Mixing Iran affairs with the Baloch Cause is the worst kind of treachery

Mixing Iran affairs with the Baloch Cause is the worst kind of treachery (Khayaanat/Ghaddaariy) against the heroic struggle of the Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. This event organized by the known-paid Baloch agents of the NeoCon-Pahlavi circles, anticipated — as the Pakis did and prayed for — a Mitt Romney (NeoCon-Republican) victory in American Presidential elections, hoping that the flow of money re-starts for Waajah Nasser Bolaidai and his colleagues and for their notorious Jundullah.

Thanks GOODNESS that the great American Nation re-elected Barack Obama, putting a damper on the NeoCon-Republican hopes for a comeback — and on the hopes of Waajah Nasser Bolaidai and his captives and bribed persons for the resumption of the flow of the NeoCon-Pahlavi millions.

Dear Balochs, For the first time in history the USA under the Obama Administration — and the UN Human Rights bodies consequently — have realized Pakistani treacheries and the importance of the Baloch Nation with sympathy as a potential friend of the civilized world, also knowing that the center of the heroic Baloch Nationalist struggle is in the Pakistan-occupied Baloch lands — and that the so-called Hezb-e Mardom-e Balochistan of Nasser Bolaidai & Co, the Jundullah, and the Khan of Kalat as an ‘activist’ are the planned-joint creations of the NeoCons, the ISI of Pakistan, and the Pahlavi circles — aimed at minimizing the pressure on Pakistan (by turning the Baloch attention to somewhere else) and increasing pressure on Iran for their own purposes — and that also by using the good name of the internationally respected Baloch cause.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW these paid agents of the NeoCon-Pahlavi-ISI Complex, i.e., Nasser Bolaidai & Co. and the Khan of Kalat, to confuse and sabotage the situation again as they did when — circa 2006-7– the Baloch struggle under the heroic leadership of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Dr. Allah Nizar was approaching its peak.

Dear Balochs, we should — and will — continue to struggle for the human, cultural and national rights of Western Balochistan, but the way we want, NOT AS MERCENARIES the way the Anglo-American NeoCons, Pahlavi circles & the ISI of Pakistan and its fanatic Sunni molla agents in Zahedan want.

I request the Balochs particularly in Europe and other parts of the Western world to organize their political activities only under the leadership of and/or in consultation with Waajah Kachkol Ali Advocate, Waajah Brahumdagh Bugti and , Waajah Dr. Allah Nizar (or his trusted authentic representatives in Europe). It is time for us to speak with one voice — an authentic Baloch Nationalist voice — NOT A VOICE made in the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) of the pro-Pakistan NeoCons.

Finally, I request Waajah Nooruddin Mengal, Waajah Mihran Mari, Waajah Hairbiar Mari and Waajah Humayoon Mobarki to completely, openly and loudly DISSOCIATE with the Nasser Bolaidai group and also in a similar manner dissociate with Waajah Sulaiman Jan, the so-called Khan of Kalat.

Nadr pa Balochistan,

Dr. Malek Towghi/Tauqee, Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International — Michigan, USA


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