Conspirators group (Sazishi Toola) have intensified their conspiracy against Dr. Malik Baloch

By Baloch Against Nawabs and Sardars

Islamabad: The conspirator group, which consist Nawabs, Sardars and their sons and relatives, including Sardar Ahktar Menage and his close "Chokra" Sanaullah Baloch have intensified their conspiracy against Dr. Malik and its Government. Seems like they having a hard time to accept and swallow Dr. Malik, a middle class Baloch leader of Mekran, as being the Chief Minister of Balochistan, and that’s why they are outrageously outrage and are sleepless. It is Choking them all in the throat. That’s why, Sana Baloch, Akhtar Mengal’s Close "Chokra" went to Islamabad the other day, shedding crocodile tears for Baloch missing persons, told PM Nawaz sharif to dump Dr. Malik and chose his looser boss Akhatar Mengala dn him, as he will do a better job than Dr. Malik.

Sana Baloch is the close relative and first cousin of Sweeden Based thug Hassan hafeez Abadai (Barbadee).

On the other hand, KB’s hired paid agents in BSO-Azaad, including Mama Qadir, Banook Karima, Bashir Zaib Dallah and others, are busy ridiculing and attacking Dr. Malik alone, using all their energies, but are num to attack Sardar Sanullah Zehri, Changez Marri, Ihsaan Shah, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his looser "Chokra" Sana Baloch for taking part in the elections too. All of them also took part in elections but they are attacking only Dr. Malik –why? Obviously this is not a "war of Independence" but a war of Nawabs and Sardars against the ordinary middle Class, particularly of Mekran. We strongly condemn these dirty games and conspiracies of Nawabs and Sardars, their paid agents and Chokras against Dr. Malik Baloch and his Government and ask all middle Class Balochs to unite and defeat these conspirators, their paid agents and Chokras.

Long live Dr. Malik Baloch.
Long Live Baloch Middle Class
Down with Nawabs and Sardars and their "Chokras"
Long Live Balochistan


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  1. we common baloch crying since long and trying to expose the role of those sardars and nawabs who claim themselves freedom fighter of baloch liberty but they stupid sarsars and nawabs have an other picture which is not revealed to common baloch. it is responsibility of every baloch political worker who are consciously struggling for baloch people to expose the role of these bloody sardars and nawabs. untill sana baloch is with akhter mengal, saeed faiz is with israr zehri, Ayub jattak is with sanaullah zehri,khalil baloch is with nawab KB marri and bashir azeem is with brahamdagh bugti baloch can not get rid off from these sardars and nawabs

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