Silence of Sardars: Calm before Strom?

Sana Baloch is an intelligent, proactive, articulate and smarter than Son of Sardar Attahullah Mengal, Sardar Akhtar Mengal to lead Baloch people. In a short span of time he was successful is handling foreign media and started giving interviews highlighting situation of Baloch people., He was genuinely doing his work as a foot soldier of Baloch, as a true son of Baloch. Semi literate sons of Sardars who live luxurious life in Europe using Baloch cause as their tool to earn bread and butter got threatened by raise of a new middle class educated leader. They all collaborated and joined hands to defame and conspired to silence Sana Baloch. As a part of this plan, they kidnapped his brother with the help of ISI and asked Sana Baloch to stop all his activities in Europe and return to Pakistan. At the same time they organized attack on him in the conference by throwing an acid bottle on his face with the active help of ISI agents. These Sardars finally silenced Sana Baloch. This is a classic example of how sardars hate to see a common Baloch raising before their eyes.

Is there anything we need to learn from this incident? Killing of all middle class leaders, Razik Bugti, Jalib Habib, communist leaders, scores of young leaders, intellectuals from poor middle class is a good pointer to rethink about Sardars. Why Government do not target kill sardars and their kids? The answer is simple, Sardars are their agents.

These sardars who live in Europe are stooges of ISI, for them Baloch Cause is just a business. With the raise of Baloch Masses class, sardars leadership is threatened, now more and more educated poor sections of Baloch realised the duplicity of Sardars, Sardars are double faced hypocrites who are solely interested in consolidating their position and hold on baloch masses by keeping them consistently in dark by denying education, economic and social development.

It is time for all common Baloch to organize and counter the enemy within, the enemy is Sardars. We the educated middle class must take leadership of our baloch cause and represent at all international fora. Western countries already understood the hold of these so called tribal heads, and realised the perils of supporting these selfish sardars. This is the sole reason why they ask baloch middle class leaders to democratize baloch leadership instead of tribalize.

Khan of Kalat is a biggest looser, he lacks mass support in Balochistan and will end up as Afghan King, ultimately all sardars will end up as commoners in the independent Balochistan. We common baloch people must owe to see the end of Sardars role in hijacking Balochistan for their self interests.

Now everyone know that Sardars are secretly negotiating with Pakistan, it is just a matter of time for a right price they settle for complete peace. It will be foolish on the part of Sardars if they ignore common baloch people and try to negotiate unilaterally, such negotiations will end up as delusion. Sardars are not representatives of Baloch people. Sardars are silent these days, is it an indication that they will formally announce a “peace treaty” with Pakistan? Just wait and see, we at Sardar watch won’t be surprised.


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