Selling Baloch Blood and tears is in full swing in London.

LONDON: Hair Biyar Marri, a terror suspect, Baloch killer aka "Baloch Bin Ladin", who is also the operational commander of
militant group BLA, is busy in London selling Baloch Martyrs blood and tears for personal fan and gain.

"Saat so chooey kaa ker Billi Haj to Chalee" (after eating seven hundred mouse, the cat went to perform Haj, to wash off his sins) , said one Baloch in London, laughingly.

"BLA has Baloch blood on its hand and its leader Mr. Hair Biyar Marri must be tried for killing of Razzak Bugti, Ghulam Mohammad, Lala Munir, Sher Mohd, Habib Jalib and hundreds other innocent Balochs, labeling them as traitors", said Riaz Baloch from Quetta.

BLA is declared and banned as a terrorist organization by Pakistan and UK Governments.

Hiar Biyar Marri, when minister of education in Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s Government, recorded worst corruption in Balochistan’s history and sold Jobs to non Baloch Punjabi, Pashtun and Hazara settlers. He is wanted for the murder of Justice Mohammad Nawaz Marri.

Many people in Balochistan believe that Khair Bux Marri and his sons have hijacked Baloch struggle and are running a business off of Baloch blood and tears, collecting it with both hands by being in Bed with Pakistan’s ISI, and are the main reason of Baloch disunity.

"Beside issuing fiery statement in Daily Tawar and speeches, we have not seen Mr. Hairy Biyari have done any thing that would have benefited Baloch cause", said Aslam Mengal, a Baloch activist in London.

Mr. Hair Biyar Marri is a close friend of Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik, a well known Baloch enemy. He constantly meet and party with him. Recently, in an interview with Daily Tawar, he admitted meeting with him, finally broking his silence over the allegations that indeed he is in-touch with Rehman Malik secretly.


Promoting Freedom Charter was a photo show

Promoting Freedom Charter was a photo show and a cheap attempt to score some political point. After all who is Mr. Hair Biyar Marri to make or suggest such a charter. Beside being in bed with Rehman Malik, having dinner with him and trying to hijack Baloch cause by shooting fiery statement in Daily Tawar to fool people, he has no record of any real active role in Baloch national movement. We all know that he recorded the worst was corruption when he was minister of education and he sold the jobs to non-Baloch Pashtun, Hazaras and Punjabis, did not build a single school in his Marri area leave alone in the rest of Balochistan

AN exclusive Interview with Hairy biyari Marri.

By Baluch Reporter:

Baluch Reporter: Waja Hairy biyar Sahib, Can you Please introduce yourself?
HBM: Yes, my name is Nawbzada Hair Biyar Marri s/o Nawab Kahir Bux Marri.

Baluch Reporter: We heard that we you was a minister of education in Akhtar Jan Menhgal’s Govt and you didn’t build any school nor give any scholarship to any student in your area to go college, but sold Jobs to Hazara, Pastune and Punjabis. Is that true?
Hairy biyari Marri: Yes, that is true. When I was minister of education and yes I sold the jobs to hazara and Punjabis and made money. That’s what all ministers do to make money. When you are in Govt, you don’t think any thing else but how to make more money, steal the wealth of people to get rich. I did exactly what all do.

Baluch Reporter: But now you shout for freedom ?
Hairy biyari Marri: yes, I do. It is also a business man and I’m making money out of it. Every one is making money out of it by selling Baloch blood are tear in the international market. Why should’nt I? My Father is doing it from Karachi. My all brothers are doing it. It is a family business. we are all trying to compete with each other. My brother Mehran is competing with me and that’s why we don’t get along with each other.

Baluch Reporter: Many people believe that you father, Khair Bux Marri, is in ISI? Is that true?
Hairy biyari Marri: Yes, he was in ISI then and he is in ISI now. He was sent by ISI to Afghanistan in 70’s and he came back with their permission in their C-130 military jet.

Baluch Reporter: Was you with him in that C-130?
Hairy biyari Marri: No but my Brother Balaach Marri was with him.
Baluch Reporter: Why did the ISI sent him there?
Hairy biyari Marri:: To keep an eye on President Najeeb’s and Soviet’s forces and most importantly to keep an eye on the Baloch freedom fighters, their numbers, training camps and all about their activities to inform the ISI and GHQ.

