BLA is a proxy of ISI and FC. BLA’s head, Mr. Hair Biyar Marri, is hiding in London

Yes sir, we FULLY agree that the BLA must be crushed but not the ordinary Baloch people. Let me ask you this, why Pakistan is hesitant to take action against BLA head and it’s godfather? Because, BLA is a proxy of your ISI and FC. BLA’s head, Mr. Hair Biyar Marri, is hiding in London and when he got arrested in London on terrorism charges — guess who provided him legal help? — Yes Sir, it was your Pakistani high commissioner in UK and Mr. Imran Khan. — And where is BLA Godfather, Nawab Khair Bux Marri, hiding? — Yes sir, in Karachi, right in the midst of ISI and MI, in the defense area, enjoying cockfighting. — And, Who is Changez Marri? YES SIR, he is the brother of BLA head and HE IS IN PM NAWAZ SHARIF’s MUSLIM LEAGUE PARTY, and an MPA of Balochistan assembly. — And sir, you want to know how he got elected and became an MPA? Yes Sir, with the help of your ISI, MI and FC. So tell you Pime minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif to kick BLA’s brother, Mir Changez Marri, from his party, arrest BLA Godfather, Nawab Khair Bux Marri, from Karachi and hang him in Public on Liyari Choke for inciting ordinary baloch to get them killed by your FC, and ask British and UAE Governments to extradite the BLA head, Mr. Hair Biyar Marri and his brothers Mehran Marri and Gazzin Marri for their anti-Pakistan’s activities.

Sir, I bet you, you will not ask your PM to do so and even if you do, he will not take any action against them head, because BLA is a proxy of their own, but they will use this Ziarat balst as a pretext to round up and kill more ordinary Balochs. The motive behind the Ziarat blast and Quetta terrorist attack, and their timing,are clearly related with Dr. Malik Baloch’s meeting with FC IG and then visiting the "Baloch missing person’s" protest camp in Quetta. Soon, after his meeting with FC IG and telling him to stop the Baloch killings and disappearances in Balochistan and his visiting to the Baloch missing person’s protest camp, the FC and ISI turned Balochistan upside down, attacked Ziarat House, and blasted several bombs in Quetta, killing scores of innocent women and children, to send Dr. Malik a message to stay away from challenging the FC and it’s unconstitutional parallel Government in Balochistan. FC IG think they are above the law and can not and must not be touched or challenged in any way for whatever they do.

Sir, As long as FC, ISI and the civil and military establishment and greedy corrupt Nawabs and Sardars continue to maintain their power and parallel Government in Balochistan and disobey the elected government , the situation will not change on the ground but will get worse and Dr. Malik and his Government will not be able to deliver. In order for Dr. Malik to deliver, restore the trust and confidence of the Baloch people in Pakistan’s institutions, Dr. Malik must be allowed to fully exercise his powers freely without any meddling by FC, ISI, Nawabs and Sardars and the establishment. This is the only way forward that can lead to peace and security in Balochistan.

Sir, We know, like Lashker Jangavi, BLA is an ISI funded outfit. They do exactly what FC,ISI and establishment tell them to do. None of the BLA’s actions have benefitted or helped the Baloch people or the Baloch cause. BLA actions have only helped Pakistan’s FC and ISI to get more Balochs "KILLED AND DUMPED" by your FC and ISI. Hundreds Baloch have been killed extrajudicially and thousands ordinary Baloch have been made disappeared by your FC and ISI due to the collaboration of BLA head and its godfather with FC and ISI. BLA is a great asset to ISI. That’s why BLA head and it’s godfather enjoy full immunity while the ordinary poor Baloch are being picked up by your ISI and FC on daily bases or pretext of "defending the territorial integrity of Pakistan" to maintain their unconstitutional parallel government in Balochistan.

Sir, Ordinary poor Baloch people are sick and tired of this so called "war of Independence" that has been imposed upon them by your FC, ISI and establishment with the help and collaboration of greedy corrupt Baloch Nawabs and Sardars and their proxies death squads, backed by FC and IS, to eliminate the ordinary Balochs and maintain their illegal unconstitutional control and power over balochistan.

