Let’s not forget how this “war of Independence” started


Let’s not forget how this "war of Independence" started. This war started not after the murder of a common middle class Baloch leader but started after the killing of a Nawab – the same Nawab responsible for killing thousands of Balochs during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s time as Governor of Balochistan. The same Nawab who expelled thousands of his own Bugti Kalpar Baloch, including among them women and children, from their ancestral homes in Dera Bugti to avenge his son’s death. And this was the same Nawab who ran private prisons where he kept and tortured his opponents for months, and even made them walk on the burning charcoals to prove their innocence. I’m sure Mr. Brhamdagh knows all of this and can enlighten us more. Where was he with his one point agenda before the death of his grandfather.

For 50 years he and his grandfather were collecting the gas royalty from Islamabad without sharing it with Baloch people, no school or road in Dera Bugti, but when things got bad between him and Gen Mush, all of sudden they became freedom fighters and pushed the Baloch people into a war that they can not win, without doing any home work and concrete planing and getting foreign help to get the ordinary Baloch killed by Pakistani terrorist army. Mr. Brhamdagh himself made it to safety and is enjoying a luxury life in Europe, buying dogs and luxury cars, but inciting the ordinary poor and hungry Balochs to fight his and his grandfather’s war. WHY Can’t he go back and join Dr. Allah Nazar and fight his own war? After all Dr. Allah Nazar is also in the danger zone too. Why is he hiding in Europe? Is his life is more better and more important than Dr. Allah Nazar’s? Why should Dr. Allah Nazar fight their war from ground zero alone?


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