings by FC in one of your article that you wrote on December 12, 2011 in the Daily Times, titled as "Constitutional limits and fundamental rights?"
  8. Why are you continually conspiring against Dr. Malik Baloch, the elected Chief Minister of Balochistan, to over throw his government??
  9. Why are you working against the BNM, BSO-Azaad, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch and other Baloch Sarmachaars???

BNP is main reason for Baloch Disunity

SARDAR WATCH got this mail from forums in which Dr.Wahid Baloch said in a mail to all that BNP is main reason for Baloch Disunity.

"We had a similar and bigger protest in front of White House and at UN HQ in New York during the 67th session of UN General Assembly, to highlights the plights of Baloch people, but despite our repeated plea and requests to these BNP/BHRC members, none of them came to join. Not only they refuse to join the Baloch protests but shamefully conspired against it and told every one to not go.

When I asked Akram Baloch why he is not coming to our protest, he said, he has been told from their central leadership of BNP (Akhtar Jan Mengal and Sana Baloch) to not join.

It is pathetic that that BNP leaders claims to be Baloch nationalist but then tell their members to not join a Baloch protest aimed to highlight the plights of suffering Baloch people in front of UN and White House.

Many people believe BNP is the main reason of Baloch disunity and cause of fractionating politics (Groohee Siyasat) among Baloch. Even on international stage they want to keep their control and "Political Jamadari" instead of promoting mutual respect, understanding and support among Baloch. This kind of tribal and Sardari mentality can only increase the sufferings of Baloch people and is very deplorable. I hope BNP leaders will revise their this policy and narrow minded mentality which is detrimental to Baloch cause."




WASHNGTON DC: A so called protest ended up in a total disaster and a failure when only 4 person, Akram Baloch, his “close” friend Lori Dreamer, Abdullah Baloch and Zahed Baloch, came from Philadelphia for a photo show in front of White house, which they called it a “protest”.   

There were no speeches or any slogans shouted. Only 5 small banners with vague and unreadable slogans were used in the photo show. One banner, which didn’t make any sense, read, “Mr. Nawaz Sahrif: Is Baloch friends or Foe?” 

“This was the dumbest question one would ask a Punjabi Prime Minister,” said Aslam Baloch.  

“It was a total fiasco, said a Baloch activist in Washington, DC. 

“I have never seen 4 – 5 person’s protest in front of White House before. This was very humiliating”, Aslam exploded in laugh.

“What was the purpose of this “photo show” other than to seek cheap publicity and score some political points.” he said.

The protest was initially organized by Nazir Bahtti of Pakistan Christian Post, of Philadelphia, over the killings of Christians in Pakistan but he canceled it at the last minute because of being unable to get the permit on time. All the public rallies and protest requires a permit from the police department. 

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Akarm Baloch of Philadelphia and his “close” friend Lori Dreamer took the stage to hijack Nazir Bahtti’s idea and went on with the protest, thinking many Christians will show up and they will use this opportunity to their advantage and personal vendetta, but their hopes ended up with total shock and embarrassing disappointment when they saw no one showed up except them alone. 

Disgracefully, after waiting for an hour, they stood in front of White House, on the side walk, behind passing visitors, to get their pictures taken with the Banners for the photo show. 


One of the protester in the photos, believed to be Akram Baloch, was wearing a hood on his head to hide his identity, so that he can go back to Pakistan and re-run for the next elections. Akram Baloch, who visits his home town Kharan every year to see his wife and children, took part in the Paki elections from Kharan in 2008 but was badly defeated.

Talking to someone, who’s face was not shown, Akram Baloch, a BNP hard core activists, lashed out his anger and frustration on Dr. Malik Baloch, the newly elected Chief Minister of Balochistan, blaming him alone for all the ills in Balochistan, sparing agnecies and corrupt Nawabs and Sardars.

 Lori Deamer with Ahmar Mustikhan, having a good time. 