Baluch Reporter: When he came back in C-130, why did they take him to Islamabad and then flew him to Quetta despite the fact that he was the "most wanted man" of Pakistan?
Hairy biyari Marri: " Most wanted man " hahahahah…. That is a joke. Actually, my father was the most beloved man of GHQ and still he is, not the "most wanted one". They took him to Islamabad first so that he can be thanked and rewarded by Gen Zia in person with two Billion Paki Rupees for the job well done and then he was flown to Quetta airport.

Baluch Reporter:How did you get into London and got political asylum?
Hairy biyari Marri: When on the order of me and my father our paid agent Gulam Nabi Bangulzai killed Justice Nawaz Marri, my father was put in Quetta first class jail to protect him from being killed by Justice Marri’s men who were after him and me. I ran to London to save my life and then eventually I applied for political asylum, which was first denied. I was put in Jail on terrorism charges but with the help of my friend Rehman Malik and President Asif Ali Zardari, I was finally released from the Belmarsh prison and then eventually granted asylum. I thanked Rehman Malik and President Asif Ali zardari for their help after my release and called their Govt the best democratic one in the world. If it was not for their help i would rot in the Belmarsh prison for years. Thanks to Rehman Malik and Asif Ali Zardarai, I feel safe here in London.

Baluch Reporter: You finally admitted recently in your interview in Daily Tawar that you have met Rehman Malik who came to your house in London. Why did you meet him and why did you kept this a secret for this whole time?
Hairy biyari Marri: Rehman Malik is a close friend of mine. He is like a family member to me. Every time he comes to London, he visit me and we have dinner and party together. We share many thing together including lying to and cheating people. He is a big liar and so am I but he is my Gru. He gives me good advice and convey me my father’s personal messages every time we meet. We are both "close" friends.

Baluch Reporter: Let’s talk about "Freedom Charter"? What is it about and who wrote it?
Hairy biyari Marri: It is charter to promote myself in like an advertizing photo show. My "close" Bugga friend Peter Tachell wrote it, as myself, a Nalaik metric failed, couldn’t write it by myself. So I asked him to do it for me so I could distribute it to take my picture with and score some political points. After all, this is the only thing I have done beside shooting fiery statements in daily Tawar written by my agent Hafeez Hassan Aabadi, Anders Breivik of Balochistan.

Baluch Reporter: We heard that you gave the copies of your so called freedom of Charter to Khan Kalat, Brhamdagh Bugti and Sardar Akhtar Mengal. What was their reactions?
Hairy biyari Marri: They didn’t like it and soon after I left, I heard, they trashed it in the dustbin, which I understand. It was an ego thing. I should had consulted them before asking my BUGGA friend Peter Tachell to writ it. It was my mistake. But, I like to do thing unilaterally with out consulting others not even my own bothers and father, that’s why they are all mad and angry with me.

Baluch Reporter: You didn’t like Khan Kalat and never looked at him or talked to him for years but when he got some help from Dana Rohrabacher, all of sudden you rushed to his house and took pictures with him and became friendly. What was that all about?
Hairy biyari Marri: Our Job is to collect information from every one and everywhere by any means possible and to pass it on to ISI and that’s what we are here for and are getting paid for by the ISI and GHQ. Why you thought I fall in love with KK all of sudden. No… I went to him to find out what is going on? I was specifically advised by Rehman Malik to do so which I did to collect information from KK about the US plan and pass it on to ISI so that they can develop a plan to counter it. KK was naive enough to believe and trust thinking that I’ll support him. Our close friend and insider spy Mullah Sarjov helped us to arrange the meeting with KK.


Baluch Reporter: You shout for freedom but your one brother, Mr. Changez Marri is with PML(Q) and shout Pakistan Zindabad. Any comments on that?
Hairy biyari Marri: This is part of our family business and strategy. We want to make sure if PML(N) comes in the Govt, we have our foot in it and our brother becomes the next cheap minister. That is a part of our game. It is called smart thinking and investment.

