Baloch Against Nawabs Sardars

Baloch Against Nawabs Sardars <Baloch_against_Nawab_Sardars>

It is all a family business. On one side these Nawabs and Sardars and their sons are shouting slogans of Azadee and on the other side they are all in bed with ISI. The ordinary Baloch organizations like BSO-Azaad, BNM and BNF must understand the conspiracy of these Nawabs and Sardars and their son’s games against the ordinary Baloch peoples. Instated of boycotting the elections, they must mobilize the Baloch masses and contest them as independent candidates and that’s how you can counter and challenge their ugly games and conspiracies against the middle class ordinary Baloch people and render them fail. Challenging or fighting these Nawab and Sardars openly, who are armed with private Militia and backed by powerful ISI, MI, FC and establishment, is suicidal as these will kill you, as we have seen that for the last several years. BSO-Azaad, BNF and BNM must learn from the ugly games of thee Nawabs and Sardars and change their strategy and play it smartly instead of being emotional. ALL BSO-Azzad, BNF and BNM members, who are members of ordinary middle class Baloch families, are the strategic assets of Baloch Nation and they must be protected and saved for Balochistan’s future at all cost and by all means from being easy prey of these animals who are out there to hunt and kill them with the help of ISI and FC.

Down with Nawabs and Sardars and their Nawabi and Sardari System

Balochistan election candidates: Brothers in arms – By Qaiser Butt

Many Baloch nationalists are opting for the ballot, but Baloch insurgents seem wedded to the bullet. In an interesting twist, it seems that many prominent contenders, many of whom boycotted the 2008 elections, are related to the very militant commanders who have vowed to disrupt the elections their own kinsmen are contesting. >> READ MORE


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