Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his Father exposed.

Exposing the Baloch enemies disguised as “Baloch Nationalists”.

It is about truth, honesty, truthfulness and transparency. I agree with Waja Malik Siraj Akber Sahib that BNP of Sardar Akhatar Mengal will have a tough time and will lose elections if he decides to take part in it, but Malik Siraj failed to mention the real reason of his loss.The real reason are that is not different than Aslam Raisani, Nawab Magsi or any other Baloch Doshmin Sardars. He is a part of the problem and not of the solution. He and his father conspire and betrayed Baloch nation again and again. He takes pride of being a Brahvi rather that a Baloch. His list of crimes and conspiracies against Baloch nation is long and can not be ignored, forgiven or forgotten. Baloch nation must dump these parasitic Nawabs and Sardars for good to free themselves from their exploitation and injustices.

Here is a list of Sardar Akhatar Menagal and his father’s crimes and conspiracies against Baloch people and Balochistan and these are facts.

  1. in Chagai along with PM Nawaz sharif of PML(N) in May 28, 1998. Sardar Akhtar Mengal is seen in the picture talking to Nawaz Sharif in the back with a hat on. >> He did not apologize for that crime against Baloch Nation.
  2. Sardar Akhar Menal and his father conspired against Baloch Nation by dividing and breaking up the Baloch vanguard Student Organization BSO into two by creating BSO (M) as a pocket student organization of BNP for his personal Sardari vested interests. A third Pocket was created by NP opportunists of Dr. Malik as BSO (Pajjar) Group.
  3. Sardar Akhatar Menagl during his Cheap Minister-ship didn’t do any thing good for Baloch people, instead he and his corrupt cabinet of Nawabs and Sardars and their sons et al..robbed Balochs with both hands and when difference arose between him and Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti over Kalpers and Bugti’s JWP left him, he became angry and conspired with ISI and Punjabis to eliminate irritant Bugti. >>
  4. Sardar Akhtar Mengal and his father Sardar Ataullah Mengal (the father, the son)sold the Baloch fort in wadh to FC for millions of Paki rupees and are a part of Baloch killings especially the BSO-Azaad and BNM leaders and political activists.
  5. It was Sardar Akhtar Mengal who called BSO-Azad members, the true vanguards of Baloch Nation, as “Chokhras“, a very low 3rd rated degrading and insulting comments against those who are defending Balochistan bravely and till to-date he did apologize to BSO nor took his insulting humiliating remarks back.
  6. It was him again to meet Paki ISI team along with Imran Khan in Dubai to conspire against Baloch national struggle for freedom.
  7. It him again, now busy conspiring and making a secret deal with Paki establishment to return to Balochistan, take part in the upcoming elections under that deal to become the next cheap minister of Balochistan with the help of ISI and Imran Khan so that he can rob the Baloch resources with Islamabad and kill more ordinary Baloch.
  8. It is Saradar Akhtar Mengal and his father who believe that the Baloch are two nations and that Brahvi are better than the Baloch.
  9. It was Sardar Akhtar Mengal who got by his Ghondaas (hired agents) for calling him “the driver of Nawaz sahrif”. Saba Dastiyari, a poor middle class Baloch professor of Balochistan university we gunned down on broad day light by Akhtar Mengal’s agents and thugs to take the revenge of their Sardar’s insult. Before his killing they ran a nasty and ugly campaign against him calling him gay and faggot to ridicule him and then killed him in clod blood.
  10. This was again Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who got , a poor middle class brilliant leader and mass mobilizer, killed because he was afraid of his popularity and leadership and he thought that Habib Jalib will take over and he will be left behind.
  11. This is the same criminal Sardar Akhtar Mengal who made Sana Baloch to shut-up and told him to stop his activities and active campaign for Balochistan abroad and got kidnapped his both brothers to pressure him to quit, which he did. (Sana Baloch did mentioned this in one of his email sent to Baloch yahoo groups. We still have saved a copy of that letter for reference).
  12. It was the same Baloch Doshmin Sardar Akhtar Mengal who called Shaheed Ghuma Mohammad Baloch a (Ganook) crazy and refuse to join him and other Balochs to form the Baloch Natioanl Front (BNF) for the greater interests of Balochistan and unity of Baloch nation and he called BNF,”a group of bunch of misguided people”.
  13. It is the same Sardar Akhtar Mengal who’s father joined hands with Baloch enemies to form PONAM, to distract and divide Baloch Nation, instead of joining hand with his own Baloch brothers (BNF) to unite and strengthen Baloch struggle. Now his father openly regrets it’s blunder and call PONAM a stupid adventure and a waste of time.

The ordinary Baloch are being killed every day in Balochistan while all Baloch Nawabs and Sardars have shifted their sons into safety in exile, where they are enjoying luxury life. It is time that Baloch must learn and know these enemies of Baloch nation and dump them all together in one big grave. Baloch Sarmachar instead of targeting poor Punjabi Hajaams and Teachers, should target these blood sucker parasite and snakes.

Ye Dung Janookin Seymaran,
Ye Qome Baloch e Gadaaran
Kudd Cheer Zamin Eshana Kana
Ma Ahd Kanan Peymaan Kanan
Azaad Balochistan Kanan.

—Abdul Wahid Azat Jamaldini (9118-1982)

We will pull the Sardars out of the community,
These wolves and Nawabs, the blood suckers,
These biting black snakes,
These traitors to the Baloch Nation
We will drag them out of their hiding places,
And we will bury them under ground, all together( in a big grave), for their crimes and conspiracies against the Baloch Nation.

Abdul Wahid Azat Jamaldini (9118-1982)

“O my Creator! Give me courage to awaken
The Baloch from their deep slumber.
The Sardars have darkened the faces of the Baloch people.
Let me put them one by one on the gallows”

—Mir Gul Khan Naseer



4 Responses

  1. Waja. I was in Balochistan for over a month this summer and things there, as you know, are getting worse by the day. The Baloch people are, like always, suffering from poverty, disease and illiteracy and on top of that arrests, torture and dumping of mutilated bodies continues. The Baloch themselves are divided more on tribal, linguistic (Brahvi-Balochi), ideological and area basis. Lack of security and fear, particularly in Quetta, was all pervasive.



  2. Sardar Ataullah Mengal while he was in London formed Balochistan Liberation Organization (BLO) with Azad Balochistan as its organ. Unfortunately, he the money he collected from poor hard working Baloch in the Persian Gulf for this purpose was spent to buy real estates properties in Warrington county. Baloch migrants in the Gulf also made regular donations to the funds of Sardar Ataullah but all was used for personal ends. Unfortunately, these Nawab and Sardars have always mislead and disappointed Baloch Nation. Time to send them to hell.

  3. BSO-Azaad is hijacked by Nawab Khair Bux Marri, a Killer of Baloch Nation, and his corrupt sons Hair Biyar Marri et al.. with their fancy slogans of Azadee to get its members killed in the name of Azadee so that they can collect more money from ISI as a part of the ISI Balochcidal elimination, Isolation and marginalization plan.

  4. Good analysis of Sardars….but my brother if u realize they are the real culprits, then why are the rebel bloch following Chhokras of sardars….Bramdagh, and Harbeyar….It is high time, the commoners take charge of politics of Balochistan and rule it to the betterment of the Baloch, instead of killinginnocent people …

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