Baluch Reporter: Ahmar Mustikhan used to be your friend and now you both don’t like each other and he called you "Baloch Bin Laden" and "Terror suspect". What was that all about?
Hairy biyari Marri: I hired him to promote me as the sole "hero" and "Baloch Leader" in Yahoo groups and other social media, but then differences arose. He asked for more money and I refused. He got angry and called me "Baloch Bin Ladin" and "London terror suspect". Now I heard my brother Mehran is giving him some money and he is busy promoting him in these days in his articles.

Baluch Reporter: Thank you waja Hairy Biyari Marri Sahib.
Hairy biyari Marri:: You are Welcome.

Every one should DISSOCIATE from Nasser Bolaidai and Waajah Sulaiman the so-called Khan Kalat Neo-cons Groups: Malik Towghi, PhD

Waja Ghulam Ali Baloch,

Dr. Malik Twghi is looking for some grant from Obama which is Ok. Let him do so. Poor guy need some money. We understand. Most of our Iranain Balochs brothers,(Pro-NeoCon or anti-Neocon), are grant hunters and there is nothing wrong with that, but one thing I don’t understand why he is promoting Waja Kahckol Ali sahib?? We all know very well that Kachkol was very corrupt minister when he was minister of Fisheries in Balochistan Government. We have not seen he had done anything good for Baloch people, except marrying 3-4 wives at the same time during his minister-ship. May be Waja Dr. Malik Towghi can tell us why he is so crazy about Kahckol Ali???

Mixing Iran affairs with the Baloch Cause is the worst kind of treachery

Mixing Iran affairs with the Baloch Cause is the worst kind of treachery (Khayaanat/Ghaddaariy) against the heroic struggle of the Pakistan-occupied Balochistan. This event organized by the known-paid Baloch agents of the NeoCon-Pahlavi circles, anticipated — as the Pakis did and prayed for — a Mitt Romney (NeoCon-Republican) victory in American Presidential elections, hoping that the flow of money re-starts for Waajah Nasser Bolaidai and his colleagues and for their notorious Jundullah.

Thanks GOODNESS that the great American Nation re-elected Barack Obama, putting a damper on the NeoCon-Republican hopes for a comeback — and on the hopes of Waajah Nasser Bolaidai and his captives and bribed persons for the resumption of the flow of the NeoCon-Pahlavi millions.

Dear Balochs, For the first time in history the USA under the Obama Administration — and the UN Human Rights bodies consequently — have realized Pakistani treacheries and the importance of the Baloch Nation with sympathy as a potential friend of the civilized world, also knowing that the center of the heroic Baloch Nationalist struggle is in the Pakistan-occupied Baloch lands — and that the so-called Hezb-e Mardom-e Balochistan of Nasser Bolaidai & Co, the Jundullah, and the Khan of Kalat as an ‘activist’ are the planned-joint creations of the NeoCons, the ISI of Pakistan, and the Pahlavi circles — aimed at minimizing the pressure on Pakistan (by turning the Baloch attention to somewhere else) and increasing pressure on Iran for their own purposes — and that also by using the good name of the internationally respected Baloch cause.

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW these paid agents of the NeoCon-Pahlavi-ISI Complex, i.e., Nasser Bolaidai & Co. and the Khan of Kalat, to confuse and sabotage the situation again as they did when — circa 2006-7– the Baloch struggle under the heroic leadership of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Dr. Allah Nizar was approaching its peak.

Dear Balochs, we should — and will — continue to struggle for the human, cultural and national rights of Western Balochistan, but the way we want, NOT AS MERCENARIES the way the Anglo-American NeoCons, Pahlavi circles & the ISI of Pakistan and its fanatic Sunni molla agents in Zahedan want.

I request the Balochs particularly in Europe and other parts of the Western world to organize their political activities only under the leadership of and/or in consultation with Waajah Kachkol Ali Advocate, Waajah Brahumdagh Bugti and , Waajah Dr. Allah Nizar (or his trusted authentic representatives in Europe). It is time for us to speak with one voice — an authentic Baloch Nationalist voice — NOT A VOICE made in the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) of the pro-Pakistan NeoCons.

