Aug 20, 2012.

The Diaspora plays a major role for their homeland to achieve their goals economic, social and political, but this is possible if the Diaspora strongly 
united and aware of responsibilities.

Unfortunately Baloch Diaspora is divided and not accepting their responsibilities, even in these critical situations where the homeland is occupied, 
the Pakistani Army has unleashed its horrific brutalities. The army is killing Baloch civilians in a cold blood, raping and murdering Baloch women. 
Baloch are being arrested and facing extra judicial killings, being kidnapped, their houses are being attacked and ransacked by Pakistani security 
forces. This is what occupied Balochistan is going through on daily basis.

The Baloch Diaspora is estimated to range from 3 million people to more than 5 million people. The Baloch Diaspora is linked to the occupation of 
Balochistan. With many Baloch immigrated to western countries. It is Because of economic, social and political opportunities. Most notably the gulf 
countries like UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait and the rest in Turkmenistan and Africa namely Kenya and Tanzania.

A large number of Baloch in gulf countries merely abandoned their culture and language; they are adopting the foreign culture and language. I 
personally met a lot of Baloch who feel shy to speak their own Baloch language in public but they speak English and Arabic with pride it’s because 
the Diaspora has done nothing effective for their language and culture.

Egoism is the worst enemy of Baloch unity, it has divided our Diaspora in several small groups and it’s weakening the Diaspora. The unfettered and 
intolerance behavior toward their own brothers who are struggling for the same cause is acceptable to them, but working together is not. They are 
just busy of pulling each other’s legs.

If we are willing to bring a change, than we have to work hard on these three agendas;

  • Education

  • Information

  • Organization

It is compulsory to educate Baloch youths politically so they can work effectively for the national struggle. They should understand national and 
international politics and the influence of it on Baloch national struggle; this can help to make appropriate political decisions in the future.

The Diaspora must be educated and understand the importance of their language and tradition. Because when your language and traditions are 
lost then you will lose your identity.

The Diaspora must be informed about the ground realities, whatever is going in their homeland (occupied Balochistan) like; Abductions, mutilated 
bodies, target killings, disappearing Baloch intellectuals, kill and dump policy of the state. This can help the Diaspora to understand the psychology 
of the enemy state (Pakistan).

They should be informed that we cannot just rely on the international community; indeed they have to believe in their own strength. Once we are 
united and strong than we can win the international support and force them to accept our demands. In organizing the Diaspora, all the pro-
independent political parties/organizations, intellectuals can play an effective role. At first they should work hard to eradicate the selfishness and 
egoism of smaller groups and help them to work together for the Baloch national cause.

Once they are united they will form a strong political party/organization.

The women should also be organized, because we are not seeing women effective role in Baloch Diaspora, instead of having enormous political 
freedom in European country. Only few women are active in Diaspora this is their responsibility to force the women come out of the homes and join 
to help the Baloch national struggle.

  • The Diaspora must come up with new ideas like, opening a Baloch news channel so we can spread our message of national struggle of 
    freedom worldwide.

  • opening school, hospitals, libraries are essential in Baloch society so this should be our priorities.

  • There are also some significant achievements have been done like, Baloch charter of liberation, member shipments of BNM. Organizing 
    members in London and Norway and BSO-Azad organizing body are historical achievements by Diaspora.

  • In North America BSO-NA is also active in Baloch national struggle like it is organizing a rally against Pakistan atrocities in front of UN 
    headquarter New York, it will help to highlight the Baloch national cause internationally, every Baloch should take part in this rally.

  • the recent announcement of BSO-Azad gulf zone is right decision at the right time; this will motivate the Baloch in gulf to organize and work 
    under one platform. I totally appreciate BSO-Azad for providing opportunity to the Gulf Baloch, I believe Baloch in Gulf will actively take part 
    in BSO-Azad and work hard for the National struggle in better form.

I truly congratulate the newly selected members of BNM, BRP and BSO-Azad gulf zone from the bottom of my heart.

BNM, BRP and BSO-Azad are new and fresh flowers in the vase of Baloch Diaspora.

Received via e-mail from  Mahdem Baloch <> on Aug 20, 2012.


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