Hair Biyar Marri’s hired paid agents Ali Ahmed Baloch, Salam Sabir Pattan and others are busy on Facebook 24/7 attacking Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Hair Biyar Marri’s hired paid agents Ali Ahmed Baloch, Salam Sabir Pattan and others are busy on Facebook 24/7 attacking Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch (See the attached photos).


They are calling him a drug dealer, a smuggler and a close associate of ISI agents Shafiq Mengal and Mullah Barkat Mohammad Hasni, both are running death squads with the help of ISI and FC against the Baloch youths.

Now how the hell, Dr. Allah Nazar, who is the only one fighting and leading the Baloch war of independence on the ground zero would be friends with ISI and FC agents while Mr. Hair Biyar Marri sahib, who hides and rides in his luxury £ 200,000 bentley car in London and still can shout for freedom??

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This is unimaginable and unbelievable.

Thank you Mr. Hair Biyar Marri Sahib. Good Job. Keep up the good work.

Mr. Hairy Biyary, You are exposed again.

In fact, all these Nawabs, Sardars and their sons are same. They have just been given different task and agenda to fool people. At the end of the day they are all same.

Death to all Nawabs and Sardars.
Long live Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.
Long live Baloch struggle for freedom.
Long Live Balochistan.


Cabinet Mission and Balochistan


Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan who signed on the death warrant of Balochs

Mr. Munshi Sarjov Sahib,

Actually, it was not Dr. Malik who signed on the death warrant of Baloch nation but was Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan who signed on the death warrant of Balochs by signing the so calleddocument of Accession with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, bypassing the popular Baloch mandate and betraying the Baloch Nation.  
Why don’t you bring that one up? Are you being an hypocrite and closing your eyes on that fearing that Khan Kalat will fire you from your job as a Munshi? 
Don’t be selective and an hypocrite. Don’t hide the facts. Take a bold stand and tell the truth. >>
Why don’t you bark against Nawabs and Saradars, like Sanaullah Zehri, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Nawab Changez Marri ???. They all also took part in the elections too. 
Why only attacking Dr. Malik? Just because he is a middle class Baloch leader ?? 
We know you the “GANG OF FOUR”  conspirators are conspiring against the Baloch Nation to sell the Baloch land and Gwadar port, but God willing, you all will fail. 
      “The Gang of FOUR”
Why don’t you tell us about your own brother who recently ran for the elections in Iran and is now a member of the Iranian parliament, and who kisses Iranian Mullahs balls everyday? 
Why don’t you tell us that you are a secret agent of Iran and working for the Iranian Mullahs. 
You are exposed Mr. Sarjov. 

Death Thrteat to Dr.Malik from Khan Kalat’s office

They say in Balochi, “Kuchak waqqant wa Karwaan Watee Rahaa Roth“(Dogs barks and the Karawaan move forward). Obviously, you got Khan Kalat’s blessing to bark, So, Mr. Munshi Sarjov bark and fart as much as you can. No one will stop you form barking and farting. 

“Bonk Kuttay kay theray Bonknay key Din hain”.

— On Sun, 7/7/13, mehrab D. <> wrote:

From: mehrab D. <>
Subject: [balochi_culture] Dr malik signed the Baluch Nation death certificate in china.
To: “” <>
Date: Sunday, July 7, 2013, 6:28 AM


Since I wrote this comment some times has passed. As we have envisaged Dr Malik on behalf of NP went along with his Boss Punjabi prime minister to sign the Baluch Nation death certificate in china.

Gawader port city going to be Chinese’s modern epoch colony. One thing is certain if Punjab- Chinese design for Gwadar go ahead according to their plan that would be the beginning to the end of Baluch as a nation.

Gwadar going to be developed by china owned by Chinese, Punjabi and Pakhtun, there will be a lot of jobs and opportunities but in developed Gwadar there will be no Baluch including Dr malik voters. They will be killed and pushed into hole the Chinese created in the desert part of Baluchistan where Chinese companies now looting Baluchistan mineral resources.


Road to Kashgar: Pak-China project 


Dr Malik and Bezanjo heads of criminal in Baluchistan are good for nothing. The Baluch masses have rejected the elections. The Baluch choice was no to Pakistan. The Baluch have rejected BNP leaderships by staying away from polling station on polling day and also rejected NP.


