Pakistani Army planning to eliminate Dr.Allah Nazar


Pakistani army is after our beloved sarmachar Dr.Allah Nazar, sources say army is making allout efforts to eliminate Dr.Allah Nazar with some passive assistance from corrupt sardars. ISI is making efforts to penetrate into Dr.Allah Nazar’s group by enticing persons working close to him with huge cash reward and with green card abroad. We at Sardar Watch condemn silence of Sardars who are passively supporting ISI to eliminate Dr.Allah Nazar.

According to some reliable sources, a massive military operation is already underway in Balochistan to crush the Baloch freedom movement. Military operation which recently started in Mashkey and then in Mastang have been extended to all other major cities in Balochistan, where FC has been given a free hand to conduct search operation, arrest and target kill or kidnap the Balochs under the pretext of their being involved with pro-independence movement and/or militant groups. This is all being done under the cover of strict iron curtain to keep the media out of picture so that the news of the operation can not be leak out or can be contained and minimized.

Perhaps time for major Operation has come in Balochistan

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 – THE reaction to imposition of Governor’s rule in Balochistan by members of the provincial assembly seems to be nothing except an attempt to camouflage the wrongdoing of the past about five years. This is evident from two reports that appeared in national media on Monday about initiation of NAB inquiry against five more former provincial ministers on charges of corruption and news conference of CCPO Quetta revealing that even officers of SP and DSP level were involved in incidents of kidnapping for ransom.

This is just tip of the iceberg as there have been consistent reports about massive corruption by the former Chief Minister and members of his cabinet, who were supposed to protect life, property and honour of the citizens. One can imagine plight of the people of the province when the Government and the most relevant government departments themselves are involved in looting and fleecing the general public. There have also been reports that despite manifold increase in provincial revenues after announcement of the 7th NFC Award, no worthwhile developmental activity has been initiated in Balochistan and no one knows where billions of rupees have gone. Add to this the law and order situation in the province that has consistently been witnessing a nosedive since long as the Government in power was indifferent to the situation. Both local elements and foreign agents are involved in target killings resulting into exodus of settlers that would badly affect the socio-economic progress of the province as doctors, engineers and professors are also targeted. All this led to proclamation of Governor’s rule in Balochistan yet it is regrettable that instead of accepting the decision in the interest of the province, the former ruling clique is politising the issue despite the fact that Governor’s rule was imposed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution. In fact, there are complaints and rightly so that the authorities concerned lost precious time in arriving at the conclusion that there was no option left but to impose Governor’s rule. But what has been done is not enough as the province is on the verge of total collapse and therefore, the President and the Governor should consult all stakeholders and launch a major operation to ensure rule of law and security of life and property besides weeding out the menace of corruption.


Akhtar Mengal and Sana Baloch of BNP were the part of 28 May 1998 offensive on Balochistan

Akhtar and Sana of BNP were the part of 28 May 1998 offensive on Balochistan. Please watch the complete video.