Layri Operations: True Story

Chee Mureed

The name of drug is used to eliminate the strong hold of Baluch. Layri does not make drugs; the entire drug supply of Pakistan comes from NWFP. Can anyone name a single area in Karachi where drug is not sold? Who is in control of other areas? Certainly not the Liyariat! It is commonly understood that MQM has overall controls of Karachi. Every year the Pakistani Generals exports tons and tons of class A drugs. These drugs are exported from sea and Airports. MQM and Pakistani generals are the ones who are in control of Pakistan’s ports. The reason Layri is being target is because MQM wants control of Karachi, PPP and partners have given a green light to MQM. Reham Malik visited London to discuss the issue of Layari with Altaf Hussain. The performance of Mirza was also part of the plan. Mirza first created division amongst Baluch, Mirza created a groupwhich was oppose to anyone who spoke for Baluchistan. Mirza labelled Baluch of Layri as drug dealers. AltafHussain always says he is concerned with Law and Order situation in Layri. Altaf,Rehman and Mirza have demonized the Baluch. The truth is from Haroon to current leadership of PPP has made millions on the back of poor people of Layri. The drug trade in Lyri as well as in Karachi as whole is sustained and maintained by the Local Police station.

The drug culture was first nurtured by Haroon family, the very same Haroon who has enjoyed governorship of Karachi number of times. Haroon drug team in Layri consisted of two families, both families migrated toLayri from Sarbaz and Afshaan in early50s. Haroon used these two families to eliminate political opponents, businessmen and sale of drugs. Haroon received substantial sum of money from Memon business community for contract killing Chinot businessmen. Many of time under false charges these chaps were arrested, local police released them after extorting a substantial sum of money. The pressure from Chinooti community forced the arrest of Biko on the charge of murder. Biko while in police custody sent a message to Haroon Brothers, message said make arrangement for my release or we will all go down together. Biko was found dead the next day in police cell.

The Lyri Baluch responded positively to the call of Nauroz Khan. Layri maintain a sustained campaign against Gen Ayub and Muslim league. Layri was under Siege much like today on the order of Gen. Ayub. Even though Gen Ayub was the first General to create roads in Layri and introduced light bulbs in almost every street. Whenthe election came the Layriate rejected Mulim League and voted PPP. Haroon became furious; he divided the Lyri boundaries to marginalize the Baluch.

PPP ruled Layri unopposed for next 30 years. Unfortunately the PPP leadership maintained the policy of Haroon. The PPP leadership maintained the Haroon policy to make money and keep Layri as colonial entity. Under Haroom policy many of the PPP leaders become multi millionaires. For 30 years PPP did not any problem with drugs in Layri.

Today PPP has cut a deal with MQM to remain in the office. MQM wants total control of Karachi.MQM original source of finance were Bankers, Bankers like Mohsan Siddqui. Alatf Hussain one time used to carry the brief case of Mohsan Siddqui. In mysterious circumstances one by one all the family member of Siddqui are dead except one lady. MQM in 60s went under the name of Movement (Tehreek). Infiltration of Layri by Tehreek started in 1964. His so called Tehreek members infiltrated Layri in the form of doctors, vegetable sellers, Urdu typists and some as clothing sawing machinists…etc.


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