The State & Sardars Versus the Baloch People

We honor and respect Frederic Grare’s work on Balochistan, but this paper he has written here, is misleading, erroneous and distortion of FACTS. I wish author had done more home work on this subject and have asked different Baloch leaders and activists for their inputs before publishing it.

  • This paper is misleading because the author claims that almost all Baloch wants to be a part of Pakistan contrary to the fact that almost all Baloch wants to be FREE from this fake, unnatural and artificial failed state called Pokistan, which was created on a fake extremist ideology. Those who believe that there will be justice and rule of Law in Pokistan are either unaware of the facts and history of this country or they are living in fools world.
  • This paper is erroneous because author calls Hair Biyar Marri as the son of Balaach Marri, who is his brother not the father of Hair Biyar Marri. Their father’s name is Nawab Khair Bux Marri, an ISI agent, living in luxury in Karachi, enjoying cockfighting and at the same time shouting anti-Pakistan slogans with full impunity to fool the ordinary Baloch people to incite them against Pakistan on behalf ISI to get them exposed, profiled, kidnapped and killed by FC.
  • The Paper is distorting of FACTS because, BLA is not a Baloch militant group, as the author claims, but an ISI funded terrorist group disguised as a Baloch militant outfit. It’s assigned job is to help ISI and FC to recruit, identify, profile and locate anti-Pakistan Baloch youths in Balochistan to make ISI job easier in order to kidnap and kill them and made them disappear. More than 12000 Baloch political and activists has been picked up by FC forces since 2006 and about 800 of them has been "killed and dumped" by FC with the help of BLA collaborators.
  • Hair Biyar Marri’s BLA have killed also many top Baloch middle class leaders, including Razziq Bugti and Habib Jalib Baloch calling them "traitors". With the help and complicity of BLA, hundreds of BSO-Azaad and BNM members had been kidnapped, killed or made disappeared by ISI agents and FC. The killing and disappearances of Baloch youths continues as of today by FC unabated.
  • It was Hair Biyar Marri’s BLA proxy, BLUF, who kidnapped John Solecki, a US citizen for ransom and killed his driver. When Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, head of BNM, got involved to get him released, they eliminated him along with his two other Colleagues, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Mohd Bugti, with the help of ISI.
  • Khair Bux Marri and his sons are shouting for freedom and at the same time they are in bed with ISI. One of his son, Mr. Gazzin Marri is in bed with Asif Ali Zardari and Blawal Bhutto, while his brother Hair Biyar Marri is in bed with Rehman Malik, wining and dinning with him in London. One of hisother brother, Mr. Changez Marri, is in bed with Punjabi Nawaz Sharif, who conducted the Pakistan’s nuclear tests in Balochistan. Another brother, Mr. Mehran Marri, who have appointed himself as the so-called permanent "Baloch representative" at the UNHRC, barks in Geneva with his Nephew Mr. Noordin Mengal to fool Baloch people. Both have opposed the upcoming Paki election but at the same time they are numb to say anything about their brother Mr. Changez Marri and Uncle Akhtar Mengal’s participation in Paki elections. The entire family is running the "Baloch war of independence" as a family business, collecting it with both hands from all sides. I don’t think the author knows all of this.
  • The author also failed to mention the historical fact that Balochistan was a sovereign independent state and was occupied by Pakistan’s army at gun point against the wishes of Baloch people. I hope next time when he write some thing on Baloch National Movement or on Balochistan, he will do some home work and consult all Baloch leaders before making any judgement.


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