Moron Baloch’s stupid statement

“no body in Balochistan wants to live in Pakistan”. — Mehran Baloch

Mr.Moron Baloch ,But your own father and brother are living there in luxury with full security. Who are you trying to fool?

Dear Mr. Mehran Moron,

Please send this joke to your father and brother Mir Changez Khan Marri and ask you father to stop hiding and cockfighting in Karachi (Pokitsan), and go live with his own Marri people in Kohlu, Balochistan. Also, tell your brother Mir Changez Khan Marri to quit Punjabi PM Nawaz Saharif’s party, and you Mr. Moron, by yourself, stop running around in Geneva with your Russian girl friend, passing gases in Europe to fool none but yourself. No one is going to buy these BS anymore. You might be able to fool some xyz to throw some bones at you, but you, your father and your brothers can not fool the Baloch people anymore with such fancy outdated slogans. Why don’t you go and fight your own so called “War of Independence (War of Business)” for yourself? Why get killed the ordinary Balochs??


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