Dr. Malik Baloch as CM is a big slap on the faces of Baloch Nawabs and Sardars.

The appointment of Dr. Malik Baloch as CM is a big slap on the faces of Baloch Nawabs and Sardars.

Down with Sardars and Nawabs and their Sardari system

The appointment of Dr. Malik as the new Chief minister of Balochistan is a big slap on the faces of Baloch Nawabs and Sardars.

It was not an easy swallow for them. That’s why, they all, including the BNP head Sardars Mengal loser, also, intensively conspired to block Dr. Malik appointment form becoming the new Chief minister of Balochistan until the last minute but they all failed miserably, because Punjabi Nawaz Sharif told them that he is more concern about Pakistan’s integrity rather than the personal vendetta of these greedy Nawabs and Sradars, who have been ruling Balochistan for last 60 years and have done nothing but to loot and plunder the Baloch resources to fill their coffers.

Loser Sardar Akhtar Mengal
Shame on Saradar Akhtar Mengal and his close "Chokra" loser Sana Baloch for their conspiracy against Dr. Malik Baloch. After losing the elections they have now joined hands with Mullahs and Extremist JUI and JI in a so-called APC and are aggressively working against the Baloch mandate and Dr. Malik. NP overwhelming victory have made them all sleepless and they are biting their toung in rage but time has come to give a big these Sardars and Nawabs another kick on the base for good.

Down with Nawabs and Sardars and their Nawabi-Sardari system.

Long Live Balochistan.

"O my Creator! Give me courage to awaken
The Baloch from their deep slumber.
The Sardars have darkened the faces of the Baloch people.
Let me put them one by one on the gallows"

— Mir Gul Khan Naseer


TWO FACE of BNP-Mengal exposed.

BNP-M will not support Dr. Malik Baloch’s candidacy as the next chief minister.

The BNP-M had recently made it clear that it was not supporting Dr. Baloch’s candidacy as the next chief minister.

A senior BNP-M leader told The Express Tribune on condition of anonymity that Nawabzada Jangayz Marri, the elder son of top separatist Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, could be acceptable to his party as the next chief minister of Balochistan.


After Dr. Malik’s appointment as CM:
(When his conspiracy failed against Dr. Malik and Dr. Malik was appointed by PML-N, here is BNP-M quick U-turn)

Mengal lauds PML-N for appointing nationalist CM

QUETTA – Balochistan National Party-Mengal head Sardar Akhtar Mengal on Sunday welcomed the PML-N for nominating a Baloch nationalist for the chief minister’s slot.


Some Comments:
Reader Comments (2)

A Pakistani
Jun 2, 2013 – 2:35PM

Obviously the agencies favour a Nawab/Sardar’s over an ordinary educated Baloch from the province. Hence the argument that Baloch Sardar’s have not done anything for Baloch people. They will never or neither an oridnary Baloch will be able to.

Jun 2, 2013 – 5:27PM

Apart from the fact that the agencies would traditionally want nawab or Sardars, there is another problem attached to the two gentlemen. They are corrupt. Dr. Malik Baloch can deliver while the two Baloch chieftains, Zehri and Marri cannot. This whole episode shows that Mr. Nawa Sharif is totally out of tune with Balochistan. Dr. Malik Baloch is very clearly the best choice in every respect but Nawaz Sharif by taking longer time to decide seems to be not in favor of Mr. Baloch. I bet Mr. Sharif would suffer a lot if he chooses either of the two gentlemen–Zehri or Marri. Let us see what happenes?


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