Khan Kalat is playing double games and riding two horses at the same time

From: Azeem Baloch <Azeembaloch2000>
Date: Sat May 12, 2012 at12:14 PM
Subject: [balochi_culture] The fourth annual Oslo freedom forum
To: balochi_culture

Khan Kalat is playing double games and riding two horses at the same time. on on side he is shouting for freedom, but at the same time he have advised his son, Mohammad Ahmedzai, to sit with the Baloch killer FC Core Commander General Alam Khattak, shout Pakistan Zindabad and wave Paki flag with them.

If Khan Kalat is sincere then he should ask his son to join Dr. Allah Nazar on the mountains instead of waving the Paki Flag . He should also ask his brothers to quit Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, a pro-Taliban and Pro- Al-qaida religious extremist party in Pakistan, and dissociate himself from Iranian moles, known SAVAK agents like Mehrab Sarjove and die hard Jundullah associates and supporter like Mohammad Hassan Hossienbor. Until, then he can shout as much as he can but no one will buy his shouts or take him serious.

Khan Kalat also need to explain why he fled to Afghanistan in 80’s and took asylum there and what made him to come back to Balochistan after making a deal with Paki military?? Can he explain what were the details of that deal under which he was allowed to come back to Pakistan???

Like his brothers Khan Kalat himself is also very religious. He named his son "Mohammad" instead of a Balochi name, to honor Islam’s prophet Mohammad for telling his grandfather in his dream to merge Balochistan with Pakistan against the Baloch will. Click to watch the >> Video

According to Waleed Gorbani, a well known Baloch activist in UK, Khan Kalat and his religious brothers have called to eliminate Zikiris, a small religious minority group of Balochs in Makarn, unless they convert to Islam. His grandfather Mir Ahmad Yar Khan weighed Qaid Azum Mohamad Ali Jinnah and his sister into Golds and Silvers and give it to them as gift where the ordinary Baloch slept in hunger with empty stomach. He also sold Quetta district and adjoining territories to the British government in 1883 for an annual grant of Rs. 25000 and Gwadar to Taimur Sultan of Oman in 1783. None of the money received from these proceeds were used for the welfare of ordinary Baloch people or built any road, Hospital or any School for ordinary Baloch, but was pocketed and used to build luxury palaces for themselves.

Khan Kalat himself sold a piece of priceless diamond-studded Baloch crown and a centuries old carpet of Kalat palace, that belonged to Baloch National heritage, to millions dollars in Dubai and bought himself a nice home in Cardiff, U.K for cash, instead of using money to take Balochistan’s case to the ICJ as he was supposed to do so.


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