Noori’s Balochistan? Please come clean Khan Kalat 

Azeem Baloch

Khan Kalat in his recent statement issued by his Munishi Sarjov said that he will take Noori’s Balochistan back and criticized his son for hoisting Paki flag on Pakistan’s Independence Day but fall short to disown him and declare him as the traitor son. He said that his grandfather’s close friend and legal adviser Mr. Mohmmad Ali Jinnah, to whom his grandfather acceded his Kalat State, unilaterally, against the Baloch will and mandate, regretted for making Pakistan. Thanks to Khan Kalat for holding this secret for this long and not sharing it with everyone until now. This indicates his loyalty to Pakistan and complicity and now he wants to take the Noori’s Balochistan back from Pakistan.

Those who’s sold the Noori’s Balochistan to begin with in the first place, put the Baloch lives in danger and pushed them into permanent Pakistani slavery, how can they save Balochistan now?

(FYI: Mir Nasir Khan Noori, aka Khan-e`-Baluch-VI, was a religious Islamic fanatic cruel Baloch King. He killed many Zikiris Balochs of makoran and forced them to convert into Islam for which he was given the title of Ghazie-Deen (Hero of Islam) and Nasir-e-Millat-e-Mohammadiya (the supporter of the followers of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad). No wonder Khan Kalat wants to re-establish his great grandfather’s little Islamic caliphte and wants to be the called as “Amir-ul-Momineen” (the leader of Islam), like Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Khan Kalat’s grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan betrayed Baloch Nation and unilaterally signed the document of accessionwith Jinnah of Pakistan against the Baloch will and mandate to merge Balochistan to Pakistan. How can they now free Balochistan from Pakistan after committing such a big crime and blunder against Baloch Nation??

Can we ask this Khan how he can do it? Does he have an army to defeat the Pakistani and Iranian powerful armies or is he being unrealistic and sucidal?

OR, Is he going to do it by;

1. Shouting in London along with his hired Munshi Mullah Sarjove, an Iranian well known thug and proven SAVAKagent?
2. Or, with the help of Jundullah terrorists?
3. Or, with the help of his pro-Taliban/Pro-Al-Qaida religious brothers of JUI who were organizing Islam Zindabad Conference right next door to his house right there in his own hometown Kalat ?
4. Or, by telling the world that he wants to establish his littleIslamic Kingdom (Khanate) and declare Islam as it’s state religion whether someone likes it or not, and kill all the non-Muslim Zikri Balochs if they don’t convert to Islam and if a Baloch journalist ask him why he will tell him angrily , “F*K the mother of worlds“. Who told you to ask this questions”?
5. And, by sending his son to hoist the Paki flag and shout Pakistan Zidabad? Why he doesn’t disown him of his heir-ship? and declare him as a traitor son?
• Son say father is wrong, Father say no his son is wrong.
• Son say his father is delusional, Father Say, no his son is delusional.
• Son says his father is misguided by Sarjov, Father says, no his son is misguided by Aali Bugti.
• So, who is right and who is wrong??? Is it the father or the Son????

Who are they trying to fool here with their double games?

There are confirmed report from reliable sources that Khan Kalat sent his son purposefully to collect his Paki subsides on his behalf, protect and save the title of “Khan Kalat”, maintain the outdated Sardari and Nawabi system and collaborate with Paki military to conspire against Baloch nationalists and freedom fighters to get more of them killed and prepare himself to be crowned as the new Khan Kalat, the future king of Kalat with his father’s blessing and with the help of his grandmother Begum Jamila Daud and Governor Magsi.

We have also learned that Khan Kalat called his son on the night of Pakistan Independence Day and congratulated him for hoisting the Paki Flag. ”Son I’m so proud of you. You have maintained and kept the grandfather’s traditions.” he told him on the Skype.

Khan Kalat talk to his son every night over the Skype thinking that no body knows and his conversation can not be traced or recorded but they say walls have ears and eyes. Nothing can be hidden in these days. If Khan is not playing double games then why he doesn’t declare his rebel son as a traitor and dis-own him from his heir-ship? Why his son is living in his house and taking care of his “business” on his behalf?

How long these Khans, Nawabs and Sardars fool the ordinary Baloch people and play these cruel jokes and double games with the Baloch Nation.

Here are some questions for Khan Kalat to answer to Baloch Nation;
1. Does Khan Kalat admits that his grandfather Mir Ahmed Yar Khan betrayed the Baloch Nation and made a big blunder by signing the document of accession against Baloch will andmandate?
2. Is Khan Kalat is ready to render a public apology on behalf of his grandfather for that historic blunder.
3. Is Khan Kalat admits and apologize that he made a big blunder by appointing an Iranian Jundullah associate Mr. Borrto testify at the hearing on Eastern Balochistan, ignoring and sidelining the genuine Baloch leadership with a track record of Baloch political activism in in North America, who supported him through thick and thin this whole time. The appointment of Mr. Borr put a big question mark on the credibility of the hearing and Christine Fair, one of the witness at the hearing, who called the hearing a political stunt, later wrote, “I don’t understand why they brought in an Iranian Baloch to testify for Pakistani Balochistan. His remarks were particularly irrelevant.“
4. Can Khan Kalat make sure that he will not repeat such mistakes and blunders in the future to not discredit the genuine Baloch leaders and their work.
5. Can Khan Kalat admits that he is being misguided by his Ahmaq Munishi who is known Iranian SAVAK agent?
6. Can Khan Kalat disassociate himself fromJundullah terrorist and Proven SAVAK agents?
7. Can Khan Kalat tell the Baloch Nation that why he fled Pakistan and went into self-exile to Afghanistan and what was the deal with the Paki army GHQ that enabled him to return to Pakistan after that incident of the late 1980s?
8. Can he explain why he invited Gen Musharraf in his Palace in Kalat for dinner in 2005 and why after the meeting military operation started in Dera Bugti?
9. Can he explain why he discredited Nawab Bugti’s great sacrifices and martyrdom for Baloch nation by calling it a egoistic adventure to insult him in front a public audience in London?
10. Can Khan Kalat publicly apologize for that blunder and insult of great Baloch martyr Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti?
11. Can he disown his son from his heir-ship and declare him a traitor son and disassociate himself from his extremist pro-Taliban brothers and Jundullah terrorists?

If not then Khan Kalat should not shout for freedom to fool the world.


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