Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan who signed on the death warrant of Balochs

Mr. Munshi Sarjov Sahib,

Actually, it was not Dr. Malik who signed on the death warrant of Baloch nation but was Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan who signed on the death warrant of Balochs by signing the so calleddocument of Accession with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, bypassing the popular Baloch mandate and betraying the Baloch Nation.  
Why don’t you bring that one up? Are you being an hypocrite and closing your eyes on that fearing that Khan Kalat will fire you from your job as a Munshi? 
Don’t be selective and an hypocrite. Don’t hide the facts. Take a bold stand and tell the truth. >>
Why don’t you bark against Nawabs and Saradars, like Sanaullah Zehri, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Nawab Changez Marri ???. They all also took part in the elections too. 
Why only attacking Dr. Malik? Just because he is a middle class Baloch leader ?? 
We know you the “GANG OF FOUR”  conspirators are conspiring against the Baloch Nation to sell the Baloch land and Gwadar port, but God willing, you all will fail. 
      “The Gang of FOUR”
Why don’t you tell us about your own brother who recently ran for the elections in Iran and is now a member of the Iranian parliament, and who kisses Iranian Mullahs balls everyday? 
Why don’t you tell us that you are a secret agent of Iran and working for the Iranian Mullahs. 
You are exposed Mr. Sarjov. 

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