The fact is that Dr Malik is appointed the chief minister by the Punjabi prime minister supported by Pathaan, his appointment to the job nothing to do with the Baluch nation. The Dr Malik a salve mentality is worse than any tribal chief, according to his statement in Lahore yesterday I do not think he understand what Baluch honour is!

 He was appointed by Punjab to divide the Baluch into class and regional only salve mantlity with no sense of belong can be partner in crime against the Baluch Nation; I tell you this NP criminal Mafia can do the Punjab dirty work in Baluchistan.


There is no glimpse of hope or anything it is the dead and annihilation of Baluch Nation. NP will be the instrumental to the Baluch genocide. The NP founder was rejected by the Baluch masses in election and he died in London. The cause of dead was (Dil Track). The people of Baluchistan had rejected NP and Bezanjo knew that.


M. Sarjov



Mr. Munshi Sarjov you wrote; “one should wait for 6 months or may be a year will see Dr Malik body flowing down stream toward the Makoran see”. 

This is a terrorist threat against Dr. Malik Baloch that constitute a felony. The Britsih Government must arrest and questions Munshi Mehrab Sarjov and find out the motives behind this threat. 


 From: mehrab D. <>
Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 10:01 AM
Subject: RE: [balochi_culture] FW: Article on new CM of balochistan and Sardars
To: “” <>

It is day of rejoice for Pro-Iranian and pro-Pakistan Baluch against the pro-independent Baluch. The fact is that majorities of the Sardars are supporting Pakistan and Iran and they are recipient of grants from the central governments. The Sardars in the Baluchistan parliament made it possible for Dr Malik to be chief minister of Baluchistan on request of Punjabi prime minister. 
Punjabi prime minister has imposed so called Makorani commoner to be chief executive of Baluchistan. Dr Malik lack parliamentary majority and he has lost the support of Baluch masses to govern he is destined to fail.  It is pointless to say by how many votes each and every one has been elected. Dr mailk (commoner) simply has not get the democratic mandate to govern.
The Sardars have given the post to Dr Malik. The pro-Pakistan sardars have majority in the Baluchistan parliament. Dr Malik has promised something to Punjabi prime minister that he cannot deliver.
 No sardar or other need to challenge him. It is simple Dr Malik cannot stop kill and dump and cannot stop Punjabi and Pathaan encroachment into Baluchistan and Baluch nation will boot him out of office.
The pro-independent Baluch forces have rejected Pakistan-(Iran) and their appointed slave mentality chief minister and their well-wishers.
 one should wait for 6 months or may be a year will see Dr Malik body flowing down stream toward the Makoran see.
M. Sarjov


Partition of India and Balochistan




Here is how they are running their “well planned”  businesses .

            1. KB (the father) CEO of the KB & Son’s Co. I’ll call the shots of freedom from my Luxury house in Defense, Karachi to incite the ordinary poor “emotional” Baloch youths and get them arrested, kidnapped and killed and at the same time I’ll enjoy my cockfighting over my Biryani plate.
            2. Mr Mehran aka Moron:  Son you occupy the UN, self proclaim and declare yourself as the “Baloch representative” at UNHRC and bark there to fool the ordinary Baloch.
            3. Mir Gazzin Marri: Son you sit in Dubai, run the family business in partnership with Zardari and Rehman Malik and collaborate with them. Also collect fund from hardworking ordinary poor Baloch of UAE in the name of Azadee for BLA (Terrorists).
            4. Mir Hairy Biyar Marri: Son you are the king of statement. You sit in London, issue fiery statement and run our chain of restaurant business. Since you a nalaik son and you failed the metric exam, give some bucks to Bugga Peter Tachell, the prominent London gay, to write your statements and the charter of freedom and hire Faiz Baluch, a homeless refugee,  to polish your shoes, kiss your A%%, cook and clean and do your dirty laundry for exchange of free room and board in London. 
           5. Mir Hamza Marri: Son you sit in Poland and  run the rental apartment complex there. 
              6. Mir Changez Jan Marri: You join the Pakistan Muslim League (N), and eye on to become the next Cheap Minister of Balochistan. You also stay in-touch with FC core commander. 
              7. BLA  (Militant Wing): Your job is to hire poor jobless Baloch in the name of Azadee for Rs. 5000 per month to eliminate the Ordinary Middle Class Baloch leadership calling them “traitors” and kill Punjabi barbers and teachers to help ISI label Baloch people as “terrorists” and kidnap UN and American Red Cross worker and Hindu business men for huge ransom and extortion money and torch NATO trucks to rob them.