His “close” friend Lori Deamer, who used to work for Ahmar Mustikhan and his American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) left him and his AFB and joined BHRC, a Canadian based opportunist group, created and funded by BNP’s godfather Taj Gichki, a Dubai based drug dealer, to counter the Baloch struggle in North America.  

BHRC President Zafar Murkey aka Zafar Whisky, a heavy drinker and smoker, had been widely criticized for his role in honor killing of a Baloch girl, who was murdered by his extremist husband and Zafar whisky and his close friend Imtiaz Baloch tried to hush up the crime calling it a personal matter and Balochi tradition to cover it up.

An Iranian opportunist thug, Mohammad Hussain Borr, a die hard Jundullah supporter, and his close friend Hakim Baloch, also came to join the “photo show”.  

Hakim Baloch, a well known opportunist Iranian thug, who is aka as the “grant hunter guy”, is running many NGO type of non-profit organizations, including Pen foundation, Center for International Study and development, (nomadic tribal  and indigenous people),  Child Advocacy, Teachers without Boundaries, and Building Bridges. Many Iranian Baloch blame him for collecting funds and grants in the name of Baloch people and putting it in his pocket without sharing it with them. 

Mr. Hussein Borr was wide criticized by Baloch people world wide over his ugly remarksagainst the Baloch freedom fighters at the hearing on Balochistan, where he called the Baloch freedom Fighters and their struggle for freedom “a great threat to the regional peace and security” and ask for it’s countering and containment.

Jundullah is a listed as a terrorist organization by the State Dept. 

“Both, M Hossein Borr and G R Hossein Borr, continue to have close friendly, trade and professional relations with Pakistan and frequently visit that country. Both along with some other Iranian Balochs are known for their support for the Jundullah. Both are propagandists for Islamabad. Both have a record of betraying the Baloch cause for personal gain & fame”wrote Dr. Malek Towghi, PhD, a prominent Baloch scholar and Liaison of Baloch Human Rights International, in East Lansing, Michigan, USA.   

Malik Siraj, a bias so called Baloch journalist, reported on his so-called Balochhal website that it was the “largest” Baloch protest ever in front of white house, exaggerating the numbers to mislead and distort the facts. In fact it was the smallest ever protest in front of White house, with only 6 person total. 

Malik Siraj Ahmed

Mr. Malik Siraj, who call himself a Baloch but in fact is a Punjabi settler, who attacked and insulted HH Khan Kalat at the Berlin Conference, after he called him a Punjabi. An irritated angry Malik told every one that Khan Kalat doesn’t know how to speak and use power point in an international conference and that he, Mr. Malik Siraj, a rising Star from Mekran, is better than Khan and that Khan Kalat must show some respect for him. 

HH Khan Kalat

Malik Siraj is a pro-Paki journalist. Many people believe that he used Balochistan’s name to took political asylum in the US by falsely claiming that his life would be in danger if he returns back to Pakistan but he has been doing a great service to Pakistan though his website Balochhal and his written articles by promoting misleading and confusing articles about Balochistan on his website to distort the facts. Most of the news articles he writes and post on his balochahl website are from Pakistani Urdu News papers of Paki media, projecting the Pakistan’s point of views.  

“He must got a bone from Akram Baloch and Mr. Hussain Borr that’s why he is barking so loudly for them'”said Aslam Baloch, a Baloch activist from London.  

“Paki journalist, Paki Police and Paki hookers, all have one thing in common. They are all “FOR SALE” and work for money. if you throw a bone at them they will bark for you all day long”, said Aslam Baloch. 

Many people believe that Malik Siraj Ahmed lied in his asylum application to the US authorities in seeking political asylum and his case must be investigated by the FBI as he might have cheated the US laws for political benefits, and if found guilty, he must be deported back to Pakistan, as his life is not and never been in danger in Pakistan. In fact he came to US with the help of Pakistani officials on a scholarship program and he has been close in-touch with Pakistani embassy in Washington D.C. He is a close friend of Pakistan’s ex-ambassador Husaain Haqqani and had dinner with him several times when he was ambassador. Malik got caught for texting and praising him on tweeter

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