Akhtar Mengal & Magsi want to crush Baloch freedom fighters with help of Poki army


Now see how Baloch are fooled , this guy Magsi is brother in law of Gazain Marri a Dubai based “freedom fighter” and this Nawab is very close to Karachi based Nawab Kahir Bux Marri, Gazain’s  wife and children freely come and go and get money from the looted wealth of Balochistan.

Some elements opposing Balochistan elections: PEC

Handing over Gwadar port to China to have positive impact: Magsi


Tuesday, April 09, 2013 – Quetta—Provincial Election Commissioner Balochistan, Syed Sultan Bayazeed Monday said that some elements and banned organizations were opposing conducting of general elections 2013 in Balochistan. Talking to media persons here, he said “Some elements and banned organizations who are in few in number have been opposing conducting of general elections,” adding that however, the Election Commission of Balochistan has determined to conduct elections in the province including the sensitive areas.

He said that some anti-peace activists hurled hand grenade on old premises of Election Commission Office in Kharan, in which a security personnel received minor injuries. “We have shifted our all district election commission offices in the offices of deputy commissioners’ offices in all sensitive districts including Kharan,” Bayazeed said.

The Provincial Election Commissioner said that they were in contact with the Ministry of Defense and have the option of deployment of army in view in sensitive areas. “Army will be deployed in and around the polling stations in sensitive districts if needed,” he said.

He said that arrangements have been made for security of the district elections offices so that the staff could work in a peaceful environment. He added that security has been beefed up in sensitive areas.

Meanwhile, Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi Monday hailed the nationalist parties for their participation in the general elections 2013. He hoped that handing over of Gawadar port to China would cast positive impact on the country’s development in general and Baluchistan’s in particular. He was talking to the participants of Air War Course who met him here at Governor House.

“It is good omen for Balochistan that all nationalists parties who boycotted election 2008 were taking part in the election 2013”, Nawab Magsi said adding operational control of Gawadar port has been handed over to brotherly country China which would contribute in the development of the country and the province in days to come. —APP



Balochistan in flames: BNP’s goal is to restore peace in the province

By Our Correspondent

Published: April 9, 2013

Shame on you Akhtar! Look your face in the mirror.

Shameless scoundrel sardars!

Now another joke of the day! This Akhtar Mengal want to crush Baloch freedom fighters with help of Poki army if he is selected as cheep minster of Balochistan, while his elder brother Jaweed Mengal who is son in law of Khair Bux marri along with his son wants free Balochistan and say they have nothing in common with BNP that is so big lie and hypocrisy….

Khan Kalat now allied with another cheater of Baloch people the Hairbair Marri, khan Kalat whole family along with his son are in pocket of ISI and army… how long they will lie and cheat Baloch youth one person for freedom whole family with govt …it is time for  Baloch people to dump these unpredictable corrupt Sardars and Nawabs and support those genuine leaders. We appeal to Baloch people and families  of martyrs to boycott election and  question themselves, who are  your leader? People like Allah Nazar and Non Sardars who are working day in and out or these sardars who make hay at the expense and blood of poor baloch.

QUETTA: Sardar Akhtar Mengal said on Monday that his faction of Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) is trying its best to defuse the “highly flammable situation” in Balochistan and bring peace to the province.

Against this background he said he had chosen to return from exile and lead the province out of turmoil and unrest.

Speaking a day after his comeback rally, the BNP president claimed that the rulers are not interested in resolving the political conflict with the Baloch people.

Without naming them, he said, certain elements are mistaken if they think they can coerce us into abandoning our struggle for national rights. He claimed that thousands of people lost their lives during the last ten years in Balochistan.

He accused former president Pervez Musharraf of igniting the province for his ulterior motives. “We are making frantic efforts to control the volcano like situation from spreading further,” he added.

The BNP president told reporters that his party candidates and workers were receiving threats from unruly people and death squads. He said he had written a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) proving that people belonging to the death squads are roaming around in luxury and smuggled vehicles with tinted glasses with no registration number plates, he claimed

In conditions like these, how can the ECP hold free, fair and transparent elections, he queried.

Published in The Express Tribune, April9th, 2013.

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