Sir, this so called "war of Independence" that has been imposed upon Baloch people by your FC, ISI and establishment, with the help and collaboration of these greedy corrupt Nawabs and Sardars, must end NOW. Baloch people must be FREE from the shackle of these Nawabs and Sardars and their proxy death squads and they must be FREE from being held hostage by terrorist BLA and it’s fugitive leaders. Baloch must be given a chance to breath freely.

Thank you.


Baloch, Quetta, Balochistan

VIEW : Painful messages from Balochistan — Naeem Tahir

When groups pick up arms, kill human beings, challenge the writ of the nation and its government, then all security agencies are to be supported for a war for the elimination of such elements

The messages were differently shocking. We read of blasts and terror attacks on a daily basis. The morbid routine has created a sort of numbness and insensitivity to the senseless killings every day. But the two incidents in one day in Balochistan, earlier this week, cannot be ignored and they call for action.

Most shocking to me in concept was the destruction of Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s last abode in Ziarat. Why destroy a revered part of historical significance? Does the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) believe that by doing so they have ‘liberated’ Balochistan? By burning a graceful, classical building and priceless artifacts and memorabilia, have the separatists earned any respect? The answer to both these questions is a clear no. Then what was the purpose of this abominable act? Obviously, the message is to make a statement that they the BLA cannot tolerate a symbol of Pakistan on the soil of the province they have set out to ‘liberate’. What is Hairbayar Marri setting himself to achieve? The BLA has by this act only earned the hate of millions. They have damaged their own cause. The BLA is said to have a total of 500 recruits. If they want to wage a war against Pakistan the result is written on the wall.

If Mr Nisar Ali Khan, the new Minister of Interior, wants to do more than a display of histrionics then he must confront the challenge courageously. I hope he has ideas but let me share a few suggestions.

The Interior Minister must take in hand the restoration of the Ziarat monument immediately. I want to clarify that I am asking for ‘restoration’ not renovation. Restoration requires special expertise, research, and full financial support of government as well as its archeology department. Restoration to the original condition has been done in other places. Particularly in the UK, monuments destroyed by accident or malicious intent have been restored to the original with success. It can be done here also if there is a ‘will’. I would like to hope that a ‘Muslim League’, of whatever faction, owes it to the Quaid-e-Azam. This is the action necessary for the physical renaissance of the monument. But there should be a moral statement as well. The Interior Minister and the Pakistan government should provide iron-clad security to the monument as well as the people living in the city of Ziarat. It is also Jinnah’s city. It should be made a model of good living and lawfulness. The city should require all residents to hoist the Pakistan flag prominently at their houses. All public places should fly the Pakistan flag and display Quaid’s portraits. There should be absolute security provisions and special tourism arrangements. It is a holiday resort and should become Pakistan’s most popular and safe resort. Its development should be symbolic. The BLA burnt one flag, there should be thousands of flags all over Ziarat. The BLA burnt the physical residency; let us develop the city Ziarat in a way that the Quaid may reside in every heart.

The other painful message was physical brutality. It came from the killings of girl students in Quetta in a bus, and the killing of several others in the hospital, including government officials. This time the suicide bomber in the bus was a female. The terrorists had prepared fully and taken positions in the hospital to complete their criminal assignment. The responsibility for this mass murder was taken by the notorious Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), to its eternal shame. LeJ is a banned organisation that specialises in targeting the Shia Muslims. I often wonder what government means by ‘ban’. Is it just file work that they complete? Is something to be done to eliminate the banned elements? When groups pick up arms, kill human beings, challenge the writ of the nation and its government, then all security agencies, including the armed forces and paramilitary set-ups are to be supported for a war for the elimination of such elements. No compromise. Sri Lanka has done it, Britain has done it, Russia has done it. There has to be no tolerance, repeat, no tolerance of such elements. In any case, government and its representative interior ministry will act as the most timid creatures if they fail in their responsibility to protect the people and fall shy of giving hundred percent support to the law-enforcing arms of government. The interior minister promptly responded by visiting Quetta and fixing the responsibility on the law-enforcing agencies but the situation needs more than rhetoric. Politicians’ idea of ‘negotiations’ in this case has little value.

The bullets can only be negotiated with bullets Mr Prime Minister. So stand up and do what is needed at the moment.

The writer is the former CEO Pakistan National Council of the Arts; Chairman Fruit processing Industries; Chairman UNESCO Theatre Institute Pakistan; COO ‘ICTV’ USA, and currently, Senior Vice President APML (Central). He can be reached at naeemtahir37


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