Middle class leaders are spreading optimism

At this very moment, the Baloch civilization stands on the brink of potential extermination. Baloch  are very close to an epic  confrontation between the Pakistani state, army, it’s all powerful Intelligence agency ISI, baloch collaborators  on one side, and Baloch nationalists on the other. Slow motion genocide unleashed by Pakistan on Baloch people could obliterate Baloch as a community, culture from the face of the earth.

Contrary to what the mass media tells you, that Sardars are for free and democratic state. Sardars are actively negotiating with Pakistan government in various western capitals and Gulf capitals. The problem is, this time again sardars are cashing out from poor common Baloch blood who genuinely wish freedom from Pakistan. Common Baloch is left out, even educated non-sardars are taken out of the decision calculus, this is the irony of baloch people. While common baloch always shed their blood for freedom, sardars walk in from back door and negotiate with Pakistan and pour cold water on Baloch freedom aspirations.

The one and only source of the danger to Baloch community is the desperation among various tribes  of Baloch Sardars, which would rather see the entire baloch community to be wiped out, than face the loss of their status in an independent , democratic balochistan governed by educated non-sardar class.

The sardari system, centered in pushing common baloch into dark by denying education, economic and social development, is finished. But the traits are still alive and kicking among sardars, majority of baloch people are still under the yoke of Sardars, this is because of ignorance and un education. The point of no return for the Sardars has arrived, soon they will be history.

 Western diplomats hate Tribal Baloch Sardars

During interactions with European diplomats one common  question is been asked to Baloch activists- Do Baloch community still controlled by tribal heads called Sardars? Their advice to baloch community is to first democratize the community and make it sardar free.  Simply put it, they hate to interact with Sardars and their lads who live a luxurious life in Europe making the Baloch cause as their business.

 Sardars are

  • lapdogs of Pakistani establishment
  • Fence sitters
  • Puppets of Pakistan
  • Known to Sell their souls

 Message to Sardars

  • You quit or get kicked
  • Stop negotiating with pakis
  • Balochistan is not your daddy’s property anymore


Spreading optimism

Optimism seems to be spreading at last. That is the impression that some experts say. During the last few years more and more baloch middle class, educated Diaspora decided to start their own organizations rather than joining duplicitous organizations headed by Sardars and spread the word of Balochistan and ongoing Human Rights violations to western audience- and are now on a successful way to achieve significant results.  There are still many possibilities to draw attention of west and internationalize the baloch issue and seek UN intervention.  

A sane and patriotic baloch leadership headed by educated poor and middle class is the solution to free up balochistan. In this effort every one must join hands to strengthen non-sardar leaders who genuinely wish to fight pakistan and make balochistan a free independent and democratic state.


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