Every one should DISSOCIATE from Nasser Bolaidai and Waajah Sulaiman the so-called Khan Kalat Neo-cons Groups: Malik Towghi, PhD

Waja Ghulam Ali Baloch,

Dr. Malik Twghi is looking for some grant from Obama which is Ok. Let him do so. Poor guy need some money. We understand. Most of our Iranain Balochs brothers,(Pro-NeoCon or anti-Neocon), are grant hunters and there is nothing wrong with that, but one thing I don’t understand why he is promoting Waja Kahckol Ali sahib?? We all know very well that Kachkol was very corrupt minister when he was minister of Fisheries in Balochistan Government. We have not seen he had done anything good for Baloch people, except marrying 3-4 wives at the same time during his minister-ship. May be Waja Dr. Malik Towghi can tell us why he is so crazy about Kahckol Ali???

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