 Koonkodoon Koon ! Business is booming. !!!
       1. Sardar Attaullah Mengal (the father): Sold the Wadh Baloch fort to FC for Rs.120 million, now relaxing in Karachi and enjoying luxury life. Baloch Qome kaddey main Jahey. 
           2. Sardar Akhtar Mengal: Son you go sit in Dubai. When time is right then you come back and run for the elections and try to become the next Cheap Minister and help Pakistan to do another nuclear test on Baloch soil to kill more Balochs and make them homeless, and let them suffer with the aftermath of radioactivity with spread of diseases and other environmental effects.
           3. Javed Mengal: Son you sit in London and run the family business and issue a fiery statement on behalf of “Lashker Balochistan” militant outfit once in a while to Bark for Azadee contrary to your brother Akhat Jan Mengal, who will shout Pakistan Zindabad so that he can partake in election. (one son pro-Pakistan and other son and the grand son against Pakistan to fool Baloch people)
           4. Noordin Toordin Mengal aka Katoo:  You bark with your uncle Mehran (Moron) in Geneva and run around with him on Geneva street, sell shoes and rolex watches with your uncle and get ready for the future to be the family political hier of Sardar Mengal’s political dynasty. After all we all are a part of “Qabza group” and we all think politics is our family business and no one should do it but us. 
           5. Lashkar Balochistan (Miltant Wing): Run by Javed Mengal and his hired agents like Mr. Mohyouddin Mengal of BSO (M) to terrorize and kill opponents, involve in Karachi Bus bombing and Lahore passenger train bombing, kidnapping score of BSO-Azad members and leaders including Zakir Majeed Baloch Senior Vice Chairman of BSO-Azad, Dr. Din Mohd Baloch of BNM and Jalil Reki of BRP and is involved in Killing Habib Jalib on behalf of his brother Akhatr Mengal.
         1. Khan Kalat Suleman Daud Ahmadzai: sold a piece of priceless diamond-studded Baloch crown and a centuries old carpet of Kalat palace, that belonged to Baloch National heritage, to millions dollars in Dubai and bought himself a nice home in Cardiff, U.K for cash, instead of using money to take Balochistan’s case to the ICJ as he was supposed to do so.

His grandfather Mir Ahmad Yar Khan sold Balochistan to Pokistan and weighed Qaid Azum Mohamad Ali Jinnah and his sister into Golds and Silvers and give it to them as gift where the ordinary Baloch slept in hunger with empty stomach. 

He also sold Quetta district and adjoining territories to the British government in 1883 for an annual grant of Rs. 25000 and Gwadar to Taimur Sultan of Oman in 1783. None of the money received from these proceeds were used for the welfare of ordinary Baloch people or built any road, Hospital or any School for ordinary Baloch, but was pocketed and used to build luxury palaces for themselves.


 Khan Kalat angered Balochs all over the world when he appointed a die hard Jundullah supporter M. Borr to testify at the Dana Rohrabacher’s hearing on Balochistan. Jundullah is listed as terrorist organization by the State Dept.  The appointment of Mr. Borr was a big blunder as it put a big question mark on the credibility of the hearing. Christine Fair, one of the witness at the hearing, who called the hearing a political stunt, later wrote, I don’t understand why they brought in an Iranian Baloch to testify for Pakistani Balochistan. His remarks were particularly irrelevant.

