Appeal to all Baloch to join Protest rally in NY


Dr.Jumma Marri

We request all Baloch parties’ organizations and individuals to please join this demonstration and make it a full success; this demo is well placed well planned well timed; now this will prove the sincerity of Baloch parties and individuals let us wait and see who will join and who will stay away? Let us prove it to world community that yes we are united on our just demands those who will stay away or oppose are Hypocrites and…Will be exposed by Baloch nations.


This demo is need of time because world leaders are gathering at UN headquarters to represent and speak for their countries while Baloch have no representation, this demo should speak and pass the message to the world leaders with unity loud and clear that Baloch are being tortured and killed without any reasons in their own home lands… so I request Baloch community around the world to give up your differences and join hands to prove it to the world community at large the UN and the US that Baloch need their support and intervention to help stop the ongoing genocide against Baloch people, we will wait and see who joins those who stay away under different pretexts Baloch people will exposed them.


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