BHRC Thugs exposed

> From:"*Aslam Mengal*" <Aslam.Mengal>
> Date: Thu, May 3, 2012 at10:30 PM
> Subject: [balochunity] Protest against Lyari Operation
> *"Police and terrorists are carrying out one of the most ferocious and
> callous armed operation in the Lyari area"*
> Very Carefully selected words. I can see Pakistan’s embassy in London’s
> input and suggestions in it clearly. Why this so called BHRC thug tola is
> afraid to call spade a spade? Why afraid to call Paki Genocide instead of
> "Police and Terrorists"? Who are the Terrorists Mr. BHRC ?? Why not say
> Paki police and Paki military terrorists?? These Thugs, a group of
> Alcoholic drinker, druggy opportunists, day celebrators and are exposed.
> This is the same BHRC who wrote a letter to Zardari long time ago calling
> his Govt a democratic one. This what BHRC wrote to Zardari.* "We extend our
> warmest congratulations to you on your election to the highest office in
> the country which we believe has ushered in a new era of democratisation,
> peace and reconciliation
. * ( Please see the copy of the letter attached
> here)*. **"*What a Shame? *More Baloch have died in Zardari PPP Govt then
> in any other time. * I wrote long time ago exposing the evil intentions
> this thug Tola, a bunch of heavy drinkers. They are in action again to
> mislead and divert the attention of Paki crimes by calling them Police and
> "Terrorists" instead of truly exposing them as Paki military terrorists.
> Down with BHRC, Down with this thug Tola and down with Sindhi opportunists.
> *Where are our "Sindhi so called brothers" when Baloch are being
> slaughtered in Lyari by Paki terrorist army?


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