Khan Kalat the Traitor

“Khan Kalat ran away at midnight   from Sibi fearing that Baloch might arrest him and as soon as he made it to Kalat, he announced unilaterally that he want to join Pakistan.” 


Message to India: Trash Sardars, support Middle class Leaders

New Delhi Based Strategist suggests Baloch leaders need a new strategy and unity

SARDAR WATCH thinks an independent Balochistan is just a myth as long as India and others support Sardars.With such luxury lovers Sardari leadership it is just suicidal.They are not sincere, where as Bramdag Bugti can import a dog worth 50000 Euros where as his fighters are dying of hunger he bought a Lexus car worth 150000 Euros you think they are concerned for freedom? They do not even meet Baloch activist, because they think themselves too high and too much busy. SARDAR WATCH think international community, India in particular must help middle class leadership because they are the real heroes and freedom fighters not these hypocrite Sardars…

Sardars are real enemies of Baloch people, unless baloch people distance themselves and junk these megalomaniac sardars there is no hope of freedom. DEATH TO SARDARI SYSTEM.