Akhtar Mengal ! Baloch demands are crystal clear and that is complete freedom

Dear Belaar Baloch,

The question is why he went to testify in the Pakistan supreme court and not in the ICC or any other International reputable organization? Let’s say that he went there to Islamabad to present the Balochistan’s case or articulates Baloch demands. Did he do so? NO, he didn’t. The issue of Missing Persons is NOT the main Balochistan’s issue with Pokistan, but is the illegal occupation of Baloch land and exploitation of Baloch resources that is going on for the last 64 years at gun point.

Now why Akhtar Mengal failed to articulate the real Baloch demands and inspirations with Islamabad, this is a BIG question and ONLY he can answer it.

He knows very well that by making such a useless trip to Islamabad he not only earn the anger of Baloch missing person’s family members but also of the entire Baloch nation and now that he realized it that it was a big mistake that he fall into the ISI trap and Islamabad dirty politics and that Islamabad is never sincere to listen to Baloch demands or grievances leave alone to solve them, he is now trying to use such baseless arguments to defend his misadventure. He think by doing so, he can repair the undo damage done to himself but Baloch are not so naive to buy these gibberish arguments, as these presented in this article by one of his supporter.

Baloch demands are crystal clear and that is complete freedom from this un-natural fake state called Pokistan. Nothing less will be accepted to Baloch nation.

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Subject: [balochi_culture] Understanding B.N.P and its Initiatives
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Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 10:09 PM

Understanding B.N.P and its Initiatives – and their Policy Implications on Baloch Politics

By Belaar Baloch

The president of Balochistan National Party (B.N.P) Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal’s recent visit to Islamabad raised many eyebrows. His appearance before the Pakistan Supreme Court, his discussions with opposition politicians and, more importantly, his proclamation of conflict resolution agenda – embodied in Six-Point confident building measures – came under intense scrutiny in Baloch political circles.

On the one hand, the opponents, who suspiciously look these initiatives, argue that Sardar Akhtar made a mistake by appearing before the Court. Chiding his efforts, they further claim, that without some degree of consent of Pakistani establishment, Sardar Akhtar’s visit was unfeasible; while on the other hand, Sardar Akhtar, along with his advisers, refutes these charges and call such criticisms deeply cynical.

Moreover, while defending his policy of “new opening”, Sardar Akhtar argues that presenting the case of abducted persons before the highest court of Pakistan is a necessary step towards a peaceful resolution of this protracted crisis that engulfed Balochistan for almost a decade. In doing so, he chose to put premium on confident building measures, highlighting issues relevant to the moral side of the conflict, (i.e., humanitarian catastrophe), while focusing less attention (at least, when speaking to media) on the political dimension which is central to any settlement of a crisis that is as complex as this one: Baloch versus Pakistani state.
(full article)

In Search of Baloch National Interest


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