All these Nawbs and Sardars think that they are above the law

Majeed Baluch < Majeed.Baluch >

Dear Malik Towghi,

Thank you for exposing Zafar Whisky "MR. NOBODY" of Canada.

About Kachkol Ali Advocate, are you talking about the same Kachkol who belong to a Naqeeb family, who was a corrupt minister of fisheries and who married 3-4 women, one of them a lady doctor from Quetta, whom he tried to sodomize, but she escaped and ran away in fear, terrified and took refuge in DC office in Turbat and then left him for good and went back to live with her parents in Quetta and finally got a divorce.

Same Kachkol, who many people believe was complicit with the killings of three Baloch leaders, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohd Baloch, who were kidnapped from his office on a broad day light by ISI agents in Turbat sparing him???

If you talking about that the same Kachkol, then you need to re-visit your comments because he is known as one of the worse corrupt person ever known in Balochistan’s history.

Also, we heard that during Akhtar Mengal’s cheap ministership, Hiyar Biyar Marri slapped you on the face for opposing him to kidnap a teacher when he was minister of education. Why did he slap you? You should had slapped him back. Who he think he is? A son of a Nawab? We all know that he was wrong and he should had never done that. He needs to apologize to you for his misconduct and abuse of power. All these Nawbs and Sardars think that they are above the law. They can go to hell with their Nawabi and Sadarai mentality.


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