Khan Kalat Munshi (aide) insult and attack Dr. Malik Baloch but num on Khan Kalat’s son joining the FC core commander.

Khan Kalat Munshi (aide) insult and attack Dr. Malik Baloch but num on Khan Kalat’s son joining the FC core commander.

LONDON: An Iranian opportunistic Parasite and an Ex-SAVAK agent, Mehrab Sarjov, baesd in London, who sits and bark against the Baloch nationalist leaders in Yahoo Balochiculture group to spew his venomous extremist ideas and send his terrorist threats to Baloch leaders, is barking again. This time he is upset and his stomach, full of gases, likely to explode in rage, is crawling in pain, because a commoner of Mekran defeated the greedy Nawabs and Sardars in Balochistan to change the course of history in Balochstan.

"This is not an easy Swallow for these Nawabs and Sardars and their hired agents, Chamchas and Munshis", said Aslam Baloch, an activist in London.

" He is a barking dog, trying to get some attention", said Aslam Baloch. "Why is he num and doesn’t bark against his own boss Khan Kalat who’s son was sitting in FC core commander’s lap and was shouting Pakistan Zindabad?"

Khan Kalat hired him as Munshi (personal clerk) to walk his dog and carry his suitcase for him when he travels. Sarjov’s wife, once threatened to divorce him for spending too much time with the Khan.

"Khan Kalat should fire him for his abusive behavior and misconduct. If not we will consider Khan Kalat complicit and responsible for his venomous attack against the Baloch leaders", said Qadir Baloch, a NP member from Turbat.

"Dr. Malik is a respectable man of integrity and he deserve respect. He made the history by defeating greedy abusive Naweabs and Sardars of Balochistan. Khan Kalat’s Munshi can bark all he want but he can not change the course of history. No one os going to pay any attention to his barking and he can go to hell now", said Qadir Baloch.


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