BREAKING NEWS: Khair Bux Marri to go on hunger strike if son didn’t get the CM slot.

KARACHI: The king of cock-fighter, Mr. Khair Bux Marri, said if his son was not made the next Cheap minister by Nawaz Sharif, he will go on hunger strike along with his all roosters in front of the parliament, in Islamabad. He said, he and his sons have given a lot to Pakistan and it is time that he be rewarded in return and his son be made the next Cheap minister of Baluchistan.


"I have been an ISI agent since I was in Hyderabad jail with Ghous Baksh Bizenjo,Sardar Attaullah Mengal and other Baloch leaders. I was sent by ISI on a special mission to Afghanistan to watch and keep an eye on the Soviet and Najeeb’s forces and inform the ISI about their movements and about the Baloch fighter’s activities". he said.

"I’m grateful to Gen Zia-ul-Haq for sending a C-130 military jet to bring me back from Afghanistan and making my all naalaiq (illiterate) sons ministers in Balochuistan Assembly, when Afghanistan fell to Taliban and President Najeeb was hanged in Public by Taliban", he said.

"It was me and my son Balaach Marri who helped the ISI and Paki military to locate and eliminate the "irritant " Nawab Akber Khan Bugti in the mountains and after his death, it was me and my sons again, we jumped in to front seat to help the ISI to counter and contain the 5th Baloch insurgency from spreading. We helped the ISI and FC to get thousands BSO-Azaad, BRP and BNM members profiled, arrested, killed and disappeared", he went on.

"And my son Hiary Biyari help Pakistan to divide the Baloch Diaspora by creating division among them through our paid agents, like Hafeez Hussain Aabadi and Samander Askani of Radio Balochi of Sweden, few among many. he went on. How can they ignore our sacrifices for Pakistan?, he shouted.

Samandar Askani

"If they don’t make my son Changeyz Jan the next cheap minister of Baluchistan, there will be "Kookodoon Koon" in front of the praliament in Islamabad", he said.


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