Lyari: The unending war on Baloch

The operation has entered into its 6th day. Baloch protestors marched towards Cheel chowk. But before they could reach, police force ruthlessly opened straight fire upon them, killing innocent people, including women &children. A little Baloch girl was run over by Tank.

Notorious, Ch. Aslam, has vowed that operation will be ended within 48 hours, but it looks not promising.  There is no peacefulvoice in favor of Balochs. They are totally alone & helpless. Every media,newspaper (as they have owned or under influence of Mohajirs)  areportraying a negative picture of Balochs & Lyari except Vsh TV which satellite signals are always jammed.


Mobile services are already freeze for 3 days. Affected locality are without electricity, light & life essentials. A helpless Baloch woman had died of hunger & thirst, before any help could reach her.


Deadbodies are lying in the allies of affected area, yet no ambulance or vehicles can reach them.


I request all Baloch, living abroad to record their protest & raise this issue into media & international human right organization.


Balochyouths are required to keep their mobile camera on, record & upload all miserycpacked videos at Youtube for world awareness.

Theis the most heinous crime being committed against Baloch race, This timeBalochs are suffering worst than ever in entire Pakistani history.


Nowwith  what face Nabeel Gabol or RafiqcEngineer enter in Lyari??


A.A. Baloch


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