Khan Kalat, who lacks political support among Baloch Diaspora and back home inside Balochistan, is desperately seeking the help of Jundullah and BLA terrorists to establish his Islamic Khanate or Kingdom in Balochistan. He wants to be called “his highness” or Amīr al-Mu’minīn, as he is very religious. His close family members, including his brothers, are members of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a pro-Taliban and Pro- Al-qaida religious extremist party in Pakistan. His son Mohamad Ahmadzai was seen sitting on the lap of Pakistani military core commander waving Paki flag and celebrating Pakistan’s day with him. Many people believe Khan Kalat is playing double games.

             2. Mohammad Ahmadzai (the Son): His Father barks for freedom, son hoist Paki flag and sits in FC IG’s lap.
             3. Brother JUI members and Taliban-Alqaida supporters: Organized Islam zindabad conference, in Kalat. Balochistan.
             4. Grandfather, Mir Ahmaed Yar Khan, sold Balochistan to Pakistan. A “close” friend of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah — who was an alcoholic Gay, never married and who ate pork. Mir Ahmed Yar Khan spent lot of “quality time” with Jinnah and his sister at their house in Karachi. Many people believe Khan Kalat had extramarital affair with Jinnah’s sister and that’s why Khan weighed them both in Gold and silver and gave it to them as a gift.

4. Nawab Raisani and Son’s Co.
         1. Nawab Aslam Raisani: The father. (the ex-Cheap minister of Balochistan). He told Baloch people “Bamboo Karoonga” (I’ll put a rod in your rear), to please FC and protect his job.He holds a fake degree and when asked he said, Degree Degree hotaa hey, Chaey aslee ho ya Naklee”  (Degree is Degree, whether fake or real, it doesn’t matter) 
         2. Mir Siraj Khan Raisani: Younger Brother Aslam Raisani,  Chairman of Balochistan muttahida Mahaz, an armed ISI proxy group have declared war against baloch students of BSO-Azad and BNM worker along with BLA, Lashkar Balochistan to eliminate middle class Baloch leadership.
5. Nawab Magsi: he is married his aunt…. to be cont’d….
6. Nawab Akbar Bugti: 
He made people walk on brning coals, a pro-Paki person, close friend and supporter of Jinnah, join Bhutto to partake in Baloch killing in 70′ as governor of Balochistan, collected Rs. 8 millions gas royalty from Pakistan per year, created private militia,  killed and expelled thousands Kalper Balochs to avenge his son killing. When Paki betrayed him at the end, all of sudden he became a freedom fighter. 
             2. Brahamdagh Bugti: never heard of, never shouted and was crowned as heair of Bugti. live in Geneva, Switzerland, bought a dog for 50, 000 Euro, shouts for Azadee.
             3. Aali Bugti: A pro-paki, crowned by Pak army as the Bugti tribal head. 
             4. Talal Bugti : You run the JWP for the Bugti family along son Shazain Bugti
             5. Shazin Bugti. like father like son.     “
             6. BRA (the militant wing) killing innocent bus passengers, blowing up gas pipline, and killing abducting, oponents Bugtis.
7. Sardar Zehri: The ever green ISI agent and establishment man. His seat is confirmed no matter what. He killed his own brother Rasool Bux Zehri. more to come.
8. Jamot company:  Jam Buda budnaam.. Ever green King of Lasbela. Permanent ISI agent and establishment man, seat confirmed no matter what.  
           More to come….!!!

Moron Baloch’s stupid statement

“no body in Balochistan wants to live in Pakistan”. — Mehran Baloch

Mr.Moron Baloch ,But your own father and brother are living there in luxury with full security. Who are you trying to fool?

Dear Mr. Mehran Moron,

Please send this joke to your father and brother Mir Changez Khan Marri and ask you father to stop hiding and cockfighting in Karachi (Pokitsan), and go live with his own Marri people in Kohlu, Balochistan. Also, tell your brother Mir Changez Khan Marri to quit Punjabi PM Nawaz Saharif’s party, and you Mr. Moron, by yourself, stop running around in Geneva with your Russian girl friend, passing gases in Europe to fool none but yourself. No one is going to buy these BS anymore. You might be able to fool some xyz to throw some bones at you, but you, your father and your brothers can not fool the Baloch people anymore with such fancy outdated slogans. Why don’t you go and fight your own so called “War of Independence (War of Business)” for yourself? Why get killed the ordinary Balochs??