BHRC Thungs are back with with a new face. (With Azadee Wala Makhroo Chera)

BHRC is the treacherous wing and pocket organization of BNP, created and sponsored by Taj Gichki of UAE to counter, weakened and destroy the Baloch freedom movement for freedom internationally. Now that the BNP thugs lost the elections with an humiliating shameful defeat, they are changing sides very fast to hijack the Baloch struggle, repair the demage done and score some political points to mislead the Balochs and world community and to divert their attention with their fake agenda. It is irony and pertinent to mention, that they even didn’t have the guts to mention who attended the so called living room table talk show, and dare to sign their names on their own so called RESOLUTION. These Thugs, a group of alcoholic heavy drinker opportunists and day celebrators thinks that they can hijack the Baloch struggle by merely issuing a statement off of their living rooms, but they don’t know that Baloch people long rejected such cheap attempt of cheap publicity stunts and the opportunistic living room parasites, retarded morons.

Let’s not forget that this is the same BHRC who wrote a letter to Zardari long time ago calling his Govt a democratic one. This what BHRC wrote to Zardari."We extend our warmest congratulations to you on your election to the highest office in the country which we believe has ushered in a new era of democratisation, peace and reconciliation. (Please see the copy of that historic shameful letter attached here). More Baloch have died in Zardari PPP Govt then in any other time in the history of Balochistan. I wrote long time ago exposing the evil intentions this thug Tola, a bunch of heavy drinkers. They are in action again to mislead and divert the attention of Paki crimes against baloch nation. BHRC Thugs are back again with their fancy slogans with a new face. This time they are shouting for independence. What took them so long to reach this verdict? surprised? Is this is a reaction to the shameful defeat of BNP? or is an attempt to put pressure on Pakistan as a "pressure group" that if they don’t give BNP more seat in Balochistan assembly and/or make their leader Sardar Akhatar Mengal the next Cheap Minister, they will go for independence? Why don’t they go on hunger strike, instead, to kill themselves for Baloch nation, if they are sincere so?? At-leats their names will be included in the Baloch martyr’s list, and will remembered for good.

Those who conspire against their own people for personal gain has no place in the history but humiliation and curse of the people on them.

Shame on you BHRC. You all BHRC thugs are exposed.

Down with BHRC, Down with BNP. Long live Baloch struggle for freedom


8 September, 2008

President Asif Ali Zardari

Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Baloch Human Rights Council, we extend our warmest congratulations to you on your election to the highest office in the country which we believe has ushered in a new era of democratisation, peace and reconciliation. There is no doubt that your election has dealt a severe blow at the dark forces of terror and dictatorship and has inspired a new hope in the oppressed peoples in the country, especially, the utterly brutalized people of Balochistan who have lost all hope in the state institutions of Pakistan. Islamabad’s tyrannical policies have totally alienated Balochistan which has been deliberately turned into a huge laboratory of the worst kinds of human rights violations. Consequently the people of Balochistan rightly feel that their province has been turned into an occupied territory where state terror has become the norm.

We in the Baloch Human Rights Council appreciate your stand on Balochistan and welcome your efforts to address the historical grievances of the Baloch people. We firmly believe that the only way forward is:

a) To restore the 1973 constitution albeit with necessary amendments duly approved by the Parliament; for example the highly controversial concurrent list should be abolished and the smaller national constituents, i.e., Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP given more rights and powers including the right to own and exploit their own resources reserving a small but reasonable percentage of the income for the Centre. Furthermore, the national constituents should also be invested with the ultimate right to secede from the Federation in the event of any arbitrary military action.

b) To order the army to return to the barracks and dismantle the cantonments in Balochistan which have become synonymous with slaughter houses.

c) To bring to book all the violators of the present or past constitutions for usurping power through unconstitutional means.

d) To unconditionally release tens of hundreds of Baloch activists and ordinary people who have been “disappeared” and tortured by the authorities; and to take severe action against those responsible for these disappearances.

e) To bring to justice all those officials, whether civilian or military, who have been responsible for human rights violations in Balochistan.

f) To bring back hundreds of thousands of ordinary people (men, women and children) who have taken refuge in the neighboring provinces as a result of

Address: 59 Forsyth Gardens, London SE17 3NE; email: info_bhrc


the brutal army operations. They live in the most appalling conditions and in complete squalor. The Federal government must take urgent measures to rehabilitate them in their ancestral homes and lands and compensate them in the most proper manner.

We do recognize the fact that you face enormous challenges; however, we fervently

hope that you will afford Balochistan your utmost priority.

With best wishes and kindest regards,

Yours faithfully,

Akbar Barakzai A.Samad Baloch

Honorary President. General Secretary.


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