Few questions to Sardars and People of Balochistan

By Chee Mureed

Anyone who believes that Khan should be the King of Baluchistan then it is their democratic right to rally behind Khan; however, if you want a Democratic Republic of Baluchistan then you need to think out of the box. There is an ocean of difference between a political party and political organisations. The JWP was established to take part in the Pakistani elections. Taking of arms by Nawab Akbar Bugti signalled the end of JWP. Once you demand independence then there is no need for a Pro Pakistan party. What we have suggested is to establish a political organisation that views Pakistan as foreign colonial occupier. The organisation only strives for independent Baluchistan.

The Sardari system was first used by The Houseof Khan to serve The House of Khan. The British imperialist used the Sardari system to colonise Baluchistan. Pakistani authority occupied Baluchistan through the Sardari system, Pakistan could have abolished the Sardari system through a serious of reforms but Pakistan used the Sardari system to maintain its colonial rule. In 1948 Sardars were the first to support Pakistan. Hence throughout the history the only losers under the Sardari System have been the Baluch Nation.

Last King of India Bahadur Shah Zafar refused to sign annexation treaty with British. Every morning the British presented a treaty paper and one of his son’s head with a warning, sign the paper or tomorrow would be turn of your next son. The British continued with this cruelty until all eight sons of the King’s were beheaded and finally the King himself was hanged. The result is the British rule was viewed as a oppressive colonial rule. Nauroz Khan also refused to sign a letter of apology and preferred death/imprisonment. However, Khan Yar Mohammad did sign the annexation; Khan wrote he did not had the authority to sign because Khan empowered the Upper House and Lower House in 1945 to make decision behalf of Baluch Nation. The two houses decision was independent Baluchistan. Sardar Mengal signed a treaty with General Zia and Nawab Khair Bux Marri visited Islamabad in PAF C130 and accepted payments for himself, his son’s and Marri. Today may be 98% of Sardar view their vested interest with Pakistan. The Khan, Nawab Khair bux Marri andAkbar Bugti’s heir to crown are waving Pakistani flag. Akthar Mengal also has taken many U-turns.

The point here is not to praise or criticize butto realize that an individualistic approach is not the way forward. A Nation fate must not be left in hands of individuals. An individual however good orbad cannot be empowered to decide the fate of a Nation. Even Gandhi was underthe umbrella of Congress. Individual can take positive or negative U turn; a good example is Nawab Akbar Bugti. What we need is a mechanism that ensures that an individual’s decision does not harm the movement. What we need is an organisation which unites people on clear policies, clear vision for Baluchistan and directions. In an independent Baluchistan, are we going to have Nawabs, Sardars and King? The days of Nawabs, Sardars and Kings are over. Today the war of independence in Baluchistan is being fought by the Sarmachars;the Sarmachars through their hard struggles over the years have brought Pakistani army to knees.

Before we proceed to ask any questions, let me make it clears the Sarmachars should continue to fight as they see fit.

Let us ask just ask few Questions:

· Where is your our unified body?
· Criteria for selection of leadership?
· What is the policy of this body for Pre and Post Independence?
· What is the road map of for pre and post independence?
· What are the policies towards empowering the ordinary Baluch?
· Land Reforms Policies?


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