Khan Kalat to organize a Jundullah event in London.

LONDON– According to some reliable sources, Khan Kalat is organizing a Jundullah event in London, on November 19th, with the help of his Munshi Sarjov Moron, a well known Iranian Ex-Savak agent, and Hossinebor, a die hard supporter of Jundullah, a terrorist outfit that by the US state Deptarment. Jundullah terrorists, active in the Iranian Balochistan, have killed scores of Baloch Shia worshipers in the mosques bombing in Zahidan, Iran.

Khan kalat, who’s grand father Mir Ahmed Yar Khan sold Baluchistan to Pakistan against the Baloch will and mandate, fled Pakistan in 2007 and took political asylum in London. He shouts for freedom in London but his son pledges allegiance to Pakistan’s flag and his brothers are die hard supporters of Al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists and they have repeatedly called for Taliban style beheading of Zikiri Balochs, a small Baloch religious minority in Mekran area of, Balochistan, calling them infidel.

Many people in Balochistan believe that Khan Kalat sent his son to negotiate a secret deal with Pakistan and that he is playing double games.

Khan kalat irk the Baloch Diaspora when he appointed an Iranian die hard supporter of Jundullah, Mr. Hossienbor, to testify at the hearing held on Eastern Balochistan, and instead of correcting his mistake, he defended his blunder to please his Jundullah supporters. Mr. Hosseinbor misrepresented Balochistan’s case by saying that the Baloch do not want freedom (from Pakistan and Iran) but federalism. He also distorted the facts about Balochistan and spoke against the Baloch freedom fighters.

Khan Kalat also angered Brhamdah Bugti and many other Balochs world wide by calling Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s martyrdom as a egoistic adventure on his 2nd anniversary meeting in London.

More details about this Jundullah event to follow.


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