Finally, I request Waajah Nooruddin Mengal, Waajah Mihran Mari, Waajah Hairbiar Mari and Waajah Humayoon Mobarki to completely, openly and loudly DISSOCIATE with the Nasser Bolaidai group and also in a similar manner dissociate with Waajah Sulaiman Jan, the so-called Khan of Kalat.

Nadr pa Balochistan,

Dr. Malek Towghi/Tauqee, Liaison, Baloch Human Rights International — Michigan, USA

A Note to Waja Stunning Malik Siraj Sahib,

Waja Stunning Malik Siraj Sahib,

You said, "pro Independence Balochistan’s leaders Hair Biyar Marri and Brahmadagh Bugti",….bla bla bla ".

First we don’t know who is this Faisal Farooq, who took you interview? We never heard of him before. So, Please tell us if he is a real person or you just made him up?? Are you trying to seek some cheap publicity through fake Faisal (yourself)??

We all know you are getting few bucks from these Nawabs and sardars to kiss their A$S$, but that doesn’t mean you should call them as "Balochistan’s leader", because they are NOT Balochistan’s leaders" or "Baloch Leaders". In fact, they are fighting with themselves and are the reason of Baloch disunity and sufferings. So, please stop calling these thugs, corrupt warlords as "Baloch leaders" to fool yourself or create confusion and misunderstanding. Instead, call them as the leader of their militant group BLA and BRA and that’s what they are.

Both of them lacks the capabilities and characteristics of being a leader. Both are uneducated, metric failed, and both of them have no support among Baloch masses but only few people in their own Bugti and Marri tribal area. (Hiary Biyar Marri’s support is even ZERO, as he is wanted for the murder of Justice Murri’s and he has no support among his own Marri tribes. Both of their militant groups, BLA and BRA, have Baloch blood on their hand, and have targeted innocent Balochs, bus passengers, Barbers and Teachers.

Being pro-independence doesn’t qualify some one to be the leader of Balochistan. If that is the case then every one in Balochistan is pro-independence, one way or the other, and that doesn’t mean they are all leaders. A leader is one who is a visonary, wise, intlligent, educated, has exceptional leadership skills, and who is knowledgeable, and who can unite his people and demonstrate strong leadership skills. Both Mr. Hairy Biyar Marri and Brahmadagh Bugti lacks these all skills.

Let’s not forget the when thug Hairy Biyar Marri was Minister of Education in Akhtar Mengal’s Governement in Balochistan, he robbed Balochs funds with both hands, sold Jobs to non-Balochs, hazaras and Punjabis and did not open even a single school in his own Marri area leave alone in the rest of Balochistan, and Mr. Brahmadagh Bughti, he collected the gas royalty for decades along with his uncle Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, the killer-partner of Baloch people during Z.A Bhutto era, and displaced thousands of his own Kalpur Bugti Balochs, including women and children, from Dera Bugti just to avenge his son’s killing. Brhamdagh Bugti himself ran private jails, kept his opponents for months and made them walk on the burning charcoals to prove their innocence and to have fun watching them suffer in pain.

Calling these Baloch killers, terror suspects and "Baloch bin ladens" as Baloch leaders is a cruel joke with the Baloch nation. So, please stop calling them as Baloch leaders, because they are NOT our leaders.

Death to all these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars.

Ye Dung Janookin Seymaran,
Ye Qome Baloch e Gadaaran

Kudd Cheer Zamin Eshana Kana

Ma Ahd Kanan Peymaan Kanan

Azaad Balochistan Kanan.

We will pull the Sardars out of the community,
These wolves and Nawabs, the blood suckers,
These biting black snakes,
These traitors to the Baloch Nation
We will drag them out of their hiding places,
And we will bury them under ground, all together( in a big grave), for their crimes and conspiracies against the Baloch Nation.

Abdul Wahid Azat Jamaldini (9118-1982)

"O my Creator! Give me courage to awaken
The Baloch from their deep slumber.
The Sardars have darkened the faces of the Baloch people.
Let me put them one by one on the gallows"

—Mir Gul Khan Naseer