Sardar Ataullah Mengal & Son: Stop fooling people


Sardar Ataullah Mengal while he was in London formed Balochistan Liberation Organization (BLO) with Azad Balochistan as its organ. Unfortunately, he the money he collected from poor hard working Baloch in the Persian Gulf for this purpose was spent to buy real estates properties in Warrington county. Baloch migrants in the Gulf also made regular donations to the funds of Sardar Ataullah but all was used for personal ends. Unfortunately, these Nawab and Sardars have always mislead and disappointed Baloch Nation. Time to send them to hell.Mengal and his father Sardar Ataullah Mengal (the father, the son)sold the Baloch fort in wadh to FC for millions of Paki rupees and are a part of Baloch killings especially the BSO-Azaad and BNM leaders.

Rs. 120 millions for selling the Baloch fort to FC, Hummm !!! that is a lot of money. Sardar Akhtar Mengal should return that money to Baloch sarmachars instead of pocketing it. The selling the Noordin Mengal Fort to the enemy for Rs. 120 million is considered a high treason by all Baloch patriots.

According to a Baloch journalist, who wrote; B.N.P president Sardar Akhtar Mengal was personally in Chagai on May 28, 1998 and had reportedly clapped when the nuclear bomb was tested there. He has not yet apologized to the Baloch people for his black deed.

Mengals have the reputation of posing as Baloch nationalists when they are out of power but becoming big time Pakistanis when they get the chief executive’s slot in Balochistan.

Mengals were once very poor and lived in the shanty Manghopir village in the suburbs of Karachi, but starting with Gen. Ziaul Haq in the last 30 years they have built a business empire for themselves in Karachi, Dubai and London, allegedly through wheeling and dealing with the Pakistani military establishment..

A leader is supposed to lead his people in difficult time and be with them, but Sradar Ataullah Mengal and Sardar Khair Bux Marri, both are enjoying luxury life in Karachi and their sons enjoying the safe heavens in Dubai and London, while the ordinary Baloch son’s are being picked up and killed by FC everyday. Why don’t they leave Karachi, Dubai and London and join their suffering brothers in Balochistan?? If they can’t go to the mountain to join Dr. Allah Nazar and other Baloch sarmachars, at least they should go and live among their own Baloch people to comfort them, help and unite them and lead them in these difficult times.

Sardar Attaullah admits that military and its ISI are in charge and in control of everything in Pakistan and no one can challenge their powers but still he and his son Akhtar Mengal are gearing up to contest in the upcoming Paki elections, despite the fact that ISI and Paki military will bring those in the elections who will support the ISI agenda in Balochistan, like JUI, BNP(Awami) and NP. So what is the purpose of being a part of a rubber stamp assembly??

We request all the patriotic ordinary middle class Balochs to dump these blood sucker Nawabs and Sardars along their Dracula sons into a big grave for their crimes against Baloch Nation.

“Dr. Malek Towghi” <> wrote:
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 16:54:44
Waajah JK,
We lost this round of our struggle the day Nawab Mari and Sardar Ataullah Mengal refused Akbar Bugti the Great’s call for the formation of a single party, and let him be crushed by the US-supported ISI forces while sitting in their comfortable homes in Karachi and Quetta. We lost this round of our struggle when Akhtar Mengal conspired against the unity of the BSO which was ready to accept the supreme leadership of the Grand old Baloch, Nawab Bugti. We lost this round of our struggle the day when you, Waajah JK, joined some Dollar-hungry (and joint AngloAmerican cum ISI cum Pahlavi agent) Iranian Balochs to divert the attention from the grave situation of the Pakistan-occupied Balochistan.
I do not blame the NP of Drs. Hayy & Malik and of Hasil Bizanjo. Right or wrong, they were always and openly against any armed struggle. Also, their wing of the BSO was less treacherous than the one taken hostage by Sardar Akhtar Mengal.
The primitive sardari mentality of Nawab Mari and Sardar Mengal has created more than enough miseries for this duped and helpless nation. The tragic process started when they betrayed their teacher, the earlier Grand Old Baloch, Ghaws Bakhsh Bizanjo the Great. Enough is enough (Waajah JK, you were one of those who engaged in the character assassination of Bizanjo the Great, and of Nawab Bugti, most of the time.)
I sincerely hope the BSO Azad group and our tortured intellectuals and activists find an honorable way to get out of the so-called armed struggle mess created by Nawab Mari and Sardar Mengal. These suffering, suffocated and tortured Baloch activists, and their families and loved ones need a breathing space. We have to go back to the path followed most of the time by Bizanjo the Great and Bugti the great, the Gandhian Path of political struggle.
Malek Towghi

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