Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) and ISI Plans to convert secular Baloch people into Jihadis


US Ambassador Cameron Munter,
Islamabad, Pakistan.

Your Excellency,

We would like to draw your kind attention to the following new development which is a serious matter of concern to all of us and to Balochs who are fighting for independence.

Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) aka LeT and Pakistan Defense Council (PDC) are moving into Balochistan to implement the ISI plans which includes;

  • To counter the Baloch insurgents and Baloch Nationalist Secular forces.
  • To brain wash and recruits young Balochs as Jihadi Suicide bombers and to prepare them for future to attacks and counter the US, Indian and Israeli forces in case if they invaded Pakistan to separate Balochistan from Pakistan.
  • Both JuD and PDC will implement the same plan which was given to Al-Badr and al-Shams in Bangladesh to eliminate Baloch political figures, students, intellectuals and best brains of Baloch Nation.

Therefore, it is the urgent duty of all Baloch forces to stop and resist JuD and PDC (ISI) Plans unitedly. International community, especially the US and India must help Baloch to counter and foil these ISI plans of converting secular Balochs into jihadi and suicide bombers before it is too late. We strongly urge the State Dept and Indian policy makers to think about it seriously and do whatever needy to be done to save Balochs and Balochistan or else resource rich strategic Balochistan will fall into the hands of these Jihadi extremist forces and they will convert it into another safe haven for Terrorist activities to carry out their Jihad against the West, India, Afghanistan and Israel from Balochistan soil with the help of Iran.


Saleem Bizanjo, Phd


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