“Rotten Hair Biyar Marri”

"No, Hairbiar did not slap me on the face though he is likely to have done that had he a chance … and I would definitely have responded the way you have suggested in addition to spitting on his face. Of course this rotten Marri, his boss Akhtar and their munshi Jan Dashti wanted to do more than just slapping on my face" — Malik Towghi

Dear Malik Towghi,

Thank you for exposing this "Rotten Hair Biyar Marri" and his boss Akhtar Mengal. He not only deserve a slap and a spit on his face but also a kick on his balls for his being complicit in the killing and disappearnces of thousnads of ordinary middle class Baloch leaders and BSO-Azaad members.

He think by hiring some moles and agents, like Hafeez Barbadee and Samandar Askani, to bark for him, he will fool every one, but he fool none but himself. He have not learnt from his blunders.

First, he hired Ahmar Mustikhan to promote him in the yahoo groups and make him the "only" Baloch national "Hero", but when that marriage failed and ended up in a bloody divorce, it earned him the title of "Baloch Bin Laden". Then he tried to launch the so-called freedom chaar-tirr with the help of his close Prominent London BUGGA friend Peter Tachell, it turn out to be a disaster.

Nowdays, he have hired another new mole. His name is Salam Sabir Yousofzai, a pattan, from Afghanistan, to do his dirty laundry for him in the face book, who is busy attacking Dr. Allah Nazar everyday, 24/7 (see attached pic taken from Facebook).

Doesn’t Mr. Hairy Biyari feel any shame for doing all of that? Does he think he can conspire against baloch people and still can shout shamelessly for Azadee???

We request those who are fnding this terrorist to stop funding him as he is a "fake freedom fighter", a Baloch enemy who is in bed with ISI. He is trying to fool every one.

"It is true that I have known Zafar Jawaid aka Zafar Baloch family for three generations since his grandfather and father were our family chefs for many decades.

I am irked over his support to killing of political workers and unarmed civilians in Balochistan. I am also seriously concerned that though he has been a childhood friend of 911 terror suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other members of the terror family, he has never come forward to share any info with the Canadian and US authorities.

He owes his well being to North America."


Ahmar Khan
Tel: 301 957 0008
Email: ahmar_scribe
twitter: @mustikhan


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