A killer in complicit has been appointed to testify for the victims

http://tawar.hstraders.org/khabra_page/t8.htm images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRf7J3whaqCnYRvuK3kBFj7ik56U6R1HIxTFAYjxnpQQOCqVEQHjyuDSg9o

The details of the secret deals, between Sardar Akhtar Menfgal and ISI, are coming out. According to the reliable resources, ISI will help Akhatr Mengal’s BNP gang to win in the upcoming elections and provide them with security, media coverage, rent a crowd to promote and project them as the biggest political Party in Balochistan in exchange for helping ISI and FC putting down the freedom movement in Balochistan by eliminating more Baloch political activists, especially of BSO-Azaad and BNM members, labeling them as "anti-State" and terrorist. This is a big conspiracy against Baloch people to pitch Baloch against Baloch and every Baloch must be prepared to challenge these perfidious evil plans of Saradr Akhtar Mengal, his BNP gang and